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The following Ultima II Walkthrough Is a heavily modified version of the original by Fallible Dragon available at (http://www.ultimacodex.com/archive/ultima2/u2walk.html)

Helpful Links[edit]

Character Creation[edit]

You have 90 ability points to distribute among the six abilities: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence. You choice of gender, race, and class further affects these. The abilities affect:

Strength: How much damage you do when attacking. What armor you can wear.
Agility: Successful hit rate while attacking. What weapons you can wield. Thieving success rate.
Stamina: Damage done by hits on you.
Charisma: What price merchants sell goods to you at.
Wisdom: Required to cast spells successfully.
Intelligence: Increases bargaining skill and spell casting ability.

Male: +5 Strength
Female: +10 Charisma

Human: +5 Intelligence
Elf: +5 Agility
Dwarf: +5 Strength
Hobbit: +10 Wisdom

Fighter: +15 Strength - No special abilities
Cleric: +10 Wisdom - Can cast priest spells
Wizard: +10 Intelligence - Can cast mage spells
Thief: +10 agility - Good at stealing from shops


Weapon Damage Minimum Agility
Hands +0 1
Dagger +2 9
Mace +4 11
Axe +6 19
Bow +8 21
Sword +10 29
Great Sword +12 31
Light Sword +14 39
Phaser +16 41
Quicksword +18 49


Armour Protection Minimum Strength Space Flight
Skin 50% 1 No
Cloth Armour 56% 9 No
Leather Armour 63% 11 No
Chain Armour 69% 19 No
Plate Armour 75% 21 No
Reflect Armour 81% 29 Yes
Power Armour 88% 31 Yes

Quest-Related Items[edit]

Item. Keyword. Consumed On Use? Acquired by? Can be stolen? Effect.
Ankh. -- No. Thieves. Yes. Identifies you as an astronaut; allows you to [B]oard spaceships.
Blue Tassle. -- No. (Other versions: Yes) Thieves. Yes. Identifies you as a sailor and allows you to [B]oard a ship.
Boots. -- No. Thieves. Yes. Protects your feet from paralyzation.
Brass Button. -- No. Thieves. Yes. Identifies you as an aviator and allows you to [B]oard a plane.
Cloak. -- No. Thieves. Yes. Protect your arms from paralyzation.
Green / Red Gem. -- No. Thieves. Yes. No effect.
Green Idol. -- No. Thieves. Yes. Gives immunity to sleep spells.
Helm. [V]iew. Yes. Fighter / Thieves. Yes. Required for View command to display maps.
Force Field Ring. -- No. The Old Man in New San Antonio for 500 gold pieces. Only AFTER being blessed by Father Antos on Planet X. YES Allows passage through fire and force fields unharmed.
Staff / Wand. -- No. Thieves / Wizard. Yes. Allows magic spells in dungeons if you are a cleric or wizard.
Strange Coin. [N]egate. Yes. Thieves. Yes. Used to negate time. One use each.
Tools. -- Yes. Thieves. No. Automatically disables dungeons/tower traps.
Skull Keys. -- No. Thieves Yes. Unlocks Airplane and allows entry to aviators.
Keys. [O]pen. Yes. Guards. No. Necessary to open locked doors.
Torches. [I]gnite. Yes. Fighter. No. Illuminates dungeons/towers.
Tri-Lithium. -- Yes. Thieves. Also, stored in the most lowest dungeons and highest level of the towers. Yes. Used to power a rocket ship.


Name Picture
Cost Steps before consuming 1 Food Terrain
Foot U2Fighter.PNG U2-Fighter.png -- 0.19 Normal movement. Cannot cross mountains and water.
Horse U2Horse.gif 0.38 Moves twice as fast as land creatures. Cannot cross swamp.
Ship U2PirateShip.PNG U2-Pirates.png -- [F]ire cannons.
Bi-Plane U2Plane.gif Biplane.gif 0.38 You can only land on grass and bricks.
Rocket U2Rocket.png Rocket.gif -- Can be used to fly to other planets.

Important Links:[edit]

Starting the game[edit]

When you select play for the first time, you are transported to North America near the great lakes. Its 1423 B.C. and you are naked and weaponless. Fortunately you are not penniless. Head west across the Bering Strait land bridge and then southwest to where Rome will eventually stand. Towne Linda is there now, and you can buy weapons and armor.

You should probably buy an Axe and Chain Mail armor. Anything more may be beyond you abilities. Wield and equip them and then head back outdoors.

