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The following is a complete walkthrough for Ultima III for the NES.


Ultima: Exodus
JP: Kyoufu no Ekusodasu
"The Terror of Exodus"
Strategy Guide v1.2a

Special thanks: Wolfgang Abenteuer, DragonAtma and KopeofOnrac

Game Background[edit]

Story (Taken from the Manual)
"Eons ago, Lord British came unto the land of Sosaria. Since that time, it has been united under his rule as the Kingdom of Britannia, and has gone through two major crises. A few years ago, there were political upheavals among the city states of the kingdom. The ringleader of this political instability was Mondain, the Magician. Under his horrible rule, the people's lives were devastated. A valiant warrior was called forth from another world by Lord British. This warrior finally overthrew Mondain."

"Britannia survived the first crisis, but peace in the Kingdom of Britannia did not last long. Minax, the Witch, a disciple of Mondain, became very powerful and ruled the world of darkness. Minax had power to sway the time axis of the universe; however, a legendary hero again came to the rescue, overthrew Minax. and brought peace back to the kingdom."

"The Kingdom of Britannia entered into a peaceful state for another twenty years. Now, the kingdom is about to face its third crisis. Rumors abound about a fiery island which has emerged in the southwestern seas. Little is known of the evil that dwells there. It is known only as Exodus. Mondain and Minax have cast a spell on Exodus, this island of fire, and the little-known island has started volcanic activity."

"Lord British has sent out a call across time and space in search of four valiant warriors. Their quest: To return peace to the kingdom. They must solve the riddle of Exodus. You are the leader of this quest."

Characters and Professions[edit]

In the character creation menu, you'll have the option of creating your own characters, or having the computer generate "READY-MADE" characters for you, which produces fairly good results An adventure party will consist of four characters at a time, although you may still create and store additional characters in a character roster. (as many as 20 characters total) You may freely swap characters between your roster and your adventure party by returning to the character creation menu and selecting "FORM PARTY."

This feature will come in handy when you need to train new characters, because the power level of monsters that appear on the surface world depends on the level of your party. If you swap your high-level characters for low-level characters, then your party will only encounter weak enemies. (unless you venture into a deadly dungeon)

When you create a character, you will need to choose a race, then a profession. The race of a character simply determines the limit of their major attributes, while profession determines which equipment and spells are available to the character. Choosing the right combination is mostly important for magic-users, as those with low INT or WIS have access to fewer spells.

Statistics by race
[H] Human 75 75 75 75
[E] Elf 75 99 75 50
[D] Dwarf 99 75 50 75
[B] Bobbit 75 50 75 99
[F] Fuzzy 25 99 99 75
Character Status States
Status Description
[G] Good Good health!
[P] Poisoned HP will decrease with each step.
[C] Cold Food will be consumed more rapidly.
[D] Dead Character can no longer fight.
[A] Ashes Character is physically destroyed

Character Professions

The attributes (Str, Dex, Int, Wis) in brackets next to the function show what's important for that character.

The attributes (Str, Dex, Int, Wis) in brackets next to the default race show those that can be raised to 75 or 99. Notice that there is good agreement between the "functional" attributes and the main attributes of the default races.

Profession Function Default Race Best weapon
(most expensive)
DEX bonus Magic (MP) Best armor
[F] Fighter Attacker (STR) Dwarf (Str, Dex) 5 - Silver bow n/a n/a 5 - Dragon
[B] Barbarian Attacker (STR+DEX) Dwarf (Str, Dex) 5 - Silver bow ordinary n/a 2 - Leather
[L] Lark Attacker (STR+INT) Elf (Dex, Str, Int) 5 - Silver bow n/a Magic Power (50% Int) 1 - Cloth
[P] Paladin Attacker (STR+WIS) Bobit (Wis, Str) 5 - Silver bow n/a Will Power (50% Wis) 4 - Iron
[R] Ranger Attacker (S+D+I+W) Human (S+D+I+W) 4 - Bow ordinary both (50% min. Int/Wis) 5 - Dragon
[T] Thief Dodger (DEX) Dwarf (Str, Dex) 3 - Blowgun Superior! n/a 2 - Leather
[I] Illusionist Dodger (DEX+WIS) Fuzzy (Dex, Wis) 2 - Mace ordinary Will Power (50% Wis) 2 - Leather
[A] Alchemist Dodger (DEX+INT) Elf (Dex, Str, Int) 1 - Dagger ordinary Magic Power (50% Int) 1 - Cloth
[W] Wizard Spellcaster (INT) Fuzzy (Int, Dex) 1 - Dagger n/a Magic Power (100% Int) 1 - Cloth
[D] Druid Spellcaster (WIS+INT) Bobit (Wis, Str) 2 - Mace n/a both (50% max Int/Wis) 1 - Cloth
[C] Cleric Spellcaster (WIS) Dwarf (Str, Wis) 2 - Mace n/a Will Power (100% Wis) 3 - Bronze

