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The Map
Included with Ultima Underworld was this paper map, showing the first level of the Abyss. The map is extremely useful for a beginner, since having mapped out the entire first level helps enormously to have a smooth start into the game. The map also warns of dangers and indicates important places. However, there is a little part of the level not on the map, leaving it a surprise.

The map had always been a paper one and is the same in all western versions. However, the FM-Towns port of Ultima Underworld sports a very different looking map. The color scheme is much more muted, with yellows and reds replaced with grays and browns, the edge of the water and the central volcano were given better borders and the outer edge and the title were being re-done completely. Also, the map was re-arranged, turning a square map into a rectangular one. The map of course is in Japanese.

The FM-Towns map can be seen below.

Alternate Maps[edit]

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