Ultima IV: Part II

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This article is about a cancelled Origin game. For the fan-made parody, see Ultima IV Part 2.

Ultima IV: Part II is a cancelled direct follow-up to Ultima IV briefly planned by Origin. It was to make use of the engine, graphics, and setting of Ultima IV, as series creator Richard Garriott wished to publish an intervening Ultima title to mitigate the wait for Ultima V (which, at the time of its predecessor's release, was estimated to be two years from completion).[1]

The game was already at a conceptual stage in October 1985 (one month after the shipment of Ultima IV) and was targeted for release by Christmas the following year.[1][2] Although planned for at least several months, it is unknown how far practical development on Ultima IV: Part II progressed, if at all, before the project was abandoned. However, Origin would eventually revisit the creation of new Ultima installments from existing engines with the Worlds of Ultima series and Ultima VII Part Two.


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