(*) The U.S. manual specifies that the Thief has no DEX bonus, while the Wizard has a superior DEX bonus. Other sources claim that the converse is true. The manual possibly contains errata. In my experience, the Thief -is- much better at disarming traps.

DEX bonus determines how effectively a character may disarm traps when opening a chest, and each chest has a ~50% chance of being trapped.

Professions automatically gain access to spells, depending on their total MP. (total INT and WIS values, depending on which system of magic they use) If you have a Cleric with 20 WIS, for instance, then she has access to every Wisdom Power spell up to "Rise." Characters indicated to have half of a system of magic only gain half as much MP, and therefore, half as many spells. A Lark with 99 INT, for instance, has access to every Magic Power spell up to "Cleric." See the spell tables later in the guide.

Notice that characters with Magic Powers have the lightest armor (Lark, Wizard, Alchemist, Druid), and dexterous characters have the second lightest one (Thief, Ilusionist, Barbarian).

Character Analysis[edit]

Note the difference between "suggested" and "alternate" race.


Main attributes: STR
Default race: Dwarf (Str to 99)
Your typical "everyman" of the party. He can equip anything, but lacks access to any magic and dexterity.
Alternate race: Elf (more dexterity for a higher hit rate)

Main attributes: STR, DEX
Default race: Dwarf (Str to 99, Dex to 75)
Imagine the Fighter with a good dexterity bonus: you get the character with the best attack abilities. Pity he lacks any magic.
Alternate race: Elf (more dexterity for a higher hit rate)

Main attributes: STR, INT
Default race: Elf (Str to 75, Int to 75)
She's less strong and dexterous than the Barbarian, but has access to some Magic Powers that can back-up her weapons.
Alternate race: Fuzzy (far less strength in exchange for just two extra spells)

Main attributes: STR, WIS
Default race: Bobit (Str to 75, Wis to 99)
Good equipment access, and several Will Power spells to boot!
Suggested race: Dwarf (more strength and dexterity in exchange for just two less spells)

Main attributes: all/none
Default race: Human (balanced)
The "jack-of-all-trades". Good DEX bonus, fair equipment, and can do healing, too, but does not excel in anything.
Alternate race: Elf or Dwarf (either more strength or more dexterity, and you'll save the money he would spend for MPs)


Main attributes: DEX
Default race: Dwarf (Dex to 75)
Fair equipment access and awesome DEX bonus, if his Dexterity is raised to 99 no one is better at disarming traps.
Suggested race: Elf (perfect dexterity in exchange for a lower strength)

Main attributes: DEX, WIS
Default race: Fuzzy (Dex to 99, Wis to 75)
A "pacifist Thief", she has extremely limited attack abilities, but can access useful "white" spells.
Alternate race: Elf (more strength in exchange for some magic will increase her fighting ability)

Main attributes: DEX, INT
Default race: Elf (Dex to 99, Int to 75)
Sort of a Thief that relies on "black" magic rather than weapons.
Alternate race: Fuzzy (the loss in Strength is not compensated by the improved Magic Power)


Main attributes: INT
Default race: Fuzzy (Int to 99)
Virtually no equipment access, but has access to all Magic Power spells.
Alternate race: Fuzzy (yeah!)

