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Triceratops from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Triceratops are dinosaurs in the valley of Eodon that are well-suited for frontal attacks, with huge horns and protective shielding around the head. They live in herds and usually are peacefully vegetarians.

However, should someone dare to attack the herd, then the attacker is in for an ugly surprise.


Dating from the late Cretaceous (70 to 65 million years ago or so), the triceratops is the dinosaur famed in art and moving pictures, with the shield - like head featuring three protruding offensive horns; the horns over the eyes are over a meter in length apiece. This herbivorous beast is over 30 feet long and weighs, as far as I can tell, in the vicinity of ten tons. In the Valley of Eodon, the Triceratops moves about in herds through the forests and the plains, living off the luxurious plantlife and using pack tactics to defend itself from predators.

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