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Special thanks to Jacky Swallia (MightyHamsterX@aol.com) for allowing us to host this walkthrough here.



Version history:

  • V. 1.01 - 3/12/10 - Minor updates and corrections.
  • V. 1.0 - 4/4/07 - First completed version. After many years of on-and-off playing I have finally finished a guide for this game. This is about as complete as it gets and I do not expect any major updates.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, comments or even compliments please feel free to e-mail me. Please include (Ultima) in the subject, though or I will be likely to delete it as I get a fair amount of junk e-mail.

This guide is my original work and is copyrighted by me, Jacky Swallia. The most current version will be at www.gamefaqs.com but you are welcome to re-post it on another site as long as you don't remove my name or alter the content in any way. My guides are meant to be freely shared but they may not be sold for profit by anyone other than myself.

This guide is the result of hours upon hours of personal gameplay but details from Prima's guide to Ascension as well as the original literature that came with the game were also used in writing this guide.

All that being said...let's move on, shall we?

History of Britannia (brief)[edit]

All right, here's my deal with the Ultima games. The first three were way before my time so I don't know much about them. I tried playing them on the Ultima Collection and it was just...painful. Ultima IV and V were great and I completed both of them. Ultima VI through VIII I did not play because I didn't like the overhead 3-D format. I decided to play Ascension because it is supposed to be the last one and it is in a fully 3-D world, which I have grown to like, and you play in either first or third person views, which I also like.

Ok, ok, this is supposed to be the history of Britannia, not my history. Moving on now, here is the Cliff Notes guide to the history of Britannia.

In the beginning Britannia was knows as Sosaria. Meanwhile back on Earth a young guy was becoming more and more discouraged by the way things were going (if only he could see what's going on now!). The guy goes walking one day and finds a moongate and goes through to Sosaria and meets Shamino. Shamino decides to call the guy British because he was from the British Isles (very clever this Shamino is). Anyway, British became a great leader and eventually became Lord British.

In the First Age of Darkness, the main baddie was Mondain, a generally nasty guy. He kills his father, takes his sun gem and tries to make himself immortal with it. He goes on a terror spree and Lord British calls on a stranger to come and save Sosaria. A stranger comes, defeats Mondain, and all is well for a while.

In the Second Age of Darkness Minax, Mondain's apprentice, picks up where Mondain left off. She works her way through Britannia and up to Earth where you, the hero, finally step in and dispose of her.

So a while passes and Sosaria then falls into the Third Age of Darkness. An island appears in Sosaria with fire and evil all around it. You would think people would notice a fiery island just spring up overnight. Anyway, Lord British again calls for a hero and this time 4 heroes show up. Exodus is defeated and the city- states of Sosaria become united under Lord British and the land is re-named Britannia.

Now that three ages of darkness have been overcome, the [[Age of Enlightenment]] is among us. Nobody is terrorizing Britannia, but Lord British feels his people need an example of how to live, so he calls on yet another hero to go on the Quest of the Avatar conquer the Great Stygian Abyss and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

The Avatar does his thing at the Codex and things are looking good. Except Lord British gets himself lost in the Underworld and Blackthorn, controlled by the Shadowlords takes over. He calls the Avatar back to rescue him and restore order to the land. Once Lord British is back in power he banishes Blackthorn to the land of wind and ghosts (or wherever it is he goes).

The Avatar goes back to Earth and lives peacefully for a while, not knowing that his quests in the Underworld had caused it to start to collapse and send gargoyles into Britannia. Like any new integration it was not going well so the Avatar is kidnapped to be sacrificed as the False Prophet of the gargoyles. He narrowly escapes and goes on to bring peace to the land again.

So now this black gate shows up and along with it the Guardian, who starts to corrupt the virtues. This just cannot be so once again the Avatar comes and destroys the gate (the Guardian's link to Britannia). If this weren't enough the Avatar and his crew are drawn to Serpent Isle for some reason, where Dupre is killed.

Next the Avatar is imprisoned in Pagan, the world of the Guardian. He's pretty much stuck and he ends up having to call on the powers of darkness to defeat the Titans and escape.

So here we are now. The Guardian is so angry about the Avatar escaping from Pagan that he takes it out on Britannia and starts raising these nasty columns all over the land. The Avatar is called back to set things right once and for all because when this journey starts you cannot return to Earth and you will not return to Britannia when it is over.

If you have played any of the previous Ultima games (and if you're playing this one then you probably have) you will see little references from each of the games throughout this one (like the Leggings of Sentri...where's that guy been?). It's pretty interesting, actually.

Note on bugs in the game[edit]

I am not quite sure what happened when this game was made but I have never played a game with more bugs and crashes (and I have all the expansions to the Sims so I know about some game bugs). There are so many bugs that it would not be worth my time to list them. Plus they vary from version to version anyway. If you are having a problem I would suggest that you check the version number of the game you are playing. You can do this by going to the first page in your journal and looking in the upper right corner of the right page. You should see a version number of 1.18. If your version is lower I strongly suggest you do a little searching around the Internet and get the patch.

Even once I installed the patch I was still having crashes and bugs (though not as often) so as with any game, but especially this game, SAVE OFTEN!!! I cannot express this enough. I don't know how many times I've gotten halfway through a dungeon and forgetting to save only to have the game crash right before I finish. It's very frustrating so take my advice and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Move mouse around - look around & aim
  • Up Arrow - Move forward (also right mouse button)
  • Left/Right Arrows - Sidestep left or right
  • Down Arrow - Move backward
  • Left Mouse Button - Look at or touch something or talk to someone (except when weapon is drawn - then it becomes attack)
  • Tab - Draw your weapon
  • Space - Jump
  • Caps Lock - Toggle run on/off
  • J - Open your journal
  • K - Toggle between first and third person views
  • B - Open your backpack
  • S - Open your spellbook
  • F Keys - When your Avatar puts something in his toolbelt you can use it by using the appropriate F key. For example, if you have Ignite in space 1 you can use it just by pressing F1. This is also a handy way to switch between weapons quickly so I usually keep a bow, axe and staff in the toolbelt also.

Beginning the journey[edit]

I am writing this guide while playing the game for the second time through. I am doing a few things differently so you can learn from the mistakes I made the first time. Hopefully there will be less backtracking in my guide and defiantly less confusion. Well, here we go!



Some people may scoff at having a guide for this part but I know the first time I played it took me a little while to master the controls. Hawkwind (the guiding voice) is helpful, but he gets a little annoying also.

The game starts with you, the Avatar in bed when you are summoned to rise and start your journey. Hawkwind tells you a little about how to move and interact with things. You can play with most things in the room, the TV, phone, piano, and lamps. Once you've gotten used to moving around touch the ankh to move on.

Once you leave this room Hawkwind suggests you put some clothes on before you go to Britannia. It's probably not a good idea for the Avatar to go wandering around in his shorts. Anyway, leave the bedroom and hang a left. Click the door to open it and look right. In the hamper are your clothes (not a very big wardrobe for the savior of Britannia, but oh well). Touch the ankh to learn how to equip things. Right click and drag the clothes onto you to put them on. Head out of the bathroom and turn left. On the table is your tool belt. Touch the ankh to have Hawkwind explain how to use it. Equip it and read the book telling you what skills you are going to need before you go off into Britannia.

Go downstairs and turn right. Look on your desk by the computer to get a key. (touch the computer for a "preview" of Ultima Online 2 :) Look on your bookshelf and pick up your backpack. Touch the ankh to learn how to use it. Then to the left of the bookshelf is a chest. Open it and get a map of your house. Go into the next room to the left. Get your journal off the table (now would be a good time to practice saving frequently) and get your compass off the fireplace mantle. An ankh will appear and Hawkwind will teach you how to sit in chairs to rest your weary feet. There is nothing you really need in the kitchen so head on outside.

Hawkwind will remind you that you have much to learn so go left and start training. There will be ankhs to learn how to use a sword, bow and arrow and how to play...hopscotch. Yeah, anyway, once you've mastered those things say goodbye to your puppy and head out the small gate on the side of the house (the only one that opens. Hawkwind will tell you how to use keys to open gates and doors and he will tell you to find the gypsy (you can use the telescope on the side of your house to get a peek at her trailer).

Follow the path and you will come to an ankh telling you how to climb. Turn right and Hawkwind will explain how to swim. Swimming is one of the trickier parts of the game so you might want to take a little time to practice now. Once you swim across the pond you'll probably meet your first enemy, a rat or a rogue. It was a little disturbing the first time I slaughtered someone but I got used to it.

Wander around and practice combat as Hawkwind suggested and when you're ready head to the gypsy's trailer and have a seat. She will tell you a little about your journey and what's ahead for the Avatar.

Choosing your path[edit]

Some things never change...If it's not broken, don't fix it...and about a million other cliches that all basically mean if you've played the other Ultimas then you know how this works. The gypsy asks you a series of virtue related questions that determine your character class. They all have advantages and disadvantages so it's basically up to you, but it can be a little tricky just from the looks of things because they each start with different items that also have advantages and disadvantages.

In past Ultimas I have either been a paladin or a bard and the first time I played Ascension I was a bard but this time I opted to be a ranger. As usual the poor shepherd is the hardest because you start with no advantages in stats, but you do get a huge Karma boost. Unfortunately this won't help you until the shrines are cleansed and you can use magic. Mage is a tempting profession because of the starting equipment and intelligence boost, but again this is useless until you can use magic and you'll probably get you're your little magical butt kicked all over Britannia until then. Like I said, it's a judgment call.

Check the tables and when you decide what you want to be just answer all of the questions to match the virtue that you want when they appear. Don't worry about the others because they don't matter.

The eight virtues and character classes[edit]

Character Virtue Advantages Starting Equipment
Ranger Spirituality Str, Int, Dex (knowledge of land) Sextant, Key to Skara Brae chest
Shepherd Humility Mana Crook of Charming
Fighter Valor Strength (inflict and take damage) Scimitar, Map of Valoria
Mage Honesty Intelligence (capacity for magic) Arms of the Magi, map of Moonglow
Bard Compassion Dexterity (learn combat skills) Target Bow, Map of Paws
Paladin Honor Str, Int (might and magic) Chain Coif, Map of Trinsic
Tinker Sacrifice Strength, Dexterity (might in battle) Buckler Shield, Map of Minoc
Justice Druid Int, Dex (magic and combat skills) Staff, Map of Yew

Once you have chosen your path head north out of the gypsy's trailer. You can fight the gazer or not, it really doesn't matter. Head into the moongate and watch the first cut scene of the game.

Welcome back to Britannia[edit]


You arrive in Stonegate and Hawkwind warns you that it's not safe there (duh, did he watch the cut scene too!). You'll find that you have nothing with you from Earth so check the chest the gypsy left for you to get you started. The contents will be slightly different for each character class (one of the reasons I chose to be a ranger this time was because there is a key in the chest that opens another chest WAY later in the game with some very nice armour). Go through Stonegate and pick up anything that will be useful. There are several books that you can take, but they're really not worth it and they take up precious space in your backpack, which is limited. Besides, I have found that most books can be found several places throughout Britannia anyway so there's no point in carrying around most books.

That being done head downstairs and grab your spellbook from the case. The ankh will explain how to use spells. Right now you can only use linear spells, and they cost no mana so you're ok for now. Ignite the torch to dispel the field and move on. You're going to be using ignite a lot through the entire game so it might be a good idea to drag it to your toolbelt so you don't have to keep using your spellbook for it.

Go down a ladder and Hawkwind suggests you cast stone to kill the rat guarding the switch. Kill it and jump to the ledge (it's not as far as it looks) and touch the switch to open the door. Then jump on the next ledge to get a pair of leather gloves. Go through the newly opened door and open the chest for a pair of leather boots.

Go downstairs and touch the ankh. Hawkwind says to open the gate cast gust on the vase to move it. Do so and move on to the elevator. Press the red button to go down to the next level. Step off the elevator and turn the valve to the west. This will drain the water. Jump down into where the water was, grab the gold and touch the purple button. This will create some steps and raise that weight thing on the other side. Climb up the blocks and head down the stairs where the weight was.

As soon as you step into the next room the floor will engulf in flames. Read the little plaque on the wall to find out how to get rid of them. Cast douse on the flames and make your way to the state and then douse the flames in the two braziers. Also douse the 2 torches - one is behind the female statue with a bow, another is in the next chamber. This allows opening of the final door. NOTE: it is possible to enter the tower back later and pass up back to the initial teleporter, but, if you do this, the final door will be closed again and unable to open and there are no more torches to douse to allow this, so you will be blocked and forced to reload the game.

As you walk out the door Hawkwind says he's taught you everything he can and now it's up to you. He tells you to find a cave and that will get you to Britain. Now the fun begins. There are some rats and wolves around and they are good practice, but I have to admit the first time I played the wolves had me for lunch several times before I got the hang of it. "Stone" spell works good against the wolves, so does the bow, but some character classes of the Avatar (mage at least) do not have any bow at this point. There is a chest in the water but that predatory fish will probably devour you before you even get near it. Find the cave to the southwest and in it you will meet your first Wyrmguard. He's not too hard to beat, especially if you use the stone spell, but he might get a few shots on you so I hope you remembered to grab those yellow potions from Stonegate. After you dispatch of him, take his sword (it is much stronger than your sad little dagger) and step onto the teleporter.

Lord British's Castle[edit]

The first person you'll probably meet is Hennington. He doesn't have much to say right now so just go on into Lord British's throne room. You can talk to Vasagralem and he will tell you a little about the stolen Codex lenses. (To know that gargoyles are very annoying to talk to. To know that I almost went crazy in Ambrosia). Anyway, you'll meet Vasagralem again but for now go and talk to the big guy, Lord British.

Lord British tells you how happy he is to see you and he tells you a little about what's been going on with the columns. He suggests you go to Despise first and he also tells you that you're welcome to anything in his castle. This is one of the few times when it's OK to take things laying around because you should know that to keep your karma intact you shouldn't steal from people in other towns. But if the almighty ruler of Britannia says to take anything from his castle, go for it.

If you go up the stairs the room to the right is the one LB has set aside for you. It's not much, but it's loaded with good stuff, particularly yellow potions and a map or Britain. This is a good place to store stuff you're not going to need for a while (for example, the key from Stonegate if you're a ranger). Sometimes you'll pick up stuff early in the game you won't need and it takes up precious space in your backpack. Store it here and come back for it later. Take what you need (don't forget the bag on the bed, you'll need it!) and head to the room on the left. This is LB's room. There's an impressive library and in his bedroom there is some money and leather arms in the chest near his bed. You can look into the swirly mirror for a very disturbing cut scene about the Guardian's wrath. There is a teleporter near his bed that takes you to a magic lab. You can talk to the mage and she will tell you about mana and binding spells. There is a binding pentagram in here, but you can't use it now anyway. Also there are reagents here a-plenty but there's no need to take any of them now since you can't use them yet. You might even want to drop any scrolls you may have picked up in here since you can't bind them yet.