Main attributes: WIS or INT
Default race: Bobit (Wis to 99)
Limited access to both magic systems, but MP is determined by the stronger of INT or WIS.
Alternate race: Fuzzy (more dexterity in exchange for less strength)

Main attributes: WIS
Default race: Dwarf (Wis to 75)
A pretty terrible fighter, but has access to all Will Power spells, which are quite powerful.
Alternate race: Bobit (few more MPs, but less accurate spellcasting because of the loss in dexterity; strength is lower, too)

Suggested teams[edit]

For those just starting the game, I would recommend the following party, made of readymade characters:

  1. Thief - (Dwarf, Str=15, Dex=25, Int=5, Wis=5, MP=0)
  2. Cleric - (Dwarf, Str=5, Dex=15, Int=5, Wis=25, MP=25)
  3. Paladin - (Bobit, Str=25, Dex=15, Int=5, Wis=5, MP=2)
  4. Wizard - (Fuzzy, Str=5, Dex=15, Int=25, Wis=5, MP=25)

The Cleric and the Paladin will help raising money quickly since the start of the game by healing the party after giving blood to Hospitals. The Thief in front will dodge most traps once his Dexterity is raised. The Cleric can learn every "White" spell, while the Wizard can learn every "Black" spell plus some "White" one.

The readymade characters can be upgraded to the following handmade ones:

  1. Elf Thief - (Str=25, Dex=25, Int=0, Wis=0, MP=0)
  2. Dwarf Cleric - (Str=10, Dex=15, Int=0, Wis=25, MP=25)
  3. Dwarf Paladin - (Str=15, Dex=15, Int=0, Wis=20, MP=10)
  4. Fuzzy Wizard - (Str=10, Dex=15, Int=25, Wis=0, MP=25)

The Elf Thief will dodge every single trap once his Dexterity is raised to 99, and this Dwarf Paladin will be able to heal the party since the start of the game.

Another team could be the following:

  1. Bobbit Paladin - (Str=10, Dex=15, Int=0, Wis=25, MP=12)
  2. Human Ranger - (Str=5, Dex=5, Int=20, Wis=20, MP=10)
  3. Bobbit Cleric - (Str=5, Dex=20, Int=0, Wis=25, MP=25)
  4. Elf Lark - (Str=5, Dex=15, Int=25, Wis=5, MP=12)

This team will never be able to cast the most powerful "Black" spells and will probably fall in a lot of traps.

Outfit this party with ranged weapons, where possible. Physical power isn't a major concern, as STR doesn't have a substantial influence on attack power, anyway. You'll want to focus on ranged attacks, as this allows your characters to keep their distance from enemies. It's also good to have mixed DEX bonuses and spell-casting capabilities. With this party, you'll have full access to the Will Power System of spells, which is essential for survival.

NOTE: For the Lark, some people prefer Fuzzy as the suggested race. This means a far lower STR capacity, but access to two more Magic Power spells analogous to two from the Will Power system. If you think this would be more suitable for your party, then it's your call.

Playing the Game[edit]

Overview of Controls


[D-Pad] Moves party / scrolls through menu options
[Start] Starts the game
[Select] Opens additional menu options or pages
[A] Confirms option / speaks
[B] Cancels / skips turn

The Heads-up Display (or "HUD")


This window appears if the player does not press any
buttons for a few seconds. It provides an overview of the
party's current status, including HP, MP and general health.

The letters in the upper-right hand corners beside
each name indicate status, gender, race and profession,
in that order. The meaning of each abbreviation can be
found in the various character tables earlier in this guide.

As you explore the world of Sosaria, you'll encounter many NPCs and monsters with whom you can interact in a number of different ways. When you press the [A] button, the command menu will appear. While facing a target, you can issue commands such as "TALK" or "FIGHT." Speaking with NPCs will provide valuable information about your journey, and is essential to completing the game.

Bear in mind that you may also engage friendly NPCs in combat. Doing so will prompt guards to converge on your party; but leaving the area and returning will reset them to a friendly disposition.

Random enemy parties will often roam the surface worlds, and should they make contact with your own party, a combat sequence will ensue. Use the [D-Pad] to move characters, (one space at a time) or press [A] to open the command window and unleash an attack, cast a spell or use one of your tools. Pressing [B] will skip that character's turn.

Treasure Chests
Occasionally, you will encounter treasure chests. Defeated enemies (and NPCs) will drop them in random locations, but some areas are already littered with treasure. Treasure can be claimed by facing or standing over the chest, opening the menu and selecting "GET."

There's a good chance that opening a chest will spring a trap, causing one or more characters to suffer damage or an affliction. The "Open" spell is available to any profession that has access to Will Power spells, and will safely disarm any traps in a chest. If you open a chest in a village, there's a chance that you will be caught stealing, which prompts guards to attack you on sight.

