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The Codex of Ultima Wisdom will cover all information related to the computer game series Ultima. This includes

  • publishing information,
  • trinkets,
  • in-game characters,
  • ports,
  • remakes,
  • Ultima community in general...

The Codex will focus mainly on the games of the main continuity of the series; that is, the numbered Ultimas (including Akalabeth), plus the Underworlds and the World of Ultima spinoffs. Games not so closely related to the main continuity, such as the Runes of Virtue series, Escape from Mt. Drash and Lord of Ultima, will also be covered but to a lesser extent and in less depth.

The Ultima Online game and its expansions will be covered briefly in this wiki, as an external in-depth wiki already exists for this game, UOGuide. Similarly, Ultima Forever will be covered in detail in its own Ultima Forever wiki inside the Ultima Codex website.