Once you're finished there head back downstairs and explore the rest of the castle. In one room is the dining room, not much there though you can eat the bread and wine if you need to or save it for later. In the next room is a training room. The guy in the red stripes (Keller) will train you in 1-handed swords for 300, which you probably don't have yet but when you do come back to him. The other guy, Olsen, will tell you a little about which weapons to use against certain enemies. There is a teleporter in the corner (jump over the gate or just open it) and it takes you to the prison. There's a guy down here who claims to be the real Lord British (actually, in our world he is. The face and voice are [[Richard Garriott]]). Talk to him each time you cleanse a shrine and he will have something different to say. By the way, I know it's tempting but don't let anyone out. It's bad for your karma.

Leave the castle and head west around the castle. There is a hedge maze. I know, just thinking about wandering around a 3D hedge maze makes me queasy, but take a Dramamine and head in because it's worth it. Among the treasure and potions there is a flame sword in the center. Not only is this an awesome weapon (at this point in the game) but it also serves as a torch when it is unsheathed. To reach it head west into the maze and then south. Also you will probably find enough gold to have the weapons guy train you before you leave the castle. Once you're done head into Britain.

The long, long journey[edit]



Your first encounter in the city of "compassion" will probably be the baker. He tells you that the mayor is carting sick and injured people off. Talk to more people around town and you'll learn that the people are being taken to Paws, which is apparently not a very nice place to live anymore. You'll also learn that things are just generally nasty all around and it all started right after the columns appeared. Hmmm...

You should defiantly check out the Cathedral of Love while you're here. You'll learn that the Lycaeum, Empath Abbey and Serpent's Hold were all destroyed and the Candle of Love was lost. Also you will learn that the Silver Serpent is missing. Serpentwyne comes from the Silver Serpent and it is a powerful healing potion.

There are several shops where you can buy and sell. Leon, the boyer here will train you in bows for 300. If you don't have that much yet, don't stress. It's not that important right now. There is a gem cutter here in the northeast part of town, directly across from the item shop. It took me forever to find his shop and it is very important to a side quest regarding the lighthouses. Also you'll find gems everywhere and this shop and the one in Moonglow are the only ones that will buy them from you and they are a great source of quick cash.

Speaking of quick cash, there's a well in the center of town. On a bench next to it there are three coins. Drop one in the well to produce a glass sword. This is a pretty nice little weapon because it kills anything in one shot. Unfortunately, it also shatters upon impact and is gone forever. You can either hang onto this weapon for a time when you'll really need it (the phase spider in Trinsic comes to mind...) or you can sell it here in Britain for 1000. I would recommend selling it because you probably need the money now (bow training and such) and you won't need the glass sword until much later in the game, if ever. And there are a couple other places to find a glass sword anyway. By the way, just because there are three coins on the bench doesn't mean the well will produce three swords. It only works once here.

After you finish in Britain you've got a couple of choices. You can head to Despise like Lord British suggested or you can go to Paws and check things out there. I suggest going to Paws, even though Despise is not that hard.



Take the west exit out of Britain and follow the signs. You'll meet Altara who will tell you about your quest and your karma. Then you'll come to a burning farmhouse. Douse the flames and talk to the boy and he'll tell you his mother has been taken to the mountains. Being the good Avatar that you are, you must go rescue them.

Head back towards Britain and when you get to the signpost take the unmarked trail to the northeast. You'll probably meet a troll on the path so be careful. You'll come to a hut with a grouchy old hermit (who strangely reminds me of one of my neighbors). There is a switch on the floor on the back corner of his house. Throw it and he gets pretty angry and attacks you. He's unarmed so you can basically ignore him.

The switch opened up a path behind the shack. Follow it to the brigand's camp. There are a couple on the way to kill but once you get to the camp, hang back and try to shoot the brigand near the fire with arrows first. The leader himself is pretty tough and it just helps if you can fight him alone.

Either way you dispatch of the brigand camp is good. Talk to the woman and reassure her son is safe. Read the journal to learn of where the camp has been keeping their loot. Throw the switch near the woman to re-open the passage and head back.

Cross the bridge and hang a right and head up the dirt path. You'll come to some snow and some wolves. Kill or avoid them and find the cave. There's a lot of gold and jewelry (especially remember to get the jade bracelet because you'll need it in Minoc) in here so take it and keep following the cave. You'll come to a small lake. Dive in (kill the piranha first) and head to the underwater cave. There are some air bubbles so you won't drown. Empty this place out and head back through the cave.

Follow the path back down the mountain but this time don't cross the bridge back. Slide down the mountain and you'll be right at the farmhouse. You can talk to the woman and her son and receive their thanks and then it's off to Paws.

You'll meet a troll guarding a bridge. He demands 10 gold. You can pay it if you have it but if you just ask him how much 10 gold is it will confuse him long enough for you to go into his cave to the north, take the gold and the valve in the chest and head across the bridge to Paws. Don't fight him now. He will kill you.

Paws is a pretty nasty place. It's swampy and there are rats and vultures everywhere. The healer here will help you for free but she also needs some Serpentwyne, which will probably have to wait. Find the broken pump and restore fresh water, for all the good it will do them. You can talk to the various people and hear their depressing stories but if you really want to help them you'll need to cleanse the shrine first.


Monsters: rats, spiders, pit viper, Wyrmguard (Ooli)

To get to despise head back to Britain and take the east exit this time. You'll meet Sarah, the keeper of the Shrine of Compassion. She'll give you the mantra of compassion. Take a little detour south and along the way to the beach you'll come to a lighthouse and one of the many side quests in the game. The lighthouse gems have been stolen and being the good Avatar that you are you agree to find and restore them. Outside the lighthouse is a moongate, but you can't use it yet.

Head north now and you will come across the desecrated shrine of compassion. You can speak the mantra to learn a little about how to cleanse it, if you want. Once you've done that, move on and you will come across the first of many statues containing the spirit of Shamino. Shanimo's not dead, but he is trapped and this is the only way for him to communicate with you now. Talk to him and keep going.

Also along the way you'll come across another house and in it lives your long time friends Iolo and Gwenno. Gwenno tells you that Iolo has disappeared and she will also tell you a little about Despise.

This first dungeon is really just a warm up and a way for you to get your confidence up. They will NOT all be this easy.

As you first approach the column the entrance is just to the right. Watch out for the troll. Head into the entrance and follow the path. You can drink at the fountain you come to if you want. After the fountain make a right. You'll come to some webs blocking your path. You can use a flame spell or of you have the flame sword you can just hack them away. Throw the switch to open the grate and come to the first intersection.

To the right is a locked door. Listen to the conversation and then look on the ground to the left of the door. There is a chest and inside it is the key. Open the door to rescue Castro and Felix and learn about the Kiran stone. After this head back out to the hall.

To the left is another locked door. To open it ignite the torch on the left of the door and it will open. Head on in and kill the rat. In a corner there is a red potion just in case. Now you've got to do some jumping, but it's really not as bad as it looks.

There are a series of columns and you have to leap to each one to get to the top. A tip for this is to make sure your cursor is green on the spot you want to land before you jump. Once you get to the top you find the yellow Kiran stone. Head over to the next column and push the blue button to open the gate.

Go through the gate and down the hall. Jump in the pit and go through the passage. In the next room is a painting. If you look at it, some armour appears that you can take if you want. There is also a chest and a healing fountain. Continue to the next hall and pull the lever to open the passage.

In the next room is a big pool and some platforms at each end. On the end nearest where you entered is a bucket of water. Take it and move it to the next platform. This opens the door.

Near the wall in this fountain in the next room is the body of Mourdin, one of the other companions Felix and Castro were talking about. Read his journal to get a clue about the next piece of the Kiran stone. Look on the wall for a crooked shield and touch it to open a secret passage with another healing fountain.

Head back to the last room and down the next hall. You'll come to a painting of a pentagram and if you touch it, it produces a potion. Keep going and you will come to a dead end with a rat and some gold and a key in his nest. Kill him and then look in the corner for a chest with a bow and arrows. The key opens the door to the next room.

In this room you have to shoot the target above the door to open it and continue. The next room is a dining room...of sorts. Find the tapestry on the wall and the key near it. Go up the stairs on the platform and step on the pressure plate. It will open a passage to the chest. In it are a key and a map of West Britannia. It's a treasure map so the key unlocks the chest you will find there.

Step on the pressure plate in front of the chest and it will teleport you to the next room. There are spikes on the floor in the next hall but you can run across them with no damage if you time it well. Pull the lever at the end to open the gate and go to the circle in the room and the blue Kiran stone appears. Take it and go back to the dining room via teleporter.

In the room after the dining room there is a chest in the corner with a spell scroll and a healing potion. On the other side of the room is a blue button that opens a passage to an Alchemy (potions) lab. You can read the books and make some potions if you want. It didn't tickle my fancy to do so since you find potions about everywhere, but by all means go for it if you want. Once you're done here find the lever that moves the fountain and opens another secret passage. Go down the passage and find the button that opens the gate.

In the next room there are two options. There's a pit and you can jump in and climb out to the next side, but there's a pit snake down there. Optionally, when you first enter to the right is a fenced off area. Move a barrel to the fence and jump over via the barrel. Throw the switch and the pit will close. In this room is a small pool of water with a key to the next room.

Either way you solve the pit dilemma the next room is a temple of Virtue. Ignite the four torches, two braziers and the candle to make the ankh shine. Step into this to be healed, but it only works once. On a bench is a key you need to grab also.

As you leave the temple you hear someone yell to pull the lever so do that and you will release Thadious, the last of the four travelers. He will give you the green Kiran stone. NOTE: Thadious is in a closing wall room and if you let him die, it's bad for your karma, but the stone will appear in a box anyway. Just rescue him. If you step on the area the pit will open and start to close on you also, so avoid it.

There are two passages in this hall. Go in the open room and look on the back of the sphere on a post and press the button. It makes the key in the next room come to you. The key opens the room at the end of the hall.

This room is a cave with four pedestals and a book. The book tells about summoning the Kiran Shield, but you need to find the last stone first. Go to the next room and push the button on the back of the fountain to free the rat (and then kill it). Open the chest and go to the next chamber.

You've finally found the waterfall the travelers were talking about. Near it is a lever. Pull it and it opens an alcove with the last red Kiran stone and another sack. Keep going on the far side of the waterfall room and go where the corridor turns. You've finally found the column and a bridge that leads to it but it's guarded by a Wyrmguard named Ooli. Hmmm...that sounds familiar. It's actually Iolo and you're going to have to fight him but when you wound him he will ask for compassion. (You can kill him if you're that sick and you'll still be able to complete the game, but don't because Iolo trains you in bows later and besides...it's Iolo!)

Once you've spared Iolo you can cross the bridge and get the glyph out of the column. Go back to the pedestal room and put the Kiran stones on the pedestals and receive the Kiran shield, which gives you a magic boost when you have it equipped. You're done with Despise now so retrace your steps and head on out of the dungeon.

Paws Revisited[edit]

Once you exit Despise you will meet Raven. It's hard to tell what her intentions are right now, but she's got a ship and you're going to need it. First her boss wants to meet you, but not until you bring a rune proving who you really are. You've got a glyph, so you're halfway there. All you need now is the sigil, which the mayor of Britain has. But he's gone off to Paws to rescue his sick daughter.

You get to Paws only to find that Meribeth has been kidnapped. Great. On the southeast outskirts of the village is a house occupied by the goblin kidnappers. They're pretty strong and you're still fairly weak so be careful when you attack them. Once you rescue Meribeth her father will be only too grateful to hand over the sigil.

While you're here you should talk to Peg Leg Joe again and have him train you in staffs for 250g.

Cleansing the Shrine of Compassion[edit]

Now you have all the necessary tools to cleanse a shrine so head back east to the shrine and place the glyph and sigil on the altar. Now say the word of power and watch the wonders of a shrine cleansing. You can now increase one of your stats. I suggest strength or dexterity no matter what class you are because you won't be able to use useful magic for a while anyway. Before you leave the shrine don't forget to take the rune and the sigil. You can't complete the game without them.

Britain Revisited[edit]

After you cleanse the shrine go back to Britain and you will see that things have changed a lot. People are talking of compassion again.

(This is not required, but I suggest making a stop at Lord British's castle to talk to him and visit your room. You can drop off the sigil because you won't need it for a while (not the rune yet because you need to show it to Raven). Also, now that the shrine is cleansed the first level of magic is open. You probably have at least the Light spell so you can visit the secret room you teleport to in Lord British's bedroom and use the binding pentagram to bind your first spell (see Binging Spells for more info on this). You can also stock up on some potions if Despise emptied your stock.)

Head to the docks and show the rune to Raven. She is satisfied that you are the Avatar and she will take you to meet her boss now.

Buccaneer's Den[edit]


Raven's boss is a man named Samhayne and he lives on the southern part of the islands. It takes a bit to find him but once you do he will tell you that he has the Codex but if you want it back you're going to have to get rid of the column on New Magincia. Not that Samhayne is any kind of good Samaritan, but the column is causing whirlpools and they are bad for his business.

There are no docks on New Magincia so you're going to have to do some research to figure out how to get there. A cartographer (map maker) would be a good person to ask. He tells you there is a secret tunnel, but it is protected by a password known only to members of the guild. Luckily your new buddy Raven is in the guild so just ask her for the password (keelhaul).

There are several side quests here in Buccaneer's Den so don't go running off just yet. If you've gone off exploring the town you've probably seen the slave market where a young girl named Katie is being held. There are a few ways to set her free (and help your Karma). The first way requires you to go to the slave market BEFORE you talk to Samhayne. Katie will tell you that she came here looking for work and she has a letter that proves it. Go past the market and past the man being beaten and you will see a ship docked. By the way, along the path to this area on the ground is a map of Buccaneer's Den, but it's hard to see especially at night. Anyway, go on the ship and find the chest and inside is the letter. Take it to Samhayne and he will take care of the girl. There are two other ways. The first is to just kill the slave keeper. Pretty brutal and not my first choice (besides, there is a part in the game later that she is in if you don't kill her). The last option is to buy her and odds are you don't have that kind of cashola yet. Alternatively, if you just wait until later in the game Katie will be set free by circumstance anyway.