Saving Your Data
There are inns located in Castle British as well as the hidden city of Dawn. Speaking with the innkeeper will allow you to save your data. (at no cost) Note that inns - curiously enough - do not heal HP.

Basic Survival
Food is essential to the function of your adventure party, and is abbreviated [F] in the heads-up display that details your party's status. Food can be purchased from the grocers found in various villages, and purchased food can be allocated evenly among all characters by opening the menu, pressing SELECT, then using the "FOOD" command. Be sure to check your party's food supplies often, as running out of food will cause HP to gradually decrease. Characters who have contracted colds will consume food at a faster rate than normal.

Characters who have become poisoned or ill can be restored to normal health by visiting healers found throughout villages. Different ailments cost different amounts of gold to heal. Alternatively, you can neutralize poison with the "Cure" spell, or remedy any ailment by drinking from a pure spring found in some dungeons.

In the upper left-hand corner of the screen is a display detailing the cycles of the two moons that hang over Sosaria. Depending on their state, magical portals known as "moon-gates" will appear on various locations of the map, allowing your party to access areas that might otherwise be inaccessible. I'll detail the important locations in the "Strategy Guide" section later in the guide.

Dungeons and Questing
On your journey, you will need to venture into dungeons in order to procure special treasures, marks and cards that are essential to the completion of the game. Dungeon exploration is done in a first-person view, unlike the third-person perspective found in typical exploration modes. Dungeons are quite dark and will require the constant use of spells and torches in order to provide illumination.

Dungeons tend to be littered with traps, monsters and dead-ends. It's probably a good idea to map your progress, or refer to the maps and charts provided on various websites. Remember that you can use magic to ascend / descend through dungeon levels with relative ease, or to egress the party directly to the surface world.

I don't suggest you consider exploring any dungeons until you've taken the time to raise your party to level 5, sufficiently equip them for combat, and raise a few of their attributes. Since dungeons tend to be quite lengthy, you're likely to exhaust your party's food and health very quickly.

For complete PC Dungeon Maps, see:

Character Advancement
Every time a character earns 100 exp. points, they are eligible for an increase in level. Speak with Lord British and he will promote that character. Each promotion results in +100 HP, but doesn't affect other attributes. At first, characters may only be raised to level 5. In order to be promoted to higher levels, you must explore dungeons and brand your characters with the "Mark of Kings," allowing them to advance as high as level 25.

Other attributes (STR, DEX, INT and WIS) are increased by traveling to the land of Ambrosia and donating gold to the various shrines found there. This is a fairly grueling task that you'll have to complete several times during your journey, but you can shorten your trips by: a.) Abusing Compass Hearts, and b.) Stockpiling plenty of gold before you visit the shrines.


Weapon Table[edit]

Most weapons can be purchased from any weapon shop, while weapons that appear after the "Broad Axe" can only be purchased from the weapon shop in Dawn.

The attack power reported is just an estimation, since the video game does not report any specific value for it. Weapons are sorted by price.

Ranged Weapons Gold Attack Ranged? Figh Barb Lark Pala Rang Thie Illu Alch Wiza Drui Cler Location
99 Daggers 495 1 (*) O O O O O O O O O O O All Shops
Repel, Undead - 2 Y o o o o o o o o Spell
Missile, Flame, Psi - 3 Y o o o o o Spell
Sling 60 3 Y O O O O O O All Shops
Blowgun 350 4 Y O O O O O O All Shops
Bow 1050 7 Y O O O O O Dawn Only
Silver Bow 6550 8 Y O O O O Dawn Only
Destroy, Death - 10 Y o o Spell
Melee Weapons Gold Attack Ranged? Figh Barb Lark Pala Rang Thie Illu Alch Wiza Drui Cler Location
Dagger 5 1 (*) O O O O O O O O O O O All Shops
Mace 30 2 N O O O O O O O O O All Shops
Axe 125 4 N O O O O O O All Shops
Bronze Sword 200 5 N O O O O O O All Shops
Spear 250 6 N O O O O O O All Shops
Broad Axe 400 7 N O O O O O All Shops
Iron Sword 800 8 N O O O O O Dawn Only
Gloves 1200 8 N O O O O Dawn Only
Halberd 2700 9 N O O O O Dawn Only
Sun Sword 4550 10 N O O O O Dawn Only
Mystic Sword N/A 10 N O O O O O O O O O O O Found

(*) Although a melee weapon, the "Dagger" can be thrown at an enemy. Doing so permanently removes it from the character's inventory.

