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The Image use policy covers how and when images should be used.

At the moment, there are nothing specific, just a few simple common sense rules:

  • Since there's likely to be few screenshot and scanned images that can be used under Free licence, it's better to use as few Fair Use images as possible; one or two at most per page.
  • "Decorative" images should be strongly avoided. (e.g. it's probably OK to show one or two pictures of Britain in Britain article, or a scan of a manual picture in Mongbat to show what sort of critter this is; it's not OK to just add a random picture of a mongbat to some random page with no justification whatsoever!)
  • If you can draw a freely distributable picture to represent something (e.g. a virtue symbol), that should be used instead of an "official" graphic.
  • Long unused Fair Use images, for which there's no conceivable use, should be deleted.
  • Proposed image copyright tags:
    • {{ultima-screenshot|Optional game name}}
    • {{ultima-manual|Optional game name}}