Once you've got Katie's letter go see Samhayne. Take the boat or swim to the other side of town. Go up through the pub and take the lift to Samhayne's office. Give him the letter FIRST and then talk to him about the columns and his "proposition".

On the southwest hill near Samhayne's house there is a hole that leads to the sewers with treasure, gems and a scroll.

Moving on now. Remember the missing Silver Serpent from Britain? Well, you're surrounded by pirate thieves so there's a good chance a stolen snake might be here. On the north side of the island behind the slave market is a path up the mountains. Here you will find a pirate cave hidden by leaves. Go in and follow the path, avoiding the spikes. You'll find a chest with gems and then you'll come to a point where the gates close on both sides of you but just look for a rock sticking out of the ground and touch it to lower them. Go down the path and listen to the conversation.

You can go down to the lower level and fight the pirate and then go on the ship and get the treasure. Once you've done that go back to the upper level and shoot the target with an arrow. Kill the pirates and take the key one of them leaves. Touch the pentagram and the barrier and the Silver Serpent disappear. The serpent transports back to Britain so all is well there now. NOTE: If you rescue the Silver Serpent now, it will anger the guild and you will not be able to access the Guild Shop later on. The guild shop is the only place to get the Mana Breath Spell, and the only place before The Abyss to get Invisibility.

Head out of there and go northwest to another pirate cage. Fire the cannon to open the cave and get the Gauntlets of Fury (these add 5% to any damage you inflict). There are two cannons so make sure you are at the northernmost cannon and you will have to fire it twice. Then walk over to the cliffs and drop to the opened cave instead of just swimming.

Back in Buccaneer's den, remember the guy being beaten? Talk to his beater and then fight him to free Linus and help your karma some.

On the southern part of the island is a cave with some treasure and the green lighthouse gem.

If you have a bottle of rum you can take it to the haunted lighthouse and give it to the ghost and he'll tell you where to find the sunken treasure. I usually forget a bottle of rum at this point, but you can come back later because you'll be back to restore the lighthouse anyway.

Once you've completed the sidequests here head to the east part of the island and the New Magincia tunnel.

New Magincia[edit]

Explore New Magincia and you will notice that the population has dwindled down...to one. Katrina is here and she has the sigil of Humility but she won't give it to you until you get rid of the wolves and vultures first. Hmmm...must be that time of the month, or perhaps Katrina has been corrupted by the columns also.

Anyway, head to the west side of the island and you will find the vulture nest on a small peak, which you must burn to destroy. A little further south is the alpha female (she's inside a green dome) of the wolf pack you need to kill to deal with the pack.

Those tasks being done, Katrina will give you the sigil. Head to the north of the island and find the peninsula near the moongate. Turn around and you'll see a small cliff with the flat rock Katrina spoke of. Climb up there and stand on the rock and the shrine will appear. Swim to the shrine and meditate and you will be sucked down into Ambrosia.


Ambrosia is the underwater city of the gargoyles, but all is not sunshine, lollipops and roses here. You'll meet Exferlem and he will tell you there is a civil war between the winged and wingless gargoyles.

Something to note about Ambrosia is at this point the wingless gargoyles will basically ignore you but the winged ones will actually attack you so be careful.

Walk around some more and talk to the other gargoyles and you'll learn that you need to speak to Wislem, but you can't yet because he lives in a floating house. Super. Anyway, you need to find Voresh and talk to him and then take the holding cell crystal off his shelf. Take it east of his office and drop down where you'll find another similar crystal and an empty pedestal. Place your crystal on the pedestal and the walls will open and you'll meet Nameless. He's a very disturbed little boy. But he has flying boots and he will take you to them. Walk through his wall and head left to find a corpse and the boots. There is also a scroll telling how to use them you can read. While you're down here there is another human who will sell you some stuff.

So now you can fly. To do this press space to jump and point your little Avatar skyward and walk like normal. It doesn't use mana, but the boots only work in Ambrosia anyway.

Fly up and find Wislem's house and talk to him. Agree to help him with the statue and get the power cube. Before you go to the statue go to the Temple of Singularity. Read the books and another will appear. Read it and another power cube appears. Take it to the top of the temple and place it on the pedestal and the Amulet of Singularity will appear. Take it and now head to the Queen statue and place the power cube.

Looks like Wislem is not as great a genius as he thought he was and you are now truly the false prophet. The gargoyles in the dome have precious little time so find Wislem and get the crystal to his workshop.

In Wislem's workshop, place the crystal on the empty pedestal and a yellow power cube will appear. Take it to the Queen's chamber directly west of the workshop and place it in the pedestal. The ground will open and you'll meet the queen.

Your goal here is to get a gargoyle egg and get the heck out. You do NOT need to kill or even fight the queen. It's bad for your karma and besides, she's pretty pissed off so I wouldn't even recommend fighting her anyway. Run around her, grab an egg and split. It's actually pretty easy. Take the egg to the teleporter and you will be teleported to Hythloth. This next part is kinda tough because you do two dungeons pretty much back to back, so get ready for a long haul.


Monsters: spiders, rats, piranhas, Wyrmguard

From where you start follow the path to the end and you'll see a statue on a pedestal. Visions of things to come, I'm sure. Anyway, turn around and go up the stairs and down the tunnel. Make a right at the intersection and in the next room hack or burn the webs on the floor in the center and go down and turn the valve. Go back to the top of this room and on the other side there is a tan brick sticking out. Press it and it opens a passage and releases some spiders. Follow the new passage to the end and you'll find a chest with the green key stone.

Backtrack through to the intersection and go straight. Follow this tunnel right and then left and you'll come to a big, nasty swamp. Yes, you have to wade through this crap, but no worries. Head to the southwest corner and you'll find a platform with a red (cure) potion and a yellow (healing) potion so you should be good as new. In the chest are the swamp boots, which allow you to walk through poison without taking damage and another yellow potion. On the other side of the room is another chest with a light scroll, if you want it. Now you've got to ride the lift in the middle to the next level.

Anyway, in this room there is the pedestal for the yellow key and a lever that opens a gate. You can't do much with the pedestal so just throw the lever and backtrack to the intersection and through the newly opened gate. At the next intersection take a left and then a right.

In this room is a hole. Jump in and then dive down and swim to find the red key statue. Next to it is a valve that raises the water level in the hole so you can climb out. Go back to the second intersection and go straight to a large room. The gates close when you enter this room. Take the leggings from the gate and the walls start to close. Run to the far gate and just before the walls squish you the gate opens.

At the next intersection go right and follow the tunnel to the small room at the end. Remove the web and dive in. Swim and find another valve that opens the next gate. Go back to the intersection and go right. In this room is a series of pillars you have to jump on to get to the green pedestal. You have to jump in a specific order or else the pillars will fall. Here is a diagram of the order you need to jump to get to the pedestal: 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, 10, 7, End

1 2 3
4 5 6 7 End
8 9 10
11 12 13

Once you place the statue (you will know you've placed it correctly when lightning strikes and the pedestal rises), turn the two valves. One opens the left path, which only has a chest with potions and some gold. The other opens the next gate. Go back to the intersection and turn right. There are a couple of rats in this room and a chest with the blue key statue.

Go back to the second intersection and go right. Follow the tunnel to the red pedestal and place the red key statue. Continue through this room and turn right at the intersection. In the next room there is a valve above the doorway, which lowers the water level allowing you to grab the yellow key statue.

Head back to the last intersection and keep going. You'll pass a binding circle and the blue pedestal. Place the blue statue and then keep going down the tunnel and then make a right. You're at the base of the column. Dive in the water and watch out for the piranhas as you swim from platform to platform. Swim to the back of the column and dive for the entrance and grab the glyph of Humility.

Backtrack WAY back to the main swamp room with the lift in the middle and ride it up to the yellow pedestal and place the yellow key statue.

Now that all the gates are open head back to the area around the second intersection. Follow the tunnels to the foggy, transparent tunnels. Make the first right here and you will come to a key behind glass. Walk around, grab the key and find the central room with the chest. Unlock the chest and there will be a lever to open the gate to the north. (NOTE: There are two chests in this area. One has treasure and another key statue. This is not the correct chest. If you are at this chest, go west.) Go north after you raise the gate and make the first left to the teleport pad. Teleport out and go left, right and then swim to the shrine.

NOTE: There is another part of Hythloth that is even more complicated and frustrating than this one. I, personally, have never done it and I have no desire to and there is no reward so I have not included it.

Cleansing the Shrine of Humility[edit]

Place the glyph, sigil and say the mantra and then choose which area you would like to improve.

Buccaneer's Den Revisited[edit]

Return to Buccaneer's Den via the tunnel and go see Samhayne. Rather than giving up the Codex as agreed, you are ambushed by Blackthorn and taken to the dungeon Deceit.


Monsters: mimic, skeleton, hellhound, Wyrmguard (Hairam) and Wyrmguard clones

Remember, all may not be as it seems in Deceit.

You wake up in your cell with nothing. Look at the wall opposite your bed and you will see a secret door. Push it and follow the path to the spider. Touch the spider and you will become ethereal, which means you can walk through things (you will know if you can walk through something because it will be transparent) and touch things, but you can't pick anything up.

Go back to your cell and walk through the bars. Push the button outside to open the cell door and go back to the spider and touch it again to become real. Go back to your cell and through your door and get the key and the sack. Back to the spider again and then unlock the next door. Walk through the gate and open it on the other side. Back to the spider again and then go through the passage to your left.

In the next room ignore the chest (it's a mimic and you don't have a weapon) and touch the brazier. An orb will rise and the room will start to flash color. When it is green the next door will be unlocked. At the intersection go right and you'll come to a room with three buttons. One produces a healing potion, one a vision and one a skeleton. Kill the skeleton and take his cutlass.

Follow the bath back and to the left and you'll come to a lava room. If you paid attention to the vision you know you can walk on the blue glow to the platform safely. Press the left button and get on the lift (watch out for fireballs).

At the next platform press the second button from the left in the middle row (it should be blue) and a stairway will appear. Go up and press the button and ride the lift back to your starting point. Now press the right button and ride the lift to a new platform. Adjust the statue (using the buttons on the wall) until it is facing the marble face on the pillar and fire until you hit it. Once you hit it adjust the statue again so it is facing the marble face on the wall. Hit that and the lift will return you to your starting point. Press the left button and ride the lift to the central part of the room. Press the button and the lift will stop. Jump out and teleport to the next part of the dungeon.

Follow the walkway around to the right. No, that's not the real glyph. When it disappears press the button to make a bridge completing the left part of the walkway. Turn your attention now to the table with the buttons. They adjust the marble face block. Press the blue one nine times and the purple one nine times and the block should be in position. Run around the newly created left path (watch out for fireballs from the statues) and touch the large statue to fire a blue orb at the marble face. If it hits, a lift will appear. If you miss, go back and adjust. Once you hit go back to the lift and ride it to a teleporter.

The room you teleport to has a spider. Kill it and a bow appears. Touch the statue for arrows. Look in the mirror near the statue to heal yourself, but not the other one because you'll get blasted by a fireball. Shoot the gold face to produce a stairway. Step on the plate at the top and shoot the gold face that appears to create a walkway back to the teleport pad. Teleport back and ride the lift to the walkway.

Going towards the table of buttons halfway there is another gold face. Shoot it to create a bridge. Jump to the bridge and turn the valve to lower the lava and uncover more of the room.

Go back to the end of the right walkway. Jump down to the rocks and find the alcove and teleporter. The room you teleport to has two chests, but they're both mimics. Stand on the carpet and shoot the gold face and the blue orb will appear. Take it and teleport back.

Go right when you exit the alcove and climb over the boulders. You'll come to a blue obelisk (pointy square statue) and when you press it the lava recedes for about 15 seconds. Run to the chest and open it and grab the red orb. Hurry back to the boulders and high ground before the lava rises again.

Go to the middle of the two walkways and place any orb in the orb holder. Drop down to the left and touch the obelisk. Hurry to the next orb holder and drop an orb. Work your way back to the lift that took you to the first teleporter. When you get there look down and you'll see another teleporter. Drop to it and teleport to a room with a green button. Touch it and a gold face appears on the wall. Shoot it and more appear. Keep shooting until a grey target appears. Shoot it and take the green orb that appears. The chest in this room is safe. It has two healing potions.

Teleport back and touch the obelisk. Run to the orb holder and place the green orb. Touch the next obelisk and run to the next one. Touch it and run to the next path (under the bridge that is slowly appearing with each orb) and you'll see another teleporter.

Teleport to the new room and press the button above the pedestal. A gold face appears over the chest. Shoot it and the next one will appear above the teleporter. Shoot that one and the last one will appear by the torch. Take the yellow orb and the scroll and hammer from the chest.

Teleport back and place the final orb in the final orb holder. The walkway is complete now so touch an obelisk and run back to your start point in this room. Take the lift up to the walkway. Go town the walkway to the pentagram teleporter.

Teleport to the core of Deceit. You meet the Wyrmguard Hairam and her hellhound. Kill the hound and a path to Hairam will appear. She creates two clones. Kill one of the CLONES (they are armed, Hairam is not) and a lift appears. Take the lift to the column and take the glyph of Honesty. Take the lift back to the teleporter and teleport to the very beginning of Deceit. Exit stage left.

Once you exit Deceit you'll find a note from Raven that says she was looking for you in the dungeon. You'll also meet Duncan, who accuses you of stealing his dagger because Tydus in Moonglow told him you did. Better check out who's spreading tales about the Avatar.



You'll first meet with the deceit in Moonglow in a little boy outside the city. He tells you his father is being attacked by muggers. If you find the boys house he has some more lies for you. Anyway, you need to find Tydus, who lives in the north part of town. Talk with him and he will send you on a mission for the staff of wisdom. If you go to the cave he tells you about you won't find the staff, but you'll find Duncan's dagger. There is a shipwreck nearby. Explore it to find the Arms of the Magi, which gives you another magical boost.

Go back and talk to Tydus again and he sends you to another cave in the north this time. This cave is guarded by a demon. He gives you an offer that sounds too good to be true, but it is so take him up on it. Take off your weapons and the demon will give you the Heartstone, which allows him to escape and gives you the source of Tydus' power in Moonglow.

Return to Duncan and give him his dagger and he will train you in 2-handed weapons.

Head back to Moonglow and explore. You'll probably meet the boy who cries wolf again. Believe him again (good for karma) and eventually you'll meet his father Joshua who tells you his journal (in shack near lighthouse) can shed some light on your quest.

