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Throwing is a weapons skill in Ultima Online which can only be learned by Gargoyles (added with Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss), and replaces Archery as the distance weapon skill. These weapons need no ammo, as they always return to the warrior, but have a certain optimal distance and hitting a foe outside this distance gives a damage penalty. Wearing a shield gives a penalty, unless the Parrying skill has reached an adequate level.

The three trowing weapons are:


Training is the same for all weapon classes. First, buy training from a Warrior Guildmaster until reaching 30 points. After that, only real battle can help to improve. Therefore here the best battlegrounds for the varying skill levels.

Skill Level Enemies to battle
30 - 60 Skeletons, preferably 1-3 at a time these can be found in any graveyard
60 - 70 Lizardmen such as you'd find in the top level of Despise
70 - 85 Ogres, again in Despise but at lowest level this time (avoid the Ogre Lords)
85 - 100 Earth Elementals found in Shame or Despise level 2
100 - 110 Cyclopean Warriors found in Cyclops Valley in the Lost Lands and Despise level 3
110 - 120 Troglodytes found in the Painted Caves

Alternatively, you can use the Pet Golem Trick to gain experience.