Armour Table[edit]

Armor is listed in order of least to greatest defense power.

TIP: Don't waste any gold by purchasing armor, because you can outfit your entire party with the Mystic Armor as early as level 5.

Gold Figh Barb Lark Pala Rang Thie Alch Illu Wiza Drui Cler Location
Cloth Armour 75 O O O O O O O O O O O All Shops
Leather Armour 195 O O O O O O O All Shops
Bronze Armour 575 O O O O All Shops
Iron Armour 2500 O O O All Shops
Steel Armour 6130 O O All Shops
Dragon Armour 9250 O O All Shops
Mystic Armour N/A O O O O O O O O O O O Found

Tools Table[edit]

The following common tools can be purchased from any guild shop.

Gold Description
Torch 30 Briefly illuminates dungeons. Purchased in stocks of 5.
Magic Key 50 Unlocks doors. Several will be needed to collect gold.
Sands of Time 90 Stops time for everyone but the party. Useful in towns.
Tent 100 Restores 100 HP to each party member.

Quest Items[edit]

Other tools act as key items, and are necessary to the advancement of the game. None of these can be purchased - they must be procured.

Item Description Location
Ship Travel on sea. Attack and beat a pirate ship.
"Bribe" command Removes guards to access some locations Talk to everyone in Fawn.
Golden Pick Used to uncover the Mystic Armor on a small island. Steal from armory in Dawn.
Flower Bring them to Sherry in Britain and exchange them for Compass Hearts. Vale in Ambrosia
Compass Heart Teleports the party to Castle British. Can be used to escape from battle. Bring flowers to Sherry in Britain
Silver Pick Used to uncover the Mystic Sword on a small island. Cave of Death, 8th level
Mark of Kings Allows to grow beyond level 5. Caves of Death (L2), of Moon, of Gold, of Madness
Mark of Force Allows to walk through force fields. Cave of Fire, 8th level
Mark of Fire Allows to walk on lava. Caves of Fire (L8), of Gold, of Madness
Mark of Snake Together with the Silver Horn,
it frightens away the snake guarding Castle Exodus.
Cave of Sol (L8), Cave of Fool
Time Lord Reveals in which order the Four Cards should be used. Cave of Moon, 8th level
"Pray" command Pray to obtain the Silver Horn and the Four Cards In Yew, using the Mark of Fire
Silver Horn Together with the Mark of Snake,
it frightens away the snake that guards Castle Exodus.
Pray in the City of Yew
Cards Necessary to finish the game sequence in Exodus Castle. Pray at the shrines in Ambrosia

Systems of Magic[edit]

MP values indicate the exact MP cost to cast a given spell. Exhausted MP is gradually recovered as your party moves.

I've taken the liberty of splitting these tables to indicate which spells are only available to characters with half magic efficiency. (e.g. Druids, Paladins, Larks, Rangers, etc.) With 99 points in INT or WIS, they'll only have access to 10 / 16 spells in either system.

"Use" is where the spell is cast: outside battle (Peace), in Dungeons or in Battle.

Will Power System[edit]

The Wizard can access the Will Power using the "Cleric" spell. The Wizard, the Druid and the Ranger can access duplicate spells in the Magic and Will Power systems, but because the Will Power spells are more expensive, they're between brackets in the table.

