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This covers the official policies of The Codex of Ultima Wisdom.


Currently, we do not have any sort of bureaucratic process. The users are basically free to do anything they please without any strict control, and we don't have any other active privileged users besides Fenyx4. If you spot a user who's misbehaving, please correct it yourself. If you need administrator intervention, deleting something, or the like, please contact Fenyx4. Once this project really gets off the ground, we can start building a bigger bureaucracy.


All of the textual material in the wiki is licensed under the GNU General Public License. In plain language: Don't submit stuff if you don't want it mercilessly edited and redistributed.

Textual material that is not under this license should only be used in a quotation-like manner (as permitted by the nearly universal fair use laws). In plain language: If you are quoting from the manuals and other materials, only use brief excerpts, only as much you need to discuss something in your own words.

Image use[edit]

Separate policy will apply to images.

Neutrality and sources[edit]

Try to be neutral and objective, and put things in perspective. In plain language: Seriously, avoid language like "this is the best game ever". We know. Opinions, and speculation, unless well justified, are worthless. Facts are good.

Use and credit sources where applicable. It helps to rely more on canon than other materials.

Note that this all is very much more lax than in Wikipedia; while Wikipedia demands this stuff, we're extremely strongly suggesting this stuff.


If you believe a page should be deleted edit it and add "{{{Delete}}}" to the page. An administrator will be along to delete it.

Common sense rules[edit]

  • Spam, vandalism, and other rubbish will be deleted.