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The following is a walkthrough for Ultima IV Part 2, taken from the document included with the download from http://www.80sgaming.org/ultima-parody/.


Note: The more you use this walkthrough, the more of the jokes you're likely to miss! Even if you have to resort to this guide when you get stuck, try to still explore as much as possible (with the sound on) and chat up anyone you see. Remember all the old conversation topics: pretty much everyone responds to “name”, “job”, “health”, and “look”. Any additional keywords they might respond to are usually highlighted.

General Hints[edit]

Save your shotgun for when you really need it – most monsters are pretty easy, and shotgun shells are hard (but not impossible) to obtain once you run out.

If you ever get lost on the surface, use the sextant. It will show you a map with your current position indicated. And if you use the map, it will show you the names of all the towns, dungeons, etc. There is also a gem you can “peer” at, of course. All these things can be found in Lord British's private library.

If you're short on money, try either selling junk weapons or wandering around in a dungeon, where money is plentiful. If in doubt on what to do next, Hawkwind (in Lord British's castle) can usually remind you.

Many things are triggered by standing immediately next to something and “looking” at it. Some things are triggered by bumping into them.

Starting Out[edit]

The introduction presents the situation: Mondain, Minax, and Exodus are still alive, and have just come back to Britannia. Once again, the call goes out to the Avatar to come and set things right...

You start out in Lord British's throne room. Talk to him. He will go on at length about what's gone wrong in Britannia (what little he knows about it) and that it's your job to fix it, because he sure isn't going to. In other words, a typical chat with Lord British. During the conversation he tells you the secret way out, since he's locked himself in.

Explore a bit, you'll find a supply room. Take everything, naturally – just “Look” at the containers, if there's anything in them it'll appear. Make sure to get the map and sextant, they will make navigation much easier. When you've robbed him blind, use “Ready” to put on the armor you've found.

You'll find his little “shrine” to you – creepy huh? -- that gives you the idea to ask Lord British to “restore” your level. You're still too weak to even open a secret door, so do that. He'll buff you up to level 8. Now you can leave British's throne room and start seeing what's going on in Britannia.

First stop: Britain[edit]

Leave the castle, and head west to the town of Britain. In the northeast part of town, there is a supply shop, in which you'll find a distraught Iolo. Chat him up and you'll find he's having marital difficulties, and wants you to talk to Gwenno for him.

Find Gwenno, and ask her “why” (as Iolo requested). She'll talk about her new corset. Go back to Iolo, and tell him about the corset. He'll give you his house key, and ask you to go get the corset and take it to Hawkwind in the castle to have it examined. Iolo's house is in the northwest corner of town. Go get the corset, and then find Hawkwind – he's on the first floor of Lord British's castle.

The Plot Thickens[edit]

Ask Hawkwind about the corset, and he will explain that it is a “sigil” and that there will be a total of eight of them to collect – one for each virtue, of course. He then gives you the deed for a ship you can pick up in Britain. He also tells you how to get Lord British's “orb of cheating”. Since you're lazy enough to use a walkthrough, you're lazy enough to use that orb, so go back upstairs and ask Lord British for it. You can then use it to quickly teleport to most points of interest.

Before continuing any further, you'll want a bit of spending money. At the first shop you find, sell some of the junk you collected in Lord British's room (the short sword, short bow, and your old clothes)

The Rest of the Sigils[edit]

While you're in the towns, ask around about the mantras. (Or not, they're listed later in the walkthrough.)

Moonglow: Find Mariah, and ask her about the sigil. She will tell you it's the “keg of intoxication”, and then share her “idea” for how to get it. Follow her plan: she gives you a pizza to deliver to “William” in the magic academy dorms. Once inside, the kids will all be distracted by the pizza and you can steal the keg.

Skara Brae: Talk to your old buddy Shamino – he'll reveal that he has the sigil (it's the “toga of partying” and he's wearing it) but he won't give it to you. Talk next to his friend Carlyle, who will tip you off that if given enough ale, Shamino will get drunk and streak the party. Either use the keg of intoxication four times (if you have it), or find the inn and buy four pints of ale. Talk to Shamino again, and say “ale” to give it to him. He'll get progressively more hammered until, after the fourth, he decides he'd be happier naked. He drops his toga on the ground, just pick it up and you have the sigil.