Spell MP Use Description Users (default races)
Undead 0 ---- Battle Instantly slays skeletons and ghouls. Great for exp. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Illusionist
Open 5 Peace Safely opens a chest without risk of springing a trap. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Illusionist
Heal 10 Peace Restores around 20 - 50 HP to a single character. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Illusionist
Glow 15 -- Dungeons Acts like a torch, briefly illuminating a dungeon. Cleric, (Wizard), (Druid), Paladin, (Ranger), Illusionist
Rise 20 -- Dungeons Transports the party back up, or to the surface itself. Cleric, (Wizard), (Druid), Paladin, (Ranger), Illusionist
Sink 25 -- Dungeons Transports the party down to the next dungeon floor. Cleric, (Wizard), (Druid), Paladin, (Ranger), Illusionist
Move 30 -- Dungeons Randomly warps the party to another part of the dungeon. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Illusionist
Cure 35 Peace Neutralizes poison in an afflicted character. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Illusionist
Surface 40 -- Dungeons Draws the entire party out of a dungeon. Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin
Star 45 -- Dungeons Similar to the "Glow" spell, but with greater duration. Cleric, (Wizard), (Druid), Paladin
Heal (2) 50 Peace Restores around 100 - 250 HP to a single character. Cleric, Wizard
Map 55 Peace Maps both of the surface worlds, as well as dungeons. Cleric
Banish 60 ---- Battle A ranged attack that inflicts major damage. Cleric
Raise 65 Peace Raises a dead ally, but can fail and turn them to ash. Cleric
Destroy 70 ---- Battle Inflicts major damage on multiple enemies. Cleric
Recall 75 Peace Recalls a character who has been turned to ash. Cleric

(*)The second "Heal" spell appears on the second page of a character's spell inventory. (accessed by pressing SELECT) It's named after the original "Heal" spell, but is, in fact, a different spell.

Magic Power System[edit]

Because of their proficiency with ranged weapons, the Ranger and the Lark don't need "fireball" spells. The Druid does not need the "Cleric" spell, either.

Spell MP Use Description Users (default races)
Repel 0 ---- Battle Instantly slays orcs and goblins. Great for experience. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Ranger, Lark
Missile 5 ---- Battle A ranged attack that inflicts light damage. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, (Ranger), (Lark)
Light 10 -- Dungeons Acts like a torch, briefly illuminating a dungeon. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Ranger, Lark
Descend 15 -- Dungeons Transports the party down to the next dungeon floor. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Ranger, Lark
Ascend 20 -- Dungeons Transports the party back up, or to the surface itself. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Ranger, Lark
Flame 25 ---- Battle A ranged attack that inflicts medium damage. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, (Ranger), (Lark)
Trans 30 Peace Randomly warps the party to another part of the surface. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, Ranger, Lark
PSI 35 ---- Battle A ranged attack that inflicts major damage. Wizard, Druid, Alchemist, (Ranger), (Lark)
Bright 40 -- Dungeons Similar to the "Light" spell, but with greater duration. Wizard, Druid
Cleric 45 Peace Grants access to Will Power spells, up to "Heal (2)" Wizard, (Druid)
Poison 50 ---- Battle Inflicts light damage on multiple enemies. Wizard
Kill 55 ---- Battle A ranged attack that targets larger monsters. Wizard
Stop 60 Peace Stops time for everyone but the party. Useful in towns. Wizard
PSI Kill 65 ---- Battle Inflicts damage against multiple, larger monsters. Wizard
Rot 70 ---- Battle Reduces enemies to 1 HP. Wizard
Death 75 ---- Battle Similar to the "Repel" spell, but targets any monster. Wizard


The game determines which enemies appear based on character levels. If your party is around level 5, for instance, then you're going to see Manes, Gargoyles, etc. in addition to earlier enemies. It's a good idea to keep your levels balanced so that exploration doesn't become too dangerous.

All of the enemies in this section appear on dry land. (e.g. the surface worlds)
Level 1+ Encounters

HP Exp
Goblin 19-33 3
Orc 19-33 3
Skeleton 35-48 4
Ghoul 35-48 4

Level 3+ Encounters

HP Exp Special
Thief 123-133 5 Steals unequipped items
Brigand 123-137 5 steals unequipped itema
Titan 107-121 6 N/A
Giant 107-121 6 N/A
Golem 107-121 6 N/A

Level 5+ Encounters

HP Exp Special
Mane 175-189 8 N/A
Gargoyle 175-189 8 N/A
Demon 175-189 8 Poison Spell

Level 7+ Encounters

HP Exp Special
Snatch 187-201 10 Poison Spell
Bradle 187-201 10 Poison Spell

Level 9+ Encounters

HP Exp Special
Griffin 219 15 Attack Spell
Wyvern 219 15 Attack Spell
Dragon 219 15 Attack Spell
Balron 235 20 Poison Spell
Devil 235 20 Poison Spell

The following encounters are all ocean based:

Level HP Exp Special
Pirate 5+ 145-159 8 N/A
Sea Serpent 5+ 219-233 15 N/A
Man-o-War 7+ 235-249 20 Poison Spell

Strategy Guide[edit]

This is a brief walkthrough detailing the steps necessary to complete the game. I haven't outlined too many specifics, nor have I drawn maps (there are several very detailed maps available online). This is basically a step-by-step guide that will indicate which areas need to be visited, the gist of how to get there, and what needs to be done along the way.

