Ultima: The Dark Core

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Ultima: The Dark Core

Ultima: The Dark Core is an interactive fiction written by Michael D. Hilborn (A New Breed of Dragon).


Ultima: The Dark Core is an interactive fiction that examines the Avatar's return to Brittania after the events of Ultima VIII. In it, the hero and the Guardian are pulled into the Dark Core of Exodus, and the hero must escape this imprisonment. Written entirely in Javascript, the game features 3D scenes that the player can navigate in order to solve puzzles similar to the game Myst.

The game was originally designed to run under Netscape Communicator 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0, but is no longer compatible with newer versions of Internet Explorer.

Infinitron Dragon has since updated The Dark Core to make it compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0. It is not compatible with current versions of Firefox.

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