Jhelom: Find Geoffrey in his house in the northeast part of town. Ask him for the sigil. It turns out he has it (it's the “drum of rhythm”), but he'll only give it to you in exchange for a new pair of drumsticks, which you can buy in Yew. Go there, find the merchant who offers “custom wooden products” and ask him to make you a set of drumsticks. Once he's done, get them and come back and talk to Geoffrey again, and talk to him about the drumsticks.

Yew: Find Jaana's house – it's hidden in the woods, in the southeast part of town. She'll reveal herself as a bit of a cougar, and offer to sleep with you – if you're man enough. Eventually she'll reveal something that can help in that department (which, conveniently for you, happens to be the sigil – it's the “drug of virility”. You'll have to agree to meet her in her bedroom to get it – take the pills from her dresser. Conclude the meeting however you like.

Trinsic: Dupre is hiding in the woods. Find him, talk to him (he's pretty clueless about everything) and ask him about the sigil. Oddly enough, he doesn't have it – and has only a rumor about who does have it. Ask Dupre for the mantra before you go (you'll need it later) and then head to Vesper. Find Sin'Vraal, and ask him about the sigil. He has it, but he has a public works project he'd like you to do for him first. He gives you some sand, but it's too heavy to carry. You'll have to drop the sand, find a wheelbarrow in town, “board” it, and then pick up the sand. Take it up to Lake Generosity (leave town and go straight north), stand between the bridge and the shrine, and drop the sand on the water to the north (the deepest part). Talk to Sin'Vraal again, and he will give you the sigil. (You can get rid of the wheelbarrow, you won't need it again.)

New Magincia: The town has been turned into a makeshift rehab clinic, for those from other towns who have overindulged in their new virtues. Katrina is waiting for you at the entrance. She has the sigil, but first wants you to ask around the clinic to see which patient has been the most successfully treated. (Find each patient and ask, “rehab”.) This is Magincia, so naturally this is a head-game; figure out who is doing the worst, and give her that name. She will give you the sigil, and you'll learn a little about humility in the process.

Minoc: This one will cost you, so it's time to make some trips to the dungeons (if you haven't already) where cash can be found laying around abundantly. Make it a point to explore Despise; there's a fellow there who, if you help him out, you can later find him in Skara Brae any time you like, willing to give you more shotgun shells (he, like you, is from Earth) whenever you run out. Once you have explored enough dungeons to get at least 1500 gold, go find Julia. She's in the same “Poor House” as in Ultima IV, although the place has been redecorated and she has a new job. Ask her about the sigil and she'll offer to give it to you, if you pay her college tuition (there's where that 1500 gold goes.) Do this for her, and she'll quit her job and give you the sigil.

Finding the Codex[edit]

Now that you have all eight sigils, go talk to Hawkwind again. He will take them and give them to someone who will keep them safe, or not, but that's not your problem for this game so don't worry about it. Hawkwind then tells you to go visit the Codex and find out what to do next. There's a little problem: it's still in the Abyss, and you can't get in there anymore. Raising it up is one of the many things the council had been meaning to do, but as long as you're here, the job falls to you and your companions. Hawkwind tells you to find Julia, newly enrolled at the tinker's college. Go see her and ask her for the “machine” Hawkwind talked about. She will tell you that she needs a Mystic Staff to finish the machine.

This staff can be found in Cove. The place is nothing like the way you left it; too many generations of isolation in the mountains has had its toll on the culture of the inhabitants. Talk to people, and you will discover a “feud” brewing between Jesse and Hogg. Eventually you'll get the tip that the guard Rosco has a key to the temple (Hogg's treasure room now) and is dumb enough to give it to you if you simply ask him. Ask him for the “key”, and then go into the old Temple of Virtues. Unfortunately the entrance to the treasure is blocked; the ghosts have put a big Ankh in your way. Look at it closely, and it will ask you to visit the shrines to find out where it can send all these new residents off to, so that Cove can start over.

Of course, visiting the shrines requires runes and mantras. The runes will be easy: go find Azure in Minoc, and (after you apologize for not employing him in Ultima IV, just say “sorry”) he will make you a new set. Now you need to find out the mantras. They are available in each town: ask around, or check the list below::