Find Tydus again and now that you have the Heartstone he is forced to reveal the Lycaeum to you (the staff of wisdom is not real, by the way). An airship will take you to the Lycaeum and the Oracle. The Oracle is actually the Book of Truth. Answer "yes" to its question and it will let you take it.

Now you need the sigil. Batista says she can give you the sigil but she wants her shield back first. Her shield is in Mariah's house and if you didn't kill Mariah in Deceit she'll be there and happy to give you the shield and teach you the Restoration ritual.

When you first walk into Mariah's house look for a storage room and a trap door. Under the trap door is a transporter. It takes you to the basement. Look for some hidden doors on the walls (you may have to move some barrels to get to them). There is a pressure plate in each hidden room. Put a barrel on each one and the shield is released. Give it to Batista and she will give you the sigil. Now go cleanse the shrine.

Cleansing the Shrine of Honesty[edit]

Place the glyph, sigil and say the mantra and then choose which area you would like to improve.

Once the shrine is cleansed, Raven will appear at the dock with your backpack (finally!!) and an apology. Forgive her and decide where you want to go next. You can do them in any order, but I go to Yew first that way I can stop in Britain and sell extra weapons and gems and then I go to Lord British's castle to dump runes and sigils in my room and the winged boots because clearly you will not be using them again. I usually bind spells also. Then talk to Lord British and he will open the passage to Yew to the north.

Take the path out of town towards Paws and then take the branch off to the right. This will lead you to the [[[goblins|goblin]] path, which is really a sort of maze but it's not too difficult. Once you get out, that's when the fun really starts. You are dropped off right in the middle of a goblin camp! Really, it's not too bad. The regular goblins can be easily killed with one hit (assuming by now you are using a broadsword, at least). It's the big guys with the helmets and the 2-handed axes that you might have some trouble with. Attack them from a distance, unless you are really confident with your battle skills.

After the goblin camp is another camp but this time with gypsies. Clear them out and take any loot you can find and move on.



When you arrive at Yew you can either explore or head straight to the court in the northeast part of town. You'll get a feel for what "justice" has become in Yew and you'll learn that Raven stands accused of genocide of the gargoyles. Despite your best efforts Raven is sent to Wrong to await execution.

Back in Yew, find Desbet, an assistant to Vasagralem and convince him Raven is innocent. He will set up a meeting with Vasagralem. While you're waiting for that head to the library. Fix the books and the Book of Justice, which tells about the mantra and sigil. You can also be trained in second level bows while you're here. Find a big bird named Eustus in the snowy mountains northeast of town and he will give you the sigil if you allow him to test you and then answer "no" to all his questions.

You find Vasagralem in his home and he's pretty angry. Calm him down and he realizes his mistake and gives you the Red Codex Lens. He also tells you to meet him near Wrong and he will show you a secret entrance. Swim to a small island northwest and dive under and you'll see a tunnel. Follow it into Wrong.


Monsters: guards, spiders, brute, zombie, staff guy, mimics, piranhas, Wyrmguard (Annaj) Wrong is a prison so there are guards. Do not fight them. They will throw you in a cell without your stuff and if you remember Deceit, that's no walk in the park. Wrong is also very confusing, so get ready for some frustration.

When you arrive, keep swimming and walk down the tunnel to the door with the skulls. Touch the left one and the door opens. Touch the ankh painting and a button appears. Touch it and a cell opens briefly. Sneak to this cell and move the bench to reveal a secret passage. By the way, if you get captured, this is where you'll end up.

Anyway, take the tunnel to the end and enter the cell. Place the lantern on the pressure plate to open the gate. Follow the guard (carefully) and duck into the room on the right. Open the chest to find they key. Go back to the lockbox and open it with the key and pull the lever to open the gate.

Take the stairs down (watch for the brute) and to the right to the torture chamber. Defeat the staff guy and pull the lever in the left corner to open another gate. Follow the tunnel and to the right and you'll come to a cell with Raven. Pull the lever to open the gate, but be warned. "Raven" is actually a zombie. Kill it and inside the cell is a note about the real Raven.

Go down the hall and pass the open gate. Head right a few times and then a final left into the main corridor. Go to the end of the corridor (watch out for the guard) and then make a left and a right. Continue back to the upper level.

Keep going and make a left, then a right and another right. Open the gate at the next intersection with the lever in the lockbox. Back up until the guard walks past the gate. Sneak up and lower the gate so the guard can't get to you. Now go down the other hallway and the first cell on the left has the real Raven. Refer back to the note you found and the skulls around the door. Touch them in this order:

 3   2
 1   4

The door opens but there is a wall of fire. Jump through it and turn one valve to put the fire out and the other to open the pit and free Raven. Raven tells you to go find the glyph and she gives you a key. Wait until the guard goes into a cell to do checks and then drop the gate on him. Go up the hall and use the key to open the door. Follow the tunnel down to the lower level. In this area are also other prisoners. Release Jean-Paul, but not Montego (it's bad for your karma)

Make a right at the end of the ramp. Halfway down the hall is another gate. Look on the walls for a secret brick (slightly different color and sticking out about half an inch) but wait until the guard isn't looking to press the brick to open the gate. Go through the gate and then right into a small room. When the guard walks in, use the lever to close the gate behind him. At the other end of the room find another secret brick and press it. Go upstairs and down the hall to the right. Lift the inkwell off the desk and press the button that was under it. It opens a gate to the right. Hide against the wall now because a guard will patrol past the gate. When he moves away from you run through the open gate and go left then right. Find another secret brick to open the gate and go down the stairs.

Follow the tunnel and then go right. Press the button. Go back up and through the gate and then go right and right again. The left button opened the door that once blocked this area. The middle one teleports you and the right one sets off an alarm. In the next large room there are four chests. The ones on the left are mimics.

Go down the hall and to the right to a long room with gates at each end that close when you enter. A walkway also drops. In the water are several piranhas and a valve that opens the gate.

Keep going down the hall and you'll come to a room with a Wyrmguard. Save before you enter this room. There is a lever that will drop a cage and trap Anaaj in the center of the platform, but only if you hit it right away. This is the only way not to kill her, which is why I said to save because it is very tricky to do and will probably take a couple of tries. If you can't trap Anaaj and you have to fight her, she will die. If she dies the gate to the column opens. If you trap her you can talk to her and convince her to open the gate to the column. Climb over the rocks to the column and grab the glyph.

Go back and to the first room on the right. Find and press the green brick and the column disappears revealing a teleport pad. Teleport to the room with the binding circle and follow the tunnel and head right to a cell. Go through the cell and turn left and go to the end of the main hall. Turn left at the fountain and go down the tunnel and out of Wrong. Head to the shrine now.

Cleansing the Shrine of Justice[edit]

Place the glyph, sigil and say the mantra and then choose which area you would like to improve. You're getting up in levels so you might want to start improving intelligence so you can start using the cool magic you're unlocking.

Head back to Yew and meet Vasagralem in court to have your and Raven's names cleared. It seems that the cleansing of the shrine has caused an attitude change in town. There are a couple of things to do before heading out.

Northwest of town you will find a load of goblins (so go prepared) and the burned ruins of a village. BTW - on the way to the village you will come across another Shamino statue and two stone heads. Ignite the mouths of the heads and you will be rewarded with the bolt of flame scroll. Anyway, once you get to the village you don't really have to do much here except wipe out the goblins and check out the village. Trust me and do this now. It will save you a trip later.

This is pretty much it for now so head back to Britain. On the way, just south of Yew there are some lakes. Find the small one and look up into the mountains. You should see a platform with a crate on it. Inside this crate is the sapphire lighthouse gem so pick this up now. Take care of any business in Britain (selling extra weapons, etc) and Lord British's castle (dropping off extra junk & binding spells) and then head off to Minoc.

Cove & Minoc[edit]


You will probably first come to a small shop in Cove where you can learn some information from the keeper. Next you will meet some guards, which you will need to bribe to see the First Citizen Raxos. Talk to him and provoke him into a fight. I know, it's not very Avatar-like but you need to kill him to get the key to Nico's cell right now. Otherwise you have to wait until the shrine is cleansed and he comes to his sense to get the ritual.

There is also another key on the counter in Raxos' house to take and before you go look on the floor by the table. There is a hidden panel and under it is a necklace you will need soon.

Go around the side of Raxos' house and free Nico and he will give you the Orb of the Moons and teach you the Return Ritual, which allows you to travel by moongate to shrines that have been cleansed.

If you are in Cove after dark find the abandoned house and go upstairs. There is the ghost of a little girl named Dayla and she needs her dolly. There is a waterfall in Minoc that you will come to soon and her dolly is there.

Behind Dayla's house is a crypt with some very upset ghosts. They want their jewelry back. One piece is the necklace you just got from Raxos' house and the other is the bracelet you got way back from the cave between Britain and Paws. Inside the crypt (building) there is an open coffin. Put both pieces in there and the ghosts will finally be able to rest in peace.

When you get into Minoc, Blackthorn is there trying to extort information from the gypsies. The Avatar steps in and Blackthorn curses the gypsies. Talk to the Rom Baro and he tells you he will help you find the blue codex lens if you bring him the blackrock crystal ball from the Blackrock Mines.

Find Morganna and she will help you despite Blackthorn's curse and she will also suffer the consequences of the curse. But now you have the mantra anyway.

One last thing to do before you head off into Covetous is to find Gringolet. It is a sword and it is located in the underwater tunnel that connects Cove and Minoc on a rock shelf near the southern end. Head to the mines.


Monsters: Bats, Skeletons, Lothar, Ghosts, Zombies, Wyrmguard (Ailuj), Lich(Khelereth)

NOTE: Covetous was one of the more problematic dungeons in terms of bugs and crashes for me. I think it has something to do with the earthquakes you might experience once in a while. Just remember to save often.

I know, by now you're probably as tired of dungeons as I was. And although Covetous is no dance around the maypole, it is one of my favorites because it is a mine and you can find T-O-N-S of gems and blackrock, which you can sell and use to get the blackrock sword later. There are seriously so many gems down here that you will have no trouble filling your bags and you will probably have to be choosy in which gems you take. Obviously take the most expensive ones (see the chart in shops) and make sure you take at least 4 pieces of blackrock as you will need them in Trinsic.

Oh yeah...magic doesn't work in Covetous either. This includes potions, which makes no sense since you can find potions throughout the mines. Bummer, I know. It's also pretty dark so cast a light spell to get you started before you go in and make sure you're properly healed up. Later you will find the helm of radiance but until then we don't want to be wandering around in the dark. Also, look for small, green bubbling pools. These will heal you. Another downside to no magic is the ghosts. Ghosts are immune to physical attacks and that is all you have here so when you see a ghost, run or avoid them because they pack a punch and you can't bite back (without a magic Sword like the Flame Sword or Frost Sword).

Ok, you start by following the rail to the first open cavern. You'll probably meet some skeletons and you will learn that it is very hard to kill them with a sword but a staff makes easy work of them. However, they regenerate so if you want to avoid this take one of their bones and dump it somewhere else. Explore this area and you will see chunks of blackrock lying around. It's the purplish black rocks. Take them because you will need them. Once you're done exploring take the path to the north and into the next cavern. Head west and then north into another small cavern and you should find a small alcove with a gearwheel you will need soon.

Remember, this is a mine so you should start seeing gems in these hidden alcoves and blackrock on the ground. Take it! When your bag starts to get full then you can start dumping the cheaper gems but don't pass anything up right now. Head back to the first cavern and find a room to the east with some spiral ramps. Climb them and go down the tunnel. Go around the back of the lift mechanism and turn the valve to stop the water. Install the missing gear below the smaller one (a bit tricky to properly place it) and turn the valve again to restore the water. Now the lift will work. Climb back down the ramp and head for a path on the east side of the cavern towards the lift. You should meet Lothar and you must fight him using Gringolet. Defeat him and he drops a key. Take it and unlock the box near the lift. Press the button and take the lift to level 2.

Follow the track around to a cart. Push it and it breaks the barrier. Jump in the next cart and ride across to the other side. To the west there is a healing pool behind a rock. Go east now between the rocks near the column. There will be some crates and hidden in the back is an open one with the next key you need. Head back across the chasm and to the west is an alcove. Talk to Skully and agree to take him back to his grave. Grab his skull and head back to the lift and head town to level 3.

Follow the track again but stop at the bridge at the gap. If you stay on it an earthquake will happen that will (either crash your game) or drop you into a pit of skeletons, which is no fun. So take one of the paths on the sides instead. Back on the track follow it until it ends. To the right (south) of the blockage is a pile of rocks. Climb up and over and you will come to a small alcove with a healing pool and the Helm of Radiance. Beyond this is another rock pile to climb and this leads down to a path around the blockage. Find the three powder kegs and touch, but don't move them to clear the way. Go through this passage to the north and you will come to some graves. Skully's is way north in the alcove and once you return him to his grave you are rewarded with the final lift key. Take it and head back to the lift and down to level 4.

Before you follow the tracks go around the back of the lift and find a hidden tunnel to a large cavern. There are many gems (even diamond in the ceiling) but there is also a bladed staff, which is the real reason why we came. Grab it and any loot and head back to the tracks. When you get to the large watery cavern you have two choices. You can head through the path to the north, which is easy or you can be daring and head to the eastern path which holds tons of gems and a healing pool. Either way you end up at the base of the column and you meet Ailuj, who is really Julia. Anyway, talk to her and convince her to resist the Guardian and she passes out. Dive underwater to the column and get the glyph.

Head back to the main cavern and take the path to the west this time. In the next cavern there is a blocked passage to the west so blow it up with the powder kegs and continue on. There's a lava canyon in the next area but there is a path around it to the west. Go through the large doors and if you read the plaque on the floor you see you have to give up Gringolet to continue. I have read that there is a way to complete covetous without having to do this but it is pretty complicated and I haven't tested it yet so for now just drop the sword on the pentagram and continue on.

You meet the Lich, the first real boss. He can be a pain and it did take me some time to beat him so save before you go meet him. First, he summons zombies, which must be defeated before you can touch him. He summons them right behind you, no matter where you are standing so when you finish talking to him move or you are likely to take a hit from one and become poisoned. Patience is key here but move around because if you stay still too long you are likely to get hit with lightning from the Lich. Defeat the zombies and then start hacking away at the Lich. Even if he is invisible you can still hurt him. Once he is defeated a blue orb appears in the middle of the room. Touch it to open a passage to a chest with the blackrock crystal ball that the gypsies in Minoc want.

To the right of the chest is a passage that leads to a shortcut out. Find the powder keg and move it to the grate on the floor. Blow it up and swim on out to the north.