This walkthrough assumes you take a step only after some character gave you the hint about it.

Remember that, since Sosaria is a fairly open game world, there are significant detours you can take, and the order in which you perform important tasks doesn't necessarily have to be linear. If you think your party has become experienced enough, feel free to take a break from the main quest and explore any of the towns or dungeons that I haven't documented here. Many of these areas contain a lot of treasure.

STEP 1: commandeering a pirate ship[edit]

  • Consider purchasing ranged weapons (e.g. "Sling" and "Blowgun") from the shops, as ranged attacks make battles easier.
  • Accumulate gold and exp. points by defeating the low-level enemies that roam the surface of Sosaria. The Repel and Undead spells will make quick work of these creatures, and each cost 0 MP to cast.
  • When each character has procured 500 exp. points, speak with Lord British. He will advance each character to level 5, which is the maximum level for now.
  • Pirate ships will begin to appear once your party has advance to level 5. Face a pirate ship to engage the pirates in battle. Defeating them will allow the players access to their own ship.

STEP 2: Ambrosia[edit]

  • Make sure you have at least one Cleric or one Wizard in your party, and at least 4500 Gold Pieces.
  • Sail the ship into the maelstrom that wanders across the sea. This will strand the party on the surface of Ambrosia.
  • Go north, stop in the center of the second patch of grass, then head directly west and south into a small cove. Have each character pick the "Flower of Ambrosia". After you finish your business in Ambrosia, find Sherry (Noriko Hidaka) in the Royal City (south-west area, near the water) and have each character give the "Flower of Ambrosia" to her. She will reward each of you with a "Compass Heart", which can be used to teleport your party to Castle British.
  • Visit the four shrines and donate gold in order to raise character attributes (suggested order: WIS, DEX, STR, INT). Consult a map of Ambrosia for precise directions to each shrine. Be sure to have a surplus of "Magic Keys".
  • On your first visit, if there's a Cleric in the party, visit the Shrine of Wisdom first and raise her Wisdom to 70, so that she can cast the "Destroy" spell on the Manowar that guard the Maelstrom at the exit. If there is a Wizard instead of the Cleric, visit the Shrine of Intelligence and raise his Intelligence to 75, so that he can use the "Death" spell.
  • In the northern part of Ambrosia there are three locked doors next to each other. One conceals an Inn, one conceals a man and one coceals terrible dragons. Find the Inn!
  • Commandeer another pirate ship near where your party entered Ambrosia, and sail into the maelstrom in order to escape.

STEP 3: the Mark of Kings and the Mystic Sword[edit]

  • Enter the "Cave of Death" slightly north-east of Castle British. Use torches or illumination spells to banish the darkness.
  • Find the "Mark of Kings" on the second level of the cave. It's located behind a series of hidden passages. Branding each character with the mark will allow them to be promoted to higher experience levels.
  • Find the "Silver Pick" on the 8th level of the cave. Consider using the "Descend" and "Sink" spells to reach the lowest floor more quickly. The "Ascend", "Rise" and "Surface" spells will also make for a quick exit. If these spells are not yet available to you, then I suggest you increase your WIS / INT in the shrines in Ambrosia.
  • Leave the cave and look for a 2-panel island just north of Castle British, next to the island city of Fawn. (not to be confused with Dawn) There, each of your characters may unearth their own copy of the "Mystic Sword."

STEP 4: the other Marks and the Time Lord[edit]

  • Locate the "Cave of Moon". Travel west from Montor and find a small enclave. Press B repeatedly until a moon-gate appears. Enter, and the party will be transported to an enclosed area. Press B repeatedly until the next moon-gate appears, but do not enter it. Repeat this step until the second moon-gate appears, which will transport the party to the "Cave of Moon".
(NOTE: You may want to buy a good stock of food before you spend several turns waiting for moon-gates to appear, as this process might take a while)
  • Brand your party with the "Mark of Fire" on the second level of the cave. This will allow characters to cross lava unharmed. Talk to the Time Lord on the 8th level.
  • Travel to the Cave of Fool directly west from Montor. Find the "Mark of Force" on the 8th level. This allows characters to cross force fields unharmed.
  • Sail to the large island east of where Dawn appears and enter the Cave of Sol. Find the "Mark of Snake" on level 8. This mark allows characters to use the "Silver Horn". Note that the windy cave will make it difficult to keep torches lit.

