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The magic system at the time of Ultima IX contains some important differences from the ones of previous ages. Here is a short explanation how the magic of that era works and what has to be considered.

Spell Scrolls[edit]

Spell scrolls have returned to mainstream Britannian magical circles and can often be purchased by the various vendors of magical items. The scroll allows a single casting of the spell without any mana cost or experience restrictions; however, the scroll itself vanishes thereafter. Usage of scrolls in this manner can be wasteful since certain spell scrolls are very rare. A caster should, therefore, transcribe it to their spellbook via the binding ritual, which allows for repeated and unlimited use of the spell assuming the caster has sufficient mana.

Binding Spells[edit]

Ultima IX spellbook
For the application of magic in Britannia, a mage or other spell caster must possess a spellbook. Each spellbook is divided into nine groups of four spells with each group termed a circle. The first of these circles contains the linear spells, which are included in every spellbook and can be cast with no mana cost. The other eight circles will require a caster to bind spells into their book with the Ritual of Binding.

For the binding of a spell, a mage or other spell caster must obtain the corresponding scroll and the spell's associated reagents. Then they must find a binding pentagram, which is a stone circle with a red circle and pentagram inscribed on its surface and candles embedded at each of the pentagrams outward points. Next, the scroll and corresponding reagents should be laid within the circle of candles. The caster should then light all of the candles with the linear ignite spell. Finally, the caster need only invoke the words of power for the associated spell. If lastly the mage has to say the fitting words of power to bind the spell into the book.

Now the spell is available at any time costing only mana for repeated usage.

Warning: If the reagents or words of power do not match the spell then the reagents and scroll will be lost.

For locations of all spell scrolls, see this page: Spell Scroll Locations


The nightshade mushroom is no longer available or used in Britannian magic during this era and has been replaced a species of the nightshade plant not unlike those found on Earth.

New Spells[edit]

a binding circle
A number of new spells were introduced to mainstream Britannian magic by the time of Ultima IX.

A list of all spells in Ultima IX can be found at this link: Ultima IX Spells.

Note that there are also rituals, which are not spells. These are located separately here: Rituals.

Reagent Codes:

Black Pearl (BP)
Blood Moss (BM)
Garlic (GA)
Ginseng (GS)
Mandrake Root (MR)
Nightshade (NS)
Spider Silk (SS)
Sulfurous Ash (SA)
Spell Circle Reagents Words of Power Description
Stoneu9.jpg Stone Linear None IN BET YLEM This spell draws a rock or stone from the earth and hurls it at the directed target.
Gustu9.jpg Gust Linear None IN HUR This spell sends forth a burst of air capably of knocking over most inanimate objects in its path.
Creg.jpg Create Reagents 1st All of them IN ORT YLEM This spells extracts a reagent from the ground beneath the caster's feet. The reagent produced is dependent upon the terrain the caster stands on.
Crys.jpg Crystal Barrier 2nd BP BM MR IN VAS YLEM This spell grows a temporary, large and indestructible crystal formation in front of the caster.
Infam.jpg Infernal Armour 2nd MR SA SS UUS FLAM SANCT This spell engulfs the caster in an armor of flames that protects against all forms of flame including magical fire and pure lava. This spell lasts as long as the caster has mana.
Ethsightu9.jpg Ethereal Sight 2nd MR SS IN QUAS WIS This spell allows the caster to see objects that have been hidden from common sight. This spell lasts as long the caster has mana.
Fog.gif Fog 3rd GA NS SS AN WIS HUR This spell surrounds the caster in a thick fog that disorients opponents as if they were paralyzed. This spell lasts as long the caster has mana.
Freeze.gif Freeze 4th BP MR SA VAS AN FLAM GRAV This spells freezes a target for several solid and dealing damage once the opponent thaws.
Levitate.gif Levitate 5th BM SS POR UUS YLEM This spell allows the caster to levitate off the ground for several seconds.
Deadu9.gif Summon Undead 5th BM SS NS KAL CORP XEN This spell summons a skeleton to aide the caster until the skeleton is destroyed or the caster's mana runs out, at which the point the skeleton becomes an enemy to the summoner.
Manabreath.gif Mana Breath 6th GS MR SS ORT MANI HUR This spell allows the caster to breathe underwater for as long as they have mana.
Meteorite.gif Meteorite 6th BR MR SA KAL JUX YLEM This spell calls down a meteorite from the sky to smash into a target. The target must be outside for the meteorite to hit the target.
Flameru9.gif Ring of Fire 6th BM MR SS SA KAL POR FLAM GRAV This spells creates a circle of flame around the caster's feet, which expands outward rapidly.
Killu9.gif Death 7th BP MR NS SA KAL AN LOR CORP This spell will kill most targets but the cost of dealing death so easily for most caster involves half damage to themselves.
Teleu9.gif Teleport 7th BM MR SS ORT POR Similar to the Blink spell, this locomotive spell transports the caster short distances along their current heading assuming their path is clear. This spell is most effective for getting past obstacles or narrow spaces.
Inferno.gif Inferno 8th BM MR SA VAS KAL FLAM GRAV This spell generates a cacophony of fire-based magical attacks to all opponents in the area. This spell continues until the caster runs out of mana.
Searingrain.gif Searing Rain 8th BM MR VAS KAL AN FLAM JUX This spell generates a storm of acid rain that attacks all nearby foes assuming that the caster and targets are outside. This spell continues until the caster runs out of mana.



  • It is possible to re-use reagents by removing them while chanting the words of power.
  • In the game, the number of repaired shrines corresponds with the highest circle in which spells can be bound and used, but does not apply to scrolls.
  • If the Words of Power or reagents are incorrect, the scroll and reagents are not destroyed as indicated in the game and supplemental materials.

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