Cleansing the Shrine of Sacrifice[edit]

Back in Minoc give the blackrock crystal ball to Laszlo as agreed and he will see that he has to help you. He gives you the key to his wagon and then dies a horrible death as agreed by Blackthorn's curse. In his wagon are the sigil and the blue codex lens. Cleanse the shrine and head back to the docks and meet Raven.

Halfway There[edit]


This is about the halfway point in the game. Congratulations for making it this far!

Raven tells you that you are ready to sail on your own but you need to go to Buccaneer's Den first to get the charts. But on the way Raven loses control of the ship and you are pulled to Terfin, the Guardian's home. You can explore if you want but there's really not much to see or get here. When you're ready head to the Guardian's chamber. You see Samhayne and right before he is killed he asks you to tell his daughter Raven that he loves her. You will now face the Guardian and you will also learn that there is nothing you can do to him-yet. Every time you try to hurt him you hurt yourself instead. The Guardian then destroys Skara Brae because they were not affected by the columns. The Guardian tells you to think about all this and then you are transported out. Go back to the ship and give Raven the bad news.

Buccaneer's Den Re-Revisited[edit]

Head to the map maker and buy the charts of Britannia for 250 gold. Raven's house is southwest of the map maker so go meet her. She has a surprise for you. She brands you so you are now a member of the guild and you can buy more stuff in town now. Then they make a little Avatar love. When you wake up read the note that Raven left for you and go meet her on the docks (or explore more of Buccaneer's Den that you might have missed before). She will give you a navigation book and you learn how to sail the ship yourself. It's not that hard but I prefer to have Raven sail for me. Just lazy, I suppose.

Britain Again[edit]

Head to Britain to sell all your gems from Covetous, extra weapons and stuff and drop any runes and sigils in Lord British's castle. If you talk to people in Britain you find that someone has been besmirching your good name. In the east outskirts of town near the shrine is your evil twin! Talk to him and put him in his place.

Back in Britain head to the graveyard in the east part of town. Go to the old house on the hill behind the graveyard and you will find a ruby-eyed skeleton that has been causing problems. Defeat him to calm the restless spirits.

Next go to the Cathedral of Love and talk to Kimberly (the woman who was cussing about the silver serpent before). Turns out some money is missing and she suspects the mayor's assistant Killigan. Go to the mayor's house and talk to Killigan. He refuses to hand over the money but tells you it is in his storeroom. Look at the ground behind the tapestry in this room and you will see a hidden door. Open it and go through to the storeroom. Under the table is the bag of cash for the cathedral and if you use Ethereal Sight you can find a note from Blackthron to Killigan. You can confront him with this also and Killigan gets busted.

Moving on...and on and on[edit]

All the loose ends being tied up in Britain you have the choice to either go to Jhelom...I mean Valoria or Trinsic. I choose Trinsic because I like to get the blackrock sword and you've got all that blackrock now.



Talk to the people of Trinsic and you see that the columns effect has reached them. The Chalice of Honor is gone and there are ghosts hanging around. First find the blacksmith in the south part of town. Commission him to make a blackrock sword (you should have plenty of money after selling all those gems from Covetous and more than enough blackrock) and he will tell you to come back in the morning. However, when you go back he tells you your blackrock was junk and he won't give you your money back either. What a rip!

Oh well. Head into the haunted bastion and either fight through or avoid the ghosts until you meet Lucian. He tells you Dupre knows the mantra but he's not haunting this bastion. To talk to him head to the shrine south of town first and talk to the shrinekeeper Myrea. (On the way to he shrine is a small cave guarded by some goblins. If you can get past them you can take the Staff of the Dead). She tells you to get his remains from the fort west of Trinsic and bring them to the shrine. The fort is guarded by a couple of gazers so hang back and take them out with mana arrows, if you have them. Complete the ritual of Spirit Speak at the shrine and Dupre will tell you the mantra and that the sigil (the Chalice of Honor) is at the bottom of Shame. Super.

If you have been talking to people you have noticed that there is a spy skulking about. Before you go off to Shame, after you have spoken to Dupre you can find the spy west of Trinsic. Fight him and read his journal. Make the journey northwest of Trinsic (just follow the path and watch for hellhounds) to Shame.


Monsters: Zombies, Wyrmguard (Eve)

The dungeons are getting tougher. Fortunately there are just a few left. Start Shame by going through the door. Press the red button on the wall to lower the force field. Watch for the arrow. Next you need a black potion or an invisibility spell to get past the gray eye and raise the gate.

In the next room there are two exits and two eyes watching them. Go to the back of the room by the tapestry and turn around and look up. Shoot the golden face and the eyes look away. Take the west, or left exit. In the next room there is an eye that shoots red and blue fireballs. Find the face on the wall and stand between it and the eyeball. Dodge the fireballs and until a blue one hits the face and a door will open.

In this room there are two suits of armor. Touch them and two more faces will appear. Have the blue orbs hit them the same way. One opens a room with some potions and the other opens the next room.

There is a button on the wall that makes the face appear but this one is a moving target, which makes it slightly more difficult. Try to predict where the face is going to be when the orb gets to the wall and stand there. It may take a few times but when it finally hits it opens another door. Kill the zombie and press the button to dispel the barrier in the other room. Head back there.

Watch for the arrow in this room. There is a green button near the door. Press it and you see a black statue. There is also a blue button. Press it and the statues in the room start changing colors. Touch each one when they turn black. When they are all black a new statue appears. Touch it when it is red and a chest with the black orb appears. Take it and head back to the first area with the two eyes and go down the east path now.

In the next room there is a pressure plate. Tempting, I know but don't step on it unless you want to feel the wrath of a bunch of fireballs. Instead head to the table with a bunch of buttons on it. The top button reveals, yes another face. The red diamond fires a blue orb but this time when it hits the face it bounces. You have to use the buttons to keep making faces appear as the orb bounces. It's a pretty easy pattern. Start at the bottom row and go left to right and then the same on the top row. For those who need a more visual map here you go:

7 8 9 10
3 4 (2) 5 6
  • (1)-(makes the first face appear)
  • (2)-(Fires the blue orb)

Now, just because the pattern is easy it does take some timing so just be patient. When you hit the last face a door opens to the next large area.

In this room the floor is red and grey. Avoid the red parts as they transport you back to the other room, on the panel that shoots fireballs. Tread and jump carefully into the room. Walk around the grey path and turn around. Shoot the face to open more of the room. However, some of the red spaces start moving too. You need to get to the face you just shot and on the other side is a button. Press it to rotate the eye and allow you to sneak to the doorway. It will take some practice.

In this room the eye follows you while you try to flip the levers. It takes some practice also. Try to stay ahead of the eye because if it catches you the levers reset. Once they are all flipped go back to the red and grey room and there is a new opening on the south side. Place the black orb on the pedestal and part of the upper level comes down giving you access.

You want to try to stay on this level because if you fall you have to work your way back here to get back and it's just a pain sometimes. There are three glowing orbs in this room and a statue. You need to turn the statue each of the colors (order is not important) by touching an orb and then touching the statue. Watch out for fireball eyes and of course, try not to fall.

Start by pressing the blue button across from the binding pentagram and a lift appears. Take it to the statue. Follow the path (be careful jumping) to the southwest corner. Step into the blue orb and walk back to the statue and touch it.

The red orb is nearby but it is protected by a forcefield. Go to the eye shooting at you and find the button on the back. You're probably going to take a couple of hits here. Press it and the forcefield is lowered. Step into the red orb and go back and touch the statue.

Southeast of the red orb is a small staircase. At the bottom is a button that summons another lift east of the statue. Ride it to the yellow orb, step in and ride it back to the statue and touch it. The statue disappears and you are rewarded with a teleporter. Step on it.

You are trapped in a crystal barrier. Touch it and it will ask you for the mantra of honor. Speak it and the walls disappear. Jump down to the rocks in the northwest and grab the lightning sword. Head to the column and defeat the Wyrmguard. Go and grab the glyph.

Dupre also told you that the sigil was here also. Take the path north near the column and you will meet Blackthorn, who indeed has the Chalice. He will make a trade for the red and blue lenses (remember...he has the Codex) so don't do it. If you do Blackthorn has everything he needs and the world is destroyed. Game over. Anyway, when you refuse he destroys the Chalice and storms away. It would seem you are stuck but when you try to leave Dupre explains that the Chalice was only a symbol and he tells you to choose another. There are hundreds and they are all the same so just pick one. Find the teleporter which takes you back to the upper level teleporter. Jump down to the lower level and head back to Trinsic.

Cleansing the Shrine of Honor[edit]

The guard at the haunted bastion tells you that to empower the new Chalice you need to place it at the foot of the statue to the west of the bastion. Do this and then head to the inn and find Virgil. His house has been taken over and he needs a paladin to close the portal. Lucero is your best bet so go see him (above the blacksmith). Give him a few good words but eventually Dupre's ghost will appear again and seal the deal. He will meet you at Virgil's house, which is southeast of Trinsic. Now, these phase spiders just suck. And the queen is a pain in the you-know-what. I usually save the glass sword for her and although I have beaten her once before without it I can tell you from experience that it will just save you a lot of heartache to use the glass sword. Unfortunately Lucero is killed by the queen but his death gives the new Chalice its full power. Talk to the guard again and he allows you to take it. There are still some things to do in Trinsic but first you need to restore the honor so go cleanse the shrine to the south.

Trinsic Revisited[edit]

First things first. Remember that blacksmith that took you for 7,000 gold? Go talk to him again. He has your sword and he is so sorry he refunds 2,000 of your gold. Nice.

Next, head back to Virgil's house and go east a little. There is a goblin camp and if you can fight your way through it you can get the Star of Britannia. You can trade this to Bakura in Yew for the highest staff training but you have to train with the staff guy in Trinsic first.

There is a small lake to the north of town with a Shamino statue. At the bottom of this lake you can get the Leggings of Sentri, which allow you to jump further (and are pretty stylish too).

Finally, before you leave, on the west side of the island just south of the spy camp there is a shipwreck. Check out and you should find the ruby lighthouse gem. You are welcome to explore more and talk to people. When you are done head to the boat and have Raven take you to Valoria.



When you arrive on the island walk west from the docks. You will meet Sir Reynald, who is dying and wants you to return his shield to his family, so take it for now and head back to the ship.

Keep going and you will come to the main gates. Touch the yellow gem in the stone statue and the spikes will lower. Walk up the path but you are denied entrance. Lambert tells you to bring him the head of a red dragon, which can be found in (surprise) the dungeon Destard. But just to make things interesting Destard has been sealed off. Great. Just head back to the boat for now.

Zombies are attacking the boat so deal with them and then have Raven take you to Britain. Sell any gems, extra stuff, drop unnecessary items in your room, bind spells and anything else you need to do. Then head to the pub and find Sir Robin who knows of a secret entrance to Destard.

Take the path out of town that leads to Paws. You can stop and talk to people and then take the northwest path out of Paws, through some hills. Keep going west and you will come to a secret entrance in the mountains that leads to Dawn, or what was Dawn anyway. Find Molly, the only survivor, and she will tell you how the dragon came and laid Dawn to waste and then settled into Destard. As for actually getting in now. Head into the snowy mountains nearby. You are looking for a square area with a body near it. Cast fire spells on the square and this will melt the ice revealing the entrance to Destard. This is a long one, since it is really the last except the Abyss so make sure you are prepared for a long trip.


Monsters: Hellhounds, Slasher Daemons, Daemons, Giant Rats, Wyrmguards, Wyrmguard (Yerffoeg), Wyrmguard (Dartane), Piranha, Mimics.

Although you don't learn this until later, Destard is a mine also. You won't find gems lying around like in Covetous because the dragon hordes them but there are many gems in chests, crates and barrels so be on the lookout for them.

Jump down through the hole you melted and follow the tunnel into the first big lava room. Walk around and take the left, or west path out (you can just walk between the spikes. In the southwest corner there is a pressure plate. You need to put something, anything on it (maybe an empty flask from a potion or some other useless inventory you have). This makes a barrier to the north disappear. Head there and in this room is a slasher demon, which you can fight or avoid. I avoid. Either way, head to the north of this room and in a small alcove is the red eggshell. Take it and backtrack all the way back to the first lava room.

Cross this room and take the path to the east now. Follow it right (south) and a demon appears. Kill it and then head left (north). In this chamber there is a prisoner. Kill the rats first and then he will tell you how he came to be there and how the Wyrmguard are training dragons. He tells you the key is in this room (on a ledge in the center). Free him now because he will really die if you wait until later.

Continue in this cavern to the northwest and you will meet the ghost of Adreanna who tells you more about what happened in Dawn. She asks you to kill the dragon and find out what happened to her husband. Put that in your palm pilot to-do list and move on to the east.

In this chamber you meet the Wyrmguard Yerffoeg and if you are as smart as I think you are you know this is really your companion Geoffrey and you shouldn't kill this Wyrmguard. Taunt him instead and he backs down. Take the Glyph of Valor.

That's it? The glyph already? I thought this was a long dungeon! We're done already!

Ah, that's right. The dragon. Oh well. Head back to Adreanna and in the north there is a small alcove with a teleporter that takes to you to the next part of Destard. Dartane meets you. Defeat him and another Wyrmguard.

Continue north past the fireball dragon into the next room and throw the switch on the wall to turn him off.

Turn east as the next intersection and then south and you will see a small cell. Open it with the lever on the wall and take the red skull. There is also a key in the pile of bones in the corner. Drop something on the pressure plate to open the gate again.

Continue east and defeat the Wyrmguard. Behind the door are two more Wyrmguard and the training center. Look in the northwest corner for crooked daggers on the wall. Touch it to open a secret passage. The chest here has the green eggshell. There is another secret passage near the barrel in this hallway with another chest if you need some stuff to sell later.

Go back to the main hallway and go all the way west. You will come to a healing fountain, which you probably need by this time. Keep going and you will come to a key on a pedestal. Tempting but if you take it the floor moves opening a spike pit and you get assaulted with fireballs. And I understand the key is useless so this just looks like a trap. Don't take the key.

Instead go northwest to a cavern with a demon. Defeat him and look around for a body. Read the book. INOPIA. For those of us who played U5 we know that is the word of power for Destard. For those who didn't...now you know. In the northwest corner of this cavern are some treasures to grab before you go.

Go back out to the key of death on the platform but before you get to the intersection go north. In the next room there are two pressure plates. The first one simply raises a pedestal but the second one seals off the room, summons zombies and reveals two buttons. Fight off the zombies and hit one of the buttons to raise the gates.

