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Here are some ordinary considerations on how to conduct your own behaviour in The Codex of Ultima Wisdom. The basic rules should be quite simple:

Try to do what everyone else does
One of the big problems of cooperation is that people start doing things in their way. Please at least take a look at what other material is around, and try to integrate things.
Don't try to annoy others
Just be an ordinary person. Try to resolve things for benefit of everybody.
Don't be easily annoyed either
A lot of problems can be avoided by not taking things personally. Work together with people and assume (at first) that people are acting in good faith.
Don't panic
The wiki software is robust enough that changes are recorded: if someone somehow manages to mess up an article, don't panic.

Some not-so-obvious rules that are probably worth mentioning:

  • In talk pages, forums, and other discussions, please use the signature button (or type four tildes, ~~~~, after your comments). This will make following the discussions easier.