STEP 5: The city of Dawn and the Mystic Armor[edit]

  • Visit the prison in the Royal Castle: the two men in the fire and force fields tell you where to find Dawn.
  • Visit the hidden city of Dawn by taking 8 steps west from Castle British, then 35 steps south (more easily, walk West from Montor West until you get to the mountains, then 4 steps North). Press B repeatedly in order to cycle the moon phases until both moons are new. Dawn will appear for a brief moment, but quickly disappear when the moons begin to change phases again.
  • Purchase some "Sands of Time" from the guild.
  • Purchase a surplus of "Magic Keys" from the guild, as these will be essential during later parts of the game.
  • Save at the nearby inn before proceeding with the next step!
  • Find the guild shop in the north section of the city. Put your character with top dexterity in the front (Thief, Alchemist or Illusionist). Face the treasure chests and use the "GET" command to steal gold. One of the chests will contain the "Golden Pick". If you get caught, use one of the Sands of Time. If you see characters starting moving again, use more Sands. Leave the city before the guards catch you!
  • Leave the city, board the ship and find a 2-tile island just east of Dawn. Reference a map of Sosaria if you have trouble locating the island. Have each character use the "Golden Pick" in order to unearth the "Mystic Armor" hidden there (you can pass the Pick from character to character). The armor may be equipped by any profession, and is the most powerful armor available in the game.

STEP 6: the Silver Horn and the Four Cards[edit]

  • Travel to the City of Yew. It is located directly west of Castle British in a large enclave.
  • Learn the "PRAY" command at the temple found east of the city's entrance. Head directly south and use the "PRAY" command in the center of the circle. The player will receive the "Silver Horn."
  • Return to Ambrosia and use the "PRAY" command at each of the four shrines to receive the four cards.

STEP 7: Castle Exodus[edit]

  • Return to Sosaria's surface and sail to the small island guarded by a giant snake. Use the "Silver Horn" to frighten the creature away and gain access to Castle Exodus.
  • Ranged weapons, as well as the "Sands of Time", do not function here. Be sure to equip each of your characters with Mystic Swords before proceeding.
  • Further into the castle, the party will encounter invisible enemies. Although difficult to target, they have fairly low HP and miss very often.
  • Explore the castle. Find the northernmost room, which is considered an altar. Use the "PRAY" command in order to arrange the four cards in the sequence told by the Time Lord (love, sun, moons, death). This will seal Exodus, but also prompt the destruction of the castle. Grab the Ankh and rush your party out before they're destroyed.

Tips and Exploits[edit]

Give Blood and Heal
Here is a tip to raise money quickly.
Give a lot of blood to the Hospitals in Lord British Castle or in Moon, and then heal while traveling. Give blood again as soon as all the party is in full health.

Fight from a Ship
To make combat easy, fight land enemies from the ship.
Put your character with highest dexterity and stealth (Thief, Alchemist or Illusionist) in front, and everybody other with ranged weapons. Enemies will queue towards the dexterous character, and a line of companions will shoot them down one by one.

Death Gulch
You can find Death Gulch on a small peninsula slightly southwest of Castle British. Using a couple of "Magic Keys," make your way westward into the city, then south. You'll find a small, labyrinthine path leading to a merchant's storage room. This is one of the easiest areas from which to pillage large amounts of gold. Using the "Compass Heart" will provide a quick escape in the event that your party is caught stealing.

Free Resurrection
If the entire party has perished, Lord British will resurrect the party leader without any cost to the player. This can be exploited by first creating three disposable characters, placing whichever character you desire to resurrect in the leader position, then killing the entire party. It's a rather tedious process, but it can save some gold in the long-run.

Spell Targeting
The Repel and Undead spells tend to be hit-or-miss, but will almost always eliminate enemy parties if you cast them while the enemy animation is on its second frame. (i.e. when the ghoul opens its mouth, or the goblin lowers its stick)

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