Go north out of this room and down the next hallway. At the intersection take the right (west) path and follow it around. You will find an alcove with some treasure and then you will fight a Wyrmguard. Eventually you will come to an alcove with some human remains and Darim's Journal. Take it so you can tell Adreanna later what happened to her husband. The door at the north vanishes when you walk to it.

Go through this corridor and prepare to fight another demon. Continue on and at the intersection take the right (east) path. In the next room the doors close again and poison fills the room. Run to the north end and press the block protruding from the wall. This opens the doors again.

Take the east door and run past the skulls (they shoot fireballs at you. Turn north (left) at the end of the path. Welcome to Xarnthal's crypt. You notice the white haze in the middle. Tempting, but if you touch it a lich appears and for no good reason so just avoid it. Instead look for the stairs to the east. Look in the box under the stairs and take the key. Unlock the door at the north end of the room.

In this room is a coffin and a huge zombie torso. Defeat it (it looks way worse than it really is) and the lid to the coffin disappears revealing the yellow eggshell. Take it and go back into the lich room and then back into the hallway and backtrack north.

Follow the path and you will come to another fountain that restores mana. So, if you're low on health cast heal or full heal and then restore your mana. Take the east corridor from this area and fight through the spiders and the webs to the blue eggshell. If you're having trouble taking the eggshell, you probably have to cut through the webs around it first (they're hard to see).

Back in the mana fountain room there is a path to the north that leads to an exit, if you know the word of power, which we do. We're not done yet but if you're near death and just can't hang in Destard anymore you can leave and come back later. For those of us stout enough of heart to continue, take the west path out.

In the next room is a locked chest. The key is in one of the crates to the left. Unlock the chest and take the red candle.

Continue south to the next room. Oh baby, can you say motherlode? We have found the heart of the mining operation in Destard. Gems galore, and I'm not even exaggerating. Clean it out and talk to the miners (you only have to talk to one since they all say the same thing). Climb out of the pit using the rocks and go south. In the rock wall are some wooden planks sticking out. Touch one to reveal the secret passage to another alcove with more treasure, but kill the piranha first.

Now we need to go way back. Back to the mana fountain and take the south exit. Go back through where you fought the demon and found Darim's Journal. In the hallway around a square room (with the pentagram painting on the wall) look for a hidden door on the south wall. There is a key in some webs you need to destroy to take. There is also some treasure in the pit but none in the barrels. If you destroy the barrels you'll be stuck (unless you're wearing the Leggings of Sentri, which allow you to just jump out).

Go to the east hallway. There is a room blocked off by a forcefield. Look on the pedestals and press the green buttons on each. Now go in each of the rooms on the side and look up above the doorways. Press those green buttons and the forcefield is lowered.

Here is the temple and some worshipers you have been hearing about. They talk a lot of trash but they won't bother you. Go to the front but before you read the book look to the right in the corner and flip the switch. If you read the book first the dragon statues roast you. The switch turns them off. The book gives you instructions for the demon ritual.

To the south is an alchemy lab. Take the gems in the treasure and then look on the tables for the red flask. Take it and go up the stairs. When you get to the top you can access the upper level of the temple. Go around and get the key from the chest and then go back and down the other side of the stairs into the library. Touch the crooked picture and take the key that appears. It opens the door, which leads to a room with treasure and the red globe on a pedestal.

Go back to the main temple and go to the east door between the dragon statues. There is a binding pentagram if you need it. Touch the dragon statue to reveal another room with a severed head. Gross, but take it anyway.

Back to the temple and then take the west exit. Keep going west to the Summoning Pit. Here goes nothing. Put the candle, flask, skull and globe on the four pedestals. Then put the severed head in the middle of the pentagram. If you've done it correctly a demon will appear. Defeat him and he will leave the Summon Demon scroll. Take it and the red candle because you will need it later (but not the other junk).

Well, we're done with this part of Destard so find your way back south to the teleport pad that brought you here. It takes you back to Adreanna so talk to her and give her Darim's Journal. She gives you the white eggshell in the hopes that you can defeat the dragon and free their souls.

Head back to the first chamber. Notice the 5 pedestals in the lava? To get to them there is a point where you can jump to the platforms without getting burned. Walk around until you find it. Place each eggshell onto a pedestal. You'll know you've placed the correct one if the pedestal sinks. Once all five are placed the barrier to Talornia is lowered. Time to take care of business.

Talornia will talk to you for a while and then it's go time. Keep your distance and hit her with powerful magic. If your mana runs low try arrows. When the dragon is dead take the head and any gems she leaves.

The treasure chamber is now open to the east of the main chamber. Loot this place (watch for mimics) and then head back to the teleporter. On the way talk to Adreanna again and she will thank you. Teleport to the other part of Destard and make your way to the exit to the north. Give the word of power and make your way out.

Valoria Revisited[edit]

Well actually you probably should make a stop in Britain first to sell your gems from Destard and extra gear but eventually your next destination is Valoria. Now that you've got the head they have to let you in. Talk to the people in Valoria and you will learn about the Daemon Triumvirate among other information.

One person to talk to is Meranthon. He knows about the Tome of Demonology but he is dying. His wife can help him but she is scared. A little smooth talking from the Avatar will convince her to heal him. Unfortunately the Guardian kills him after, but he was dying anyway so it's a wash.

As you try to leave Valoria a demon appears looking for Eris. Eris had agreed to trade the sigil to the demons if they leave Valoria alone. However, demons have never been known for their honor so when Eris gives up the sigil the demon kills him anyway.

Leave Valoria and go to the glade in the northwest Meranthon told you about. Before you enter the cave search the body just outside. You should find Jordan's Journal. Take it and go in the cave. There are a couple of monsters and sitting on a ledge is the Tome of Demonology. Read it to learn that the Daemon Triumvirate can only be defeated if attacked all at once. You need two more knights to help you. Sir Artos (the knight completely covered in armor) will help you if you goad him enough. Sir Lambert (the gatekeeper) will help you, with a little convincing from his brother's spirit.

There are a few other things you might want to do before taking on the demons. For one thing, Old Jak (behind where Meranthon was dying) will train you in 1-handed weapons. Also, check the islands on the southern shore for the shipwreck mentioned in [[Jordan's Journal]]. In it you can find the War Bow of Blood.

Cleansing the Shrine of Valor[edit]

Head to the northwest islands to the shrine. This demon is for you. When you defeat him the sigil appears. Lambert and Artos will take the other two and when they are defeated Artos will give you the mantra. You know what to do now. Head to the shrine and make it all happy again. When you are done in Valoria go back to the docis. The boat is gone but just light the signal fire and Raven will come pick you up.

Britain One More Time[edit]

Raven discusses the problem of the last shrine. You cannot get to the shrine until it is cleansed because you need to use moongates to get to the shrine of spirituality. Quite the conundrum. Raven then wants to discuss your relationship. Honesty is the best policy. After you clear the air with Raven she tells you Lord British wants to talk to you. It's about time. Head to Britain.

When you get there do the regular ritual of selling extra stuff. Then find Flann outside the Cathedral of Love. Give her Jordan's Journal. Head for the castle when you're done here.

Lord British is gone. Talk to his butler, or whatever that guy outside the door is, and he will give you a note from Blackthorn. Seems that LB has decided to chase him into the Abyss alone. Before you leave you're going to need the sigil. Talk to Siona, the lady at the harpsichord and she will teach you to play "Stones" and give you the sheet music for it. Go into Lord British's bedroom and play "Stones" on his harpsichord and the sandalwood box will disappear revealing the ankh of spirituality (more U5 references, anyone?).

Well, your next stop is Skara Brae. Bind any spells while you're here and drop any gear you don't need. Also, if you're a ranger, remember the key from Stonegate at the beginning? Now is the time to take it. Head to the docks and have Raven take you to Skara Brae.

Skara Brae[edit]

The Guardian does have a strange sense of humor. You are met by his laughter on Skara Brae. Oh well. Soon you come across another Shamino statue. He tells you that you need the ankh of spirituality (which you should already have) to enter the Well of Souls where his body is. He also tells you that you need the bell, book and candle and that they are in Serpent's Hold, The Lycaeum and Empath Abbey, respectively.

Walk a little further into Skara Brae and a big head statue will talk to you. It used to guard Skara Brae but there's nothing left to guard anyway. Talk to the head and then before you leave it tells you to stand on it's palm. When you do it gives you the mantra of spirituality and heals you.

Before you go into the well if you have the ranger key from the beginning the chest on the east shore has a blackrock helm and blackrock gauntlets.

The Well of Souls is in the Temple of Souls north of Skara Brae. It is guarded by a lich, but you should not have any problems with him at this point. Dive in the water and swim through the tunnel to the temple. Jump in the well.

The Valley of Souls[edit]

Welcome to the Valley of Souls. Here you will find all manner of tortured souls, trapped for one reason or another. Your job is to find three of them trapped for abandoning the principles of truth, love and courage. In turn they will give you information about the bell, book and candle that you need.

The first person you meet is Calan. He was a thief and abandoned the principle of truth. Talk to him and show him the error of his ways. He tells you to consult the oracle in the Lycaeum in Moonglow for the Book of Truth. His soul is then released.

Next is Elizabeth. She is in front of the first house to the north. Talk to her and find that she abandoned her baby and the principle of love. Tell her you will bring her baby to her and show her what love is. Go southwest to a house. You will hear the baby crying when you get close. Go upstairs and take the baby from the bed. Take it back to Elizabeth. She tells you the monks in the cathedral (Empath Abbey) know the secret of the Candle of Love. Her soul is then released.

Last is Mathis. He is in the ghost pub to the north of Elizabeth's house. Talk to him and find that he abandoned the principle of courage and fled from a test of bravery. If you went to the ruined village near Yew way back when you will be able to tell him his village has been destroyed (if not, guess where you have to go before you can free his soul). He tells you the Bell of Courage is in Serpent's Hold and then his soul is also released.

The Three Part Quest[edit]

Now that you have the info it's time to gather the three relics. Leave the Valley of Souls and head back to Britannia. If you have been following this guide you probably already have the Book of Truth, but here it is just in case.

The Book of Truth

Destination: Moonglow. Find Tydus' house and take his elevator to the airship. It takes you to various locations in the upper area of Moonglow. Your stop is the Lycaeum. You must pass the Oracle's truth test. Answer that you are responsible for the destruction in Britannia and the Oracle will let you take the Book of Truth.

The Candle of Love

Empath Abbey is located northeast of Stonegate (west of Yew and North of Deceit) in the mountains. Obviously you are looking for a ruin. When you find it talk to Brock about love. Go a little further into the mountains and up the steps. Light the braziers. The temple will rise. Jump up the rocks on the side of the mountain to the altar on the second level. The Candle of Love is presented to you.

The Bell of Courage

First sail to Trinsic. The ruins of Serpent's Hold are east of the southern tip on a group of islands. Find the small island southeast of the big one and look in the water. You should see some ruins that look like the top of a castle. Dive there because that is where the entrance is. You have to swim to it quickly or you will drown before you reach the airlock so make sure you are not wearing any heavy armor since that slows down your swimming. When you get to the airlock you can walk normally so put your armor back on.

There are ghosts down here so either have some magic or the lightning sword ready. Follow the east corridor. Run over the floor because it disappears revealing a spiked pit. Take the key and the fireball hit and head back east to a corridor that circles around to a door.

Inside is Groldek, the arch-mage. He talks a big game but just jump to his platform and he is easily killed. There are also blackrock boots where he was standing and a teleport scroll in the corner by the stairs.

Leave this room and you see a wall has disappeared. Talk to Lyssa and she will deem you a worthy protector for the Bell of Courage. Take it and talk to her again and she will train you in swords.

Skara Brae Revisited[edit]

Head back to Skara Brae. The Shamino statue will congratulate you and tell you to hurry to the Temple of Souls to re-establish the link. Head back there and jump back into the well to the Valley of Souls. Head to the west and find a cave. Shamino is in here. First there are four braziers to light. This lowers the forcefield surrounding Shamino. Next do as he directed and place the bell, book and candle on their pedestals. First read the book, then light the candle and finally ring the bell.

Shamino is back and better than ever. He has learned a lot on his journey and he discusses it with you. You both agree Lord British is in no condition to confront Blackthorn but he sealed the passage to get there when he used the gate ritual. After much discussion and thought Shamino summons Malchir who, after some convincing, teaches you how to summon Pyros. Shamino then tells you that it is within you to see the Isle of the Avatar and it does indeed appear. Head to the docks and Raven will take you there.

Isle of the Avatar[edit]

The Guardian taunts you some more when you get here. What a bully. Oh well. Follow the grassy path to the center and you will come across a pentagram. Just what you need! Place some ash, silk and a piece of blackrock on the pentagram. Next take the demon skull from the pole nearby and put it on the pentagram also. Last place the red candle (you did take it from Destard like I told you to, didn't you?) in the center and ignite it. If done correctly you will summon Pyros and he will take you to the Abyss.

The Abyss[edit]

When you arrive you are shown four statues with colored light. This is where you need to go so climb the rocks and jump in. There are basically four parts to the Abyss; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each section has a boss you need to kill and a globe you need to get.


You start off at the air section. Go down the east hall first. Kill the gazer and then look up for a light colored brick. Press it and then go back down the hall through the west path. In the next open room stand on the face on the floor. There will be lightning, which you should avoid and blue orbs firing at you. If this sounds familiar, it should. Stay on the face long enough for an orb to hit it (move before it hits you). When it does a water globe and a transporter appear. Take the globe but don't step on the teleporter yet. It takes you to the fire level. Instead go back to the main shaft and drop down and put the water globe in the holder. This opens another path so take the teleporter back up to the air level. Go back down the west path and in the room there will be some stairs. Take them up and go through the wavy wall. You appear in a large open area. The paths here consist of the poles rising. They are actually not too hard to jump on, especially if you are wearing the Leggings of Sentri. Your goal is the large mountain north to where you start. Make your way there and meet the dragon. Kill it and a teleporter appears. Take it and when you get back now take the teleporter to the fire level. Note: There are also some other things in the dragon room, some other monsters and a mana pool. There is also a lightning sword but you have to use Ethereal Sight and it's just a pain. Plus by now you should have a lightning sword so I did not include it. Just kill the dragon and move on.


Take the north path. You come to a room with two hellhound statues. They won't be statues for long though, so be prepared to fight. When they are defeated press the buttons. One raises a pedestal and the other reveals the fire globe. Take the globe and press the light brick on the wall. Go back to the column and drop down. Place the fire globe and teleport back up to the air level and then down to the fire level. Go down the south path now. Douse the braziers and a teleporter is revealed. Drop off the fire globe at the bottom and take the new teleporter to the Plane of Fire.