Now you need to kill some monsters. Use the [P]key to pass turns while waiting for them to show up since it uses no food. Pretty soon the time gates will start going. You can step through them if you want, but you're really not ready yet. However you will want to use the time gates to get to Lord British's castle if you run low on hit points since you don't have a frigate yet. Use the closest time gate northeast of Towne Linda to get there.

You need to kill some thieves as that is how you get special items. In particular you want Blue Tassles since these let you command a frigate. Once you have them, wait for a frigate to appear, and then instead of killing it, endure the blasts, board it, move away, and then kill the second frigate. Now that you've got a frigate you can kill monsters by firing with the cannons, and you don't use up food!

From this point until you are much more powerful, the game boils down to killing monsters, collecting items, frigates, planes, and other similar tasks. Main Game Play:

Basically, fight, kill, and have fun. Things to do include:

Food -- Keep well stocked on food. If you hit zero food you will die. Food can be purchased at any town or village.

Hit Points -- Visit Lord British in his castle on the British Isles in either BC or AD. (Hes a long lived SOB, eh?) Talk to him and he'll accept a 50 gold tribute in exchange for Hit Points. Initially he'll give you 300 HP for the gold, but that falls off after a while.

Negate Time -- Useful when you're up against a very powerful monster. You'll need a strange coin to do it... And each time negation uses up one strange coin.

View -- See the whole land. Uses a magic helm.

Frigates -- When you have blue tassles and there is a pirate ship nearby, you can board it and sail off. After you move a couple spaces in your new frigate, the pirates will successfully procure a new ship and pursue you. You can [X]it your current boat and board the new pirate ship as well! You can continue this until you have as many frigates as you desire. Then simply turn your cannons on the pirate ship and send them all to Neptune.

Leveling Up[edit]

The clerk at the Hotel California in New San Antonio in 1990 A.D. is the key to improving your stats. (O)ffer him gold and he'll sometimes raise your abilities, saying "Alakazam!". The clerk will also sometimes merely thank you for your contribution and not offer any stat gains. The trick to this is your chance of getting stat gains is based upon your character's turn count. Save your game before entering New San Antonio, and if you don't get anything from the clerk, restore, and this time take an alternative route to the clerk which changes your turn count.


Aerial Transportation: A single prop plane can be had from New San Antonio (AD 1990) or from Pirate Harbour in the single dwelling left alive in the Aftermath. Unlock the doors, walk in, and board the plane. Kill people who get in your way, as necessary. You'll need both a skull key and a brass button to board and pilot a plane.

Keys: To get past doors you need keys. Skull keys from the thieves just won't cut it. You need real keys. There is only one way to get keys. Kill a guard. You'll get two keys for each guard you kill. Fortunately. once you have a couple keys, you can go to the village in AD 1990 or the village in Aftermath, take a frigate, and blast guards with cannons to get more keys. Beware: There are guards who are invulnerable!

The Quicksword: Santre the Swashbuckler has been imprisoned in New San Antonio in AD 1990. He's in possession of the quicksword, Enilno. If you offer him 500 gold, he can be persuaded to give it to you. This is good, since only the Quicksword will harm Minax. You'll require an agility of 49 before you can wield it though.

The Force Field Ring: Minax's castle, Shadowguard, is a vicious place. Just to survive you will need the Force Field Ring to protect you from the force fields. Who has it? An old man under a tree in New San Antonio. He'll give it to you for 900 gold, but only with Father Antos' blessing. Be careful upon acquiring the ring, for it can be stolen by thieves.

Blessing: Getting Father Antos' blessing is not hard. Just talk to him. Finding Father Antos is the difficult part. He's hanging out on uncharted Planet X. Launch a ship from the red square in Pirate Harbour in the Aftermath. Make sure you're wearing reflect armour or power armor first. Also, make sure you have plenty of Tri-Lithiums for the trip! You wouldn't want to get stuck in space. Hyper to coordinates 9,9,9 and land your rocket. (On grass. Anything else is death.)

On Planet X there is a single castle, Castle Barataria. Father Antos can be found there in the left hand area past a maze. Talk to him and get his blessing. Then head back to Earth at coordinates 6,6,6.

Winning the Game[edit]

Once you have the Force Field Ring, the Quicksword, 9900+ hit points from Lord British, and power armor, its time to kill a sorceress. Head to Shadowguard, located in the center of the Time of Legends.

Head for the northeast corner of the castle. Don't attack the monsters, negate time to get past them. Be careful, there are several invincible monsters within the keep which can not be defeated by any means. In the northeast corner of the castle, attack Minax. One hit! That was anticlimactic. No, wait, shes teleported to the the chamber in the southwest corner of the castle. Head there and attack again. Keep switching between the two until she dies.

Congratulations! Thou hast defeated Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress.

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