  • Intoxication (formerly Honesty): There is an old mage named Mesron lurking in the woods in Moonglow. He will tell you the mantra: “Buzz”.
  • Promiscuity (formerly Compassion): There is a bard named Pepper in Britain who knows the mantra: “Ho”.
  • Rhythm (formerly Valor): There is a man sitting in the tavern (south part of town) who knows it, but will only tell you if you obtain a “code” he needs. The code can be found on the computer terminals in the dungeon Destard, and is “12345”. Give that to the man you talked to in town, and he will tell you the mantra: “Rap”.
  • Virility (formerly Justice): The judge will tell you the mantra, if you help him judge the case currently in his courtroom. The courthouse is in the northwest part of town. The mantra is “Dong”.
  • Dancing (formerly Sacrifice): The beggar outside the poor house will tell you the mantra. Julia also has the mantra. It is “Tits”.
  • Heavy Metal (formerly Honor): Dupre has the mantra, and gives it freely: it's “Riff”.
  • There is a mantra for Partying (one of Shamino's friends knows it: “Woo”) but you'll never have to visit that shrine, so you won't need it.
  • Rehab (formerly Humility): Katrina will give you the rehab if asked: it's “No”.

As you visit each shrine and provide the new mantra, you will (just like in Ultima IV) be given another letter of a secret word. Once you have the word (or enough to make a reasonable guess) then go back to Cove, look at the Ankh again, and give it the word you learned. It will move out of your way and let you into the treasure room beyond. The staff can be found within. Note that entering the room will trigger an alarm, and Rosco will attack you on your way out.

Go back to Julia, and tell her about the “staff”. She'll make you the machine you need, a magic fishing pole. Now you can find the “hole” that marked the old Abyss, on the big island in the southeast corner of Britannia. (There's a sign near it.) Stand before the hole and use the fishing pole.

Consulting the Codex[edit]

Once you fish up the Codex, look at it, and it will give you the outline of what you have to do next. Mondain can be defeated by throwing his magic bong into the deepest part of the sewer Hythloth. Minax can be defeated by taking away her magic makeup. Exodus can be banished by disabling his guitar amplifier, but doing this will require finding a set of four special cards.

Go back to Hawkwind, and he will give you the Book of Truth and the Candle of Love: your keys to get into Lycaeum and Empath Abbey. Now you can go take care of Mondain and Minax.

Defeating Mondain[edit]

Stock up on anything you need for a fight, then go to the Lycaeum. You will need to fight your way through the castle, past all the “grow rooms” where Mondain grows his pot, and finally to Mondain's throne room. There is a supply room off to one side, his bong is on one of the shelves. Leave the castle through the back door of the throne room.

Next, head to the dungeon Hythloth. Be on the lookout for a secret door that takes you to a skiff; you'll need to ride that down to the lowest section in order to find a down-ladder only accessible by boat. Ride the skiff down until you find a hallway with brick floor, then walk that way. Go down, drop the bong into the whirlpool, and you've finished off Mondain. (You've also summoned the Shadowlords to Britannia, but that's a problem for another day.)

Defeating Minax[edit]

Next, go to Empath Abbey. The place has been redecorated; if you played Ultima II, it should look familiar. You won't have to fight here; everyone is friendly. Minax is a little too friendly. In the southwest corner you will find her makeup artist, who reveals that he is madly in love with Minax but needs her marriage annulled if he is to pursue her. He will give you access to a rocket ship that Minax stole from Ultima II, which will allow you to fly to Planet X, seek out Father Antos (he's in the castle, western edge), and obtain his annulment. Go back to Empath Abbey, find Minax, and demand her wedding ring; give it to the makeup artist and he will give you the makeup. Then simply use it up on yourself, and leave the castle.

The Four Cards[edit]

To beat Exodus, you will need four cards. Go to Paws, find the campground, and talk to Annon. He will give you three jobs to do for the Great Council. For one job, he will ask you to go get Lord British's signature for a bill in council regarding signs. (Just ask Lord British for his “signature”.)

For another job, you will need to buy a bunch of maps from Buccaneer's Den (they can be purchased in the tavern) and then deliver them to the teacher in Moonglow.

And for the last job, the Council has voted to seal all the dungeons -- and as usual, carrying out their plan is up to you. Annon will give you a bottle of glue, just stand in front of each dungeon entrance and use it. Return to him when you are done with everything, and he will give you the four cards.

Defeating Exodus[edit]

You now have everything you need to face Exodus. Once again, stock up on everything you need for a battle, as you will have to fight your way in again. Go into Serpent's Hold. If you played Ultima III, it should look familiar, even down to being attacked by things you can't see. You can try invisibility (if you have the ring, for example) but expect that it will frequently fail on you. Work your way up to the very north end of the castle, and the entrance to the concert hall. Once you make it there, take a close look at the amplifier. You will insert the four cards, defeating Exodus and completing the game!

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