Go northwest from where you arrive. Then southwest, south and south again. Go slight east and then north. Kill the demon here and step on the new teleport pad and head to the Earth Floor.


There are magic darts on this floor. You can avoid them but if you use invisibility you won't have to. Go east from here and in the next room there are some magic eyes. If you aren't invisible then spike pits will open, so you should probably make sure you're invisible. In the right corner of this room there is a plate. Put something on it (you will get it later) and steps will appear. Climb them and when you get to the top jump to the ledge and touch the ankh. The crypt opens and in it is the Time Stop scroll and a note from Hawkwind. Jump down and touch the panel and grab the potions if you need them.

NOTE: You will only need Time Stop once in the game, so there is no need to bind it to your spellbook. However, if you have a touch of the OCD like I do and you want every spell in your book, there is a way to do it. Before going on to the next room jump in the center pit (the spikes won't hurt you) and press a button to teleport you to the bottom. Climb the stairs and through the portal is a binding pentagram you can use. It's a lot of trouble and completely unnecessary, but there it is for you anyway.

Either way when you go into the right Earth room cast Time Stop and cross the room. If you don't cast it you will take a lot of damage, possibly die or have to waste a lot of potions. Grab the green earth globe and step on the teleporter. Drop off the earth globe and step on the new teleporter to the Plane of Earth.

This is a tough one because of the creepers. If you go to the west from where you arrive you will find a mana pool but be prepared to fight a huge creeper. If you go southeast from the start you will find a stone demon. Killing him reveals the new teleporter but before you go if you go a little more east to the column you will find a bunch of chests. Most are mimics but the one just left of the column has the blackrock armor. Teleport back and head to the water floor.


Head to the left room and you will find a water pit. There are fish in the pit you might want to kill before diving in. The stairs appear and disappear so this takes some timing. Swim to the far wall and climb the stairs underwater. Wait for some more stairs to appear and jump to them and press the panel. Swim back across the room and go to the right room.

You've got some icy problems in this room. Use fireball on the ice crystal to melt it and reveal the water globe but then some icehounds appear. Kill it and tale the globe. The new teleporter appears under where the globe was. Drop off the water globe at the bottom and teleport to the Plane of Water.

More icehounds greet you here. Deal with them as they come. From where you start work your way counter-clockwise by swimming and jumping from ledge to ledge. You should come to a tunnel and at the end work your way west to a mana pool. Head back east a little to the large pool and prepare to fight a sea serpent. Once he is dead the teleport pad appears to the east (near where the short tunnel was).

Bottom Floor

By now all of the element globes should be placed and you should have noticed that by placing the globes each one dispelled a barrier to the square hole in the middle. They should all be gone now so you know where to go.

You arrive at the top of the hill. Make your way down and you should see a bridge below. This is where you want to go but be careful jumping. The corpses are gross but the lava is the bigger problem. Anyway, when you get to the bridge you will see Lord British and Blackthorn arguing. You will go to help but LB won't let you and he puts up a barrier leaving you helpless to watch. LB is still the man and he defeats Blackthorn and then drops your barrier. He gives you the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom and then you need to get the Glyph of Spirituality from the column. LB will then teleport you back to the Isle of Avatar near where you summoned Pyros.

Go to the Codex Chamber, whip out the red and blue lenses and get to reading. You will learn some interesting information and also some good rituals. You will also learn the truth about the Guardian's creation (is anyone else reminded of the movie "Twins?).

Cleansing the Shrine of Spirituality[edit]

Well, talk about your major buzz kills. Anyway, go back to LB's castle. He will meet you outside and tell you that to cleanse the final shrine you will need to go to the Ethereal Void. Sounds fun. Here you will meet the ghost of Dupre, since he was already dead anyway, and if you killed any of your other companions along the way they will be here too. Except Shamino and Katrina since they were never Wyrmguards.

Anyway, after you talk to any spirits hanging around step into the temple and teleport to the shrine. You know what to do from here.

The Final Fight[edit]

Lord British's Castle Revisited[edit]

When you return to LB's castle you will find all eight of your companions there, even if they were dead before. Creepy! Anyway talk to them and say your good-bye's because this is really the end. If there is ANYTHING else you needed to complete in Britannia, side quests, training, whatever, do it NOW because there is no going back. Everyone knows you will not be back and sad as that is, such is the life of an Avatar.

To get rid of the columns once and for all the runes need to be placed where the glyphs were so your companions take their corresponding rune and set off to make things right. You must take the Sigils to Terfin to fight the Guardian.


Monsters: Gargoyles (winged and wingless), phase spiders, demons, Wyrmguards, skeletons,

When you arrive at Terfin you realize there is one person you forgot to say good-bye to...Raven. She knows what's going to happen and knows she will never see you again either but she knows it is necessary.

Well, I know another dungeon was not exactly what you had in mind, but here it is anyway so let's get at it. Raven will also tell you about a secret entrance to Terfin in a cave around the northwest side, but there is a barrier. The eight sigils will get you past the barrier, piece of cake.

Once inside go forward and to the left and step on the plate. A gate to the right will open briefly so hurry. In this corridor to the left is a button that opens a door behind you that has some treasure and also a winged gargoyle. Back in the corridor another doorway to the left leads to a room with another button in the northern corner. There is also a hidden door on the east wall that leads to some potions and stuff. Back to the corridor again and look for a plate sticking out from where you just came. It will open the next door for you. Go left in this area and you will find a key. Take it because it unlocks the next door you need to pass through in...you guessed it...the corridor.

In this next room the walls will start to close. Wait for a button to appear in the far wall in front of you and press it. It will open the next door and stop the walls. Continue on and take the left path (pass up the path on the right for now) but be ready. When you get to the next room it will fill with water. There is a valve that will stop the water and a switch that opens the next door on the east wall.

Go back out to the tunnel you passed. There are some keys you need to grab. Back in the corridor you will come to four panels. The top one teleports you to a healing pool, which you might need by now (it has a teleporter that brings you right back so no worries). The left one summons a gargoyle, so unless you're a glutton for punishment, leave that one alone. The bottom one does nothing. So by process of elimination the right panel is the one that reveals the next door you need to go through (courtesy of those keys you just picked up).

Go left here and you will come to a couple of globes on pedestals. Touch them to dispel the forcefields. In this room there is a torch on the back wall. Douse it and you will be able to get the key from the center pedestal. Go north and then west to a large room and the key you just got unlocks the door at the south end. Watch for the phase spider here. When you escape go right out of this room and look on the wall for a place to press. It will reveal a secret passage. On the left side of the end of this passage is another passage that leads to a glass sword (would have been useful for that phase spider). There are three plates in front of the sword. The right one releases the sword, the other two summon skeletons. Your choice.

After you leave the secret passages go right and you will have to face a demon. Once he is dead take the green power cube. There is a lever on the east wall you need to press before you can continue down the corridor to the right.

Next you meet Maria, whom the Guardian has poisoned. She wants you to end her suffering, which is a dilemma. It is wrong to kill people but also cruel to let her suffer since she is going to die anyway. As far as I know whatever you choose doesn't affect your journey. Just something to think about, I guess. There is a teleporter that takes you to level two.

You will meet a lot of Wyrmguards here. When you arrive look to the left and touch the painting to open the next door. Go down this corridor and just past the intersection on the left is the first room you can to go. There is a key in the corner that unlocks the door across the way, which has Wyrmguards in it. This is a pretty unnecessary trip so if you want to skip it go to the next paragraph.

Back at the intersection go down the corridor you passed earlier. At the end there is another painting and if you touch it you will drop into a pit (you can climb out) that leads to a mana fountain if you need it. Head back to where the painting was and go north. There is a lever on the left wall you need to touch. To the right there is a key and the yellow power cube. Take them and head back to the main corridor.

Hang a right at the end and when you walk through the door to the right is the blue power cube. Take it before you go to the pentagram teleporter to the left. You are taken to some tunnels and there is a demon here so watch out. Once he is done grab the red power cube. Head back to the teleporter that brought you here.

Remember when you entered this room a block rose to block your exit? There is a hole in this thing and you need to put the red power cube in it to lower the barrier. Crap, there goes your power cube.

Head north in the main corridor, past the first room, and unlock the door. There is a gate in front of you and a button to the right of it that opens it, but it is a complete trap and there is no reason at all to go in there. Instead go right and find a small room on the left. Touch the knight statue and the skull will turn into a Death scroll.

Keep going down this hallway and you will meet Ciara. She is a treasure hunter and she just happens to have another red power cube, which you need. She will trade it for the key to the Guardian's treasure room, which you don't have.

Backtrack all the way back down the hallway you came down and at the end go right and then immediate left. You should be blocked by a gate. You can either teleport through it or cast douse on the torch behind it to raise the gate. Make a couple of rights past the gate and you will come to a mage's lab. Touch the painting here and it will slide and reveal a button. Press it and it will raise a gate you passed that has a chest that has the treasure room key. Backtrack back to Ciara and make the trade.

There is another pedestal nearby that is begging for your red power cube like the last one. A forcefield to the north disappears. Head down this corridor and in the webs you will find a key. This opens a chest in a room behind you, but watch for that darn phase spider.

Head back to the corridor of webs and go left, then right and then left again. You should be in a throne room and on the left arm there is a button to press. It opens a wall back in the corridors you just came through to the right and inside is a Stone Demon head with its mouth open and inside the mouth is a lever you need to press. It opens a room to the left with four pedestals. One already has a red power cube, which is strange but oh well. Put the rest of the cubes in the other pedestals and a teleporter to the Guardian's chamber will appear. Head wayyyyy back to the mage's lab and now another long corridor will be open to the north. The teleporter is ready whenever you are.

This is it. You're in the Guardian's chamber. First, put the sigils on the pedestals (doesn't matter which pedestals). Once that is done a sphere will rise. Step into it and speak the words of life you learned from the Codex. This will raise the Barrier of Life and summon the Guardian through the black gate, but fortunately the gate also shatters.

The Guardian will start sending lightning your way. Don't fight him. Just keep on keeping on. Head to where the gate shattered and pick up three chunks of blackrock. Take them to the central circle. Place the first and you will get a vision of your companions placing the ruins in the columns and reversing the damage they caused. Place the second and you will get another vision of the moons of Britannia just missing each other and going back to their original courses. Place the last chunk, speak the Words of Armageddon and that's it. Not to ruin the ending too much, but just so you know. You re-absorb the Guardian and then dissolve into energy and then...ascend.

Lord British and Raven find your ankh afterward and as Raven looks skyward there is a new constellation...an ankh.

Mantras, etc.[edit]


A mantra is a phrase that one chants to attain inner clarity in a particular virtue. Mantras are another thing that has not changed throughout the Ultimas but in case you've forgotten, here they are along with who to ask about them in case you want to play the game correctly.

Virtue Mantra Who to ask
Spirituality OM The Sentinel
Humility LUM Katrina in New Magincia
Honesty AHM Book of Truth in Moonglow
Valor RA Sir Artos in Valoria
Compassion MU Sarah in Britain
Honor SUMM Dupre's ghost in Trinsic
Justice BEH Book of Justice in Yew
Sacrifice CAH Morganna in Minoc


A sigil is the physical embodiment of a virtue. You must have the sigil to cleanse a shrine and turn a glyph back into a rune. Also you must have all the sigils to complete the game so after you cleanse a shrine be sure to pick them up so you don't have to go back for them later.

Virtue Sigil Who to ask
Spirituality Ankh Lord British's bedroom
Humility Crook Katrina in New Magincia
Honesty Writ Batista in Moonglow
Valor Dagger Defeat daemons on Valoria
Compassion Heart Mayor of Britain
Honor Chalice Dungeon Shame
Justice Quill Vulture on the path to Wrong
Sacrifice Tear Laszlo in Minoc

Glyphs / Runes[edit]

Once there were runes that represented the virtues but the coming of the columns has also corrupted and twisted the runes into glyphs. The only way to restore a rune is to get the glyph from the column in the dungeon and take it to the shrine to be cleansed.


Generally most shrines are not too far from the towns of the virtues they represent, but here they are anyway just in case you get a little lost.

Virtue General location
Spirituality Ethereal Void
Humility North part of New Magincia
Honesty South of Moonglow
Valor Northwest on Valoria
Compassion East of Britain, near the lighthouse
Honor South of Trinsic
Justice North of Yew
Sacrifice Southwest of Minoc

Cleansing a shrine[edit]

Ok, so you've got the sigil, you've got the glyph, what do you do with them? You take them both to the shrine of the corresponding virtue, place them both on the broken alter and a voice will ask you for the mantra. Make sure you spell it right and if you've done everything correctly the shrine will be cleansed and you will earn an advancement in either Strength, Intelligence or Dexterity (your choice). Make sure you take the new rune and the sigil once you've cleansed the shrine.

Cleansing glitch

I have had this happen several times so I thought it was worth mentioning. When you cleanse a shrine the glyph and sigil swirl around and fly up into the air. When it is done they are supposed to fall back to the shrine so you can pick them up. Sometimes they just fly up and disappear, though. Naturally I panicked because you need the runes and sigils to complete the game. Anyway, it took me forever to figure out what was happening. If this happens to you, look way up. They are probably stuck in the air and you probably can't reach them. I couldn't anyway and I had to resort to using the fly cheat to get them. Just so you know.

Ritual of restoration[edit]

Once you've cleansed a shrine you can now perform the ritual of restoration (only at a cleansed shrine), which restores all health and mana. To do this just go to the shrine, give the mantra and the shrine will ask if you want to perform the ritual. Say yes and the shrine will ask you for the incantation: VAS MANI CORP.


One advantage to spells in Ascension is once you bind them to your spellbook you can cast them whenever you want, so long as you have the mana. This means you only need the reagents to bind the spell to the spellbook once as opposed to other Ultimas where you needed reagents for each time you wanted to cast the spells.


Reagents are various herbs, minerals and other frick-a-frack used to create potions, bind spells and other magical stuff. Each reagent has specific powers and if you study them a little you can understand why certain reagents are used in certain spells. You can buy any of the reagents but you really don't have to as they can be found in various places throughout Britannia. You really don't even have to look for them that hard either because they can all be found in Lord British's magic room, too.

Reagent Power
Black Pearl Projection
Blood Moss Movement
Garlic Protection
Ginseng Healing
Sulfurous Ash Energy
Spider Silk Binding
Mandrake Root Power
Nightshade Poison

Language of the spells[edit]

It is interesting that the words in spells have actual meanings and that if you loosely translate them the spells make sense. Like An Nox means negate poison and it is a cure spell. I know it is not very important, but I think it's pretty cool anyway.

Word Meaning Word Meaning
An Negate Nox Poison
Bet Small Por Movement
Corp Death Quas Illusion
Des Down Rel Change
Ex Free Sanct Protect
Flam Flame Tym Time
Grav Energy Uus Up
Hur Wind Vas Great
In Create Wis Knowledge
Jux Harm Xen Creature
Kal Invoke Ylem Matter
Lor Light Zu Sleep
Mani Life

The scrolls[edit]

Ah, those crazy scrolls. Can't find 'em, can't bind a spell without 'em. One cool thing is that if you have a scroll you can use it straight up regardless of what level you're at and it will cast that spell. Unfortunately, if you do this, the scroll is gone forever. This is fine for some spells where the scrolls can be found everywhere, but for others that can only be found once, this is not such a good idea. Bind them to your spellbook instead. If you find a high level scroll way before you can bind it, stash it somewhere until you can use it but don't waste it. I would also like to point out that some of the scrolls are very hard to tell what they are by the picture. To figure out what a scroll is move the cursor over it and hit the X key (for eXamine) and it will tell you what it is. Scrolls can be found, bought, won in battles and beauty pageants. Here is a list of the spells and where you might find the scrolls|

  • (P) - Black Pearl
  • (Mo) - Blood Moss
  • (A) - Sulferous Ash
  • (Ga) - Garlic
  • (Gi) - Ginseng
  • (Ma) - Mandrake
  • (N) - Nightshade
  • (S) - Silk
Spell Effect Reagents Scroll
Linear spells
In Bet Ylem Stone N/A N/A
In Hur Gust N/A N/A
In Flam Ignite N/A N/A
An Flam Douse N/A N/A
First Circle
In Ort Ylem Create reagents P, Mo, A, Ga, Gi, Ma, N, S Buy-Buc's Den
Ort Grav Lightning bolt P, Ma, A Find-LB castle
In Lor Light A, S Find-LB castle
Mani Heal Ga, Gi, S Buy-Minoc/Ambrosia
Second Circle
In Vas Ylem Crystal barrier P, Mo, Ma Find-Ambrosia
In Quas Wis Etheral sight Ma, S Find-Mayor's house
Uus Flam Sanct Fire armour Ma, A, S Find-Mayor's house
An Nox Cure Ga, Gi Buy-Minoc
Third Circle
An Xen Ex Charm P, N, S Find-Moonglow
Ort Por Ylem Telekenesis P, Mo, Ma Buy-Buc's Den/Minoc
Vas Flam Hur Fireball P, Mo, Ma, A Buy-Buc's Den
An Wis Hur Fog Ga, N, S Find-Moonglow
Fourth Circle
An Tym Stop time Mo, Ga, Ma Find-Abyss(Earth)
Ort Por Wis Wizard's eye P, Mo, Ni, Ma, S, A Find-Moonglow
Vas Lor Day Ma, A Buy-Valoria
Vas An Flam Grav Freeze P, Ma, A Buy-Yew
Fifth Circle
Kal Corp Xen Summon undead Mo, Ni, S Find-Minoc/Yew
Por Uus Ylem Levitate Mo, S Buy-Trinsic
Vas Flam Por Big fireball P, Ma, R, S, A Find-Yew
Vas Mani Full Heal Ga, Gi, Ma Find-Deceit
Sixth Circle
Kal Jux Ylem Meteroite Mo, Ma, A Find-Trinsic
Sanct Lor Invisibility Mo, Ni Buy-Buc's Den
Kal Por Flam Grav Ring of fire Mo, Ma, S, A Find-Trinsic
Ort Mani Hur Mana breath Gi, Ma, S Buy-Buc's Den
Seventh Circle
Kal An Lor Corp Death P, Ma, Ni, A Find-Moonglow
Ort Por Teleport Mo, Ma, S Find-Serp Hold
Kal Vas Corp Xen Summon Demon Mo, Ma, Ni, S Find-Destard
Vas An Flam Hur Frost Storm Mo, Ma, A Buy-Yew
Eighth Circle
Vas Por Ylem Earthquake Mo, Ma, A Buy-Trinsic
Vas Grav Hur Lighting storm P, Ga, Ma, A Find-Trinsic
Vas Kal Flam Grav Inferno Mo, Ma, A Find-Trinsic
Vas Kal An Flam Jux Searing Rain Mo, Ma Buy-Valoria

Binding spells[edit]

Ok, Harry Potter, now you've got the reagents, you've got the scrolls. So what are you gonna do with them? Bind them to your spellbook, that's what! It's pretty simple and it goes like this.

First thing, find a binding pentagram. There are several pentagrams throughout the game, some teleport you, some are decorative. A binding pentagram is the one with the five candles on it. Place the scroll on the pentagram along with the reagents for the spell. Cast ignite on the candles (another reason why I suggested subscribing to ignite, you'll be doing this a lot). You will then be asked to enter the incantation. Type in the name of the spell (the weird words, not what the spell does) and viola! If you've done everything right, you should have a new spell in your spellbook to be used anytime.

(NOTE: Re-using reagents. Some reagents are just a pain in the bum to find. Luckily, one of the nicer bugs in the game makes it so that you don't have to keep finding them. Just before you enter the incantation, remove the reagents and put them on the floor or back in your backpack. Then enter the incantation and the spell will bind but you'll still have the reagents! This works over and over again so really you only need to carry one of each reagent)

If nothing happens, there are a few things that could have gone wrong. First, you can only bind spells up to your current level, which is determined by how many shrines you have cleansed. If you've cleansed three shrines, you are at level three and you can bind spells through the third circle but no higher, get it?

You may not have the correct regions or they might not be on the pentagram. If they're on the edge of the circle the game might not recognize and nothing will happen. Make sure you have the correct reagents and they are in the middle of the pentagram.

You may have mistyped the incantation. It's ok, don't cry. Just be careful and make sure you spelled all the words right. If you make a mistake you don't lose your scroll or reagents. The candles just go out and you just have to re-ignite them and try again.


Potions are pretty straightforward. They can be bought but don't waste your money since you can find them just about everywhere.

Potion Effect
Black Invisibility
Blue Mana breath
Green Poison
Red Cure poison
Yellow Heal
Orange Restore mana
Purple Invincibility
White Fire shield
Serpentwyne Restore all HP and mana

Special items[edit]

This section covers the items that CANNOT be bought, or require special conditions be met to obtain them.

Item Where to get Effect
Arms of the Magi Shipwreck in Moonglow 3/4 casting cost
Boots of Levitation Nameless in Ambrosia Fly in Ambrosia only
Chest of the Troll Destard Dragon Room Regeneration
Crook of Charming Terfin NW part 20% of charming
Duncan's Dagger Cave around Moonglow Trade to Duncan
Flaming Sword Lord British's hedge maze Inflicts fire damage
Gargoyle Staff Gargoyle drones Powerful staff
Gauntlets of Fury Buccaneer's Den cave Adds 5 damage
Glass Sword Britain Well/Ambrosia 1 hit kill
Gringolet Minoc underwater cave Double damage undead
Helm of Radiance Covetous L3 Casts light
Frost Sword N. Trail Ice Cave Inflicts ice damage
Iolo's Bow Iolo's house if alive Powerful bow
Kiran Shield Despise Adds 5 mana
Leggings of Sentri Lake in Trinsic Jump further
Lightning Sword Shame or Abyss Lightning damage
Mage Shield Mariah's basement Trade for sigil
Staff of the Dead Trinsic goblin cave Double damage undead
Star of Britannia Trinsic Trade to Bakura
Swamp Boots Hythloth sewer Walk through poison
War Bow of Blood Valoria shipwreck 2 points damage to you


There are shops throughout Britannia and some of them only buy and sell certain things. I have chosen to arrange my list by weapons, armour and the other items because I think it is more useful to be able to look for an item and find where to buy it rather than having a list of items sold at a particular place.

Personally, most of the prices for almost everything are ridiculously overpriced considering you can find most of the items throughout the game anyway. So what's the point of buying them? With the exception of a few things, there isn't any point, but I want to make this a complete guide as possible I have compiled all the prices and locations anyway.

  • NOTE 1: This section does not cover special items that can only be found. For that you should look under the special items section.
  • NOTE 2: For items in Minoc the prices listed are before cleansing the shrine/after cleansing the shrine.
  • NOTE 3: The (*) items in Britain are only available after you've been to Terfin.


Weapons Where to buy Price
Arrows Britain
6 (for 10)
5 (for 10)
8 (for 10)
Axe (2-H) Buccaneer's Den
Axe (Great) Yew 200
Bow (Long) Yew
Bow (Novice) Britain
Bow (Seige) Trinsic 510
Bow (Target) Minoc
Broadsword Trinsic
Cannonball Buccaneer's Den
Claymore Trinsic 780
Cutlass Buccaneer's Den 624
Dagger Yew 40
Hand Axe Britain
Buccaneer's Den
Mace Britain
Scimitar Buccaneer's Den 365
Scythe Trinsic 560
Blackrock Sword Trinsic 7000
Fire Sword Valoria 3000
Sword (Short) Britain 35
Spiked Club Britain
Buccaneer's Den
Staff Britain 55
Bladed Staff Valoria 405
Staff (Dum-Dum) Minoc 300/220
Gnarled Staff Buccaneer's Den 391
War Hammer Minoc


Armour Where to buy Price
Arms (Chain)* Britain 510
Arms (Plate) Trinsic
Arms (Leather) Britain 85
Boots (Chain)* Britain
Buccaneer's Den
Boots (Plate) Trinsic 1000
Boots (Leather) Britain 50
Buckler (Steel) Britain 60
Cap (Leather) Britain
Buccaneer's Den
Chest (Chain)* Britain
Chest (Plate) Trinsic 3000
Chest (Leather) Britain 150
Coif (Chain)* Britain 300
Gauntlets (Chain)* Britain
Gauntlets (Plate) Trinsic 700
Gauntlets (Leather) Britain 35
Gypsy Breastplate Minoc 1000
Helm (Chain) Minoc 450/330
Helm (Plate) Trinsic 1000
Leggings (Chain)* Britain
Leggings (Plate) Trinsic 2400
Leggings (Leather) Britain 120


Provisions Where to buy Price
Bandages Britain
Candle Yew 10
Lantern Britain
Buccaneer's Den
Oil Flask Buccaneer's Den
Sextant Ambrosia
Buccaneer's Den
Torch Britain
Buccaneer's Den


In order to improve your combat skills you're going to need some training and there are several people throughout Britannia willing to help you out, for a price. There are five categories of weapons: Fists, 1-handed, 2-handed, Staffs and Bows. For each category there are four skill levels: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman and Master. Obviously you start as a novice in all areas and you must train in that order. Here is a list of the trainers throughout the land.

Apprentice Journeyman Master
Buc's Den
300 gold
Buc's Den
2000 gold
Buc's Den
5000 gold
Keller in LB Cast
300 gold
Old Jak in Valoria
2000 gold
Lyssa in Serpent's Hold
Duncan at Deceit
Duncan at Deceit
2500 gold
Underwater city
Peg Leg Joe in Paws
250 gold
Raphael in Trinsic
2000 gold
Bakura NW Yew
Star of Britannia
Leon in Britain
300 gold
Raliegh in Yew
2000 gold

So now that you've got all these new fancy skills, how do you use them? Well, you know that for a regular novice attack you just left-click. Once you have apprentice skill, ready your weapon and press alt + left-click. For journeyman level press control + left click. And finally for master level press control + alt + left click.


There are several types of enemies and monsters throughout Britannia. Here is a list of them along with some techniques I have found helpful in fighting them.

  • Archer: Very annoying because they run away from you. Fight fire with fire and go after them with a bow.
  • Bandit: Pretty simple to beat. Any direct method works.
  • Giant Bats: Poisonous. Usually better to avoid them, but if you must fight use a bow.
  • Brute: Huge guys that show up when you're around level 5. The blackrock sword will get them with one shot.
  • Creepers: Plants with a twist. Fire works best.
  • Giant Crab: Crab things by the sea. Try flipping them but if you can't a strong shot with a sword will work.
  • Demon: You won't see these until late in the game. They summon hellhounds and you'll have to kill them before you can touch the demon itself.
  • Dragon: Generally tough to beat. Magic is probably best unless you have a really powerful weapon.
  • Gargoyle: Very tough to beat because they attack in packs. You'll probably never get close enough to attack with a weapon so go at them with magic.
  • Gazer: They look worse than they really are. Good weapons or magic will do them in.
  • Ghost: Very, very annoying because they follow you around and the only way to kill them is with magic.
  • Giant Rat: Poisonous but very easy. Just attack them directly.
  • Goblin: Slightly tough but direct attacks with heavy weapons work best.
  • Hellhound: Obviously ice and water spells work best. They're worth fighting because they leave gems.
  • Ice Hound: The cousin to the hellhound, go at this beast with fire. They also leave gems after you fell them.
  • Lich: Magical creatures but fast, direct weapons attacks work work best.
  • Mage: These bad boys can surprise you but they're not too hard. They sometimes leave scrolls.
  • Mimic: Treasure chests in disguise. You won't know them until go to open them so just start swinging when they open.
  • Pirates: Like bandits, fairly simple to beat. Direct attacks.
  • Predatory Fish: Very dangerous. If you're near water use your bow to get rid of them before you dive in.
  • Sea Serpent: Like pirannahs it's best to attack from shore as they are very dangerous.
  • Skeleton: Tougher than they look. A staff is best, but they regenerate. If you take a bone you can avoid that.
  • Spectre: Similar to ghosts only magic will work.
  • Spider: Common ones are fairly easy to beat with direct attacks but phase spiders are a little more difficult. Both are poisonous.
  • Thief: Simple enough to beat with direct attacks.
  • Vulture: They show up after you slay something else. They're simple enough to beat with direct attacks.
  • Wolf: Don't confuse the large ones with the smaller dogs that you see around town. Use direct attacks.
  • Zombie: Poisonous but easy to defeat. Just be sure you get both parts after it separates.


The first game in the Ultima series was released in 1981 and the last in 1999. I didn't actually play it until 2002. Here it is now 2007 and my guide is finally done. Whether that is a sign to the longevity of the series or just a coincidence, I don't know. The Ultima series has gone onto bigger and better things and although we may never see another adventure through Britannia as we knew it, the Avatar will live forever in us all!

-Fin- Jacky Swallia (MightyHamsterX@aol.com)

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