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Accounting - In Your Favor[edit]

by Gaydos of Paws

A wealth of tips on hiring the right accountant.

The Art of Shipbuilding[edit]

by Owen the Great

Astronomical Alignment[edit]

by Brion of Moonglow

A prophetic warning of doom during the upcoming planetary alignment.

The Bestiary of Britannia[edit]

by Ariel

The Book of Circles[edit]

Translated from Gargish by Jillian

All begins with three principles: Control, Passion, and Diligence.

From Control springs Direction.

From Passion, Feeling.

from Diligence, Persistence...

The Book of Forgotten Mantras[edit]

untni gruntni olea boog alay com bayoh jibo cruz mondo untdude siy amvil wez forat asgse mte xas hiy ey ach odi sni...

Blackrock Mining Techniques[edit]

by Gregor of Britain

A voluminous tome describing various ways to mine precious ore.

The Book of the Fellowship[edit]

by Batlin of Britain

Good morning to thee, gentle friend and traveler! No matter what the time of day as thee reads this, I say good morning to thee because this moment brings to thee the dawn. The dawn, as all know, is the moment when illumination comes...

Britannia Mining Company Log[edit]

Iron - 30T
Lead - 24T
Iron - 27T
B.R. - 2T
Lead - 14T
Lead - 37T

Care and Feeding of Live Eels[edit]

by Mel Phromheil

Ms. Phromheil's expert advice expanded from the Encyclopedia Britannia.

The Day it Didn't Work[edit]

by R. Allen G.

This collection of essays details the difficulties in overseeing a group of well-meaning misfits in a mechanical environment -- especially when the overseer is a misfit, as well!

The Dressed Lunch - Gamebird Cooking[edit]

by W.S. Sparrows

The End of the Time of Magic[edit]

by M. Fuger

Remembrances of a time where magic ruled the day... and the night.

Gargoyle Like Me[edit]

by Darok

The story of a human who poses as a Gargoyle to experience life from the Gargish point of view...

A History of Britannia[edit]

by Andolph

How Death Affects Those Who Work Around It[edit]

Day 1: Subject (Tiery) seems friendly enough

Day 2: Subject shows strange sense of humor, very morbid

Day 4: Subject makes constant references to conversations with cemetery occupants

Day 5: ...

I Am Not a Dragon[edit]

by Thomson

A bawdy tale of Belnarth, fictional lord of Serpent's Hold.

Lucky Heather[edit]

by Rachael

Contains several floral sales techniques seldom used.


by Peter Munchley

A novel about a man-eating sea creature that terrorizes a small coastal town for several months.

Metalwork and Bodybuilding[edit]

by Zorn of Minoc

How to add muscle while you work.

Morgan's Guide to Unfinished Novels[edit]

by Morgan

An enlightening discourse on the enigma of blank tomes...

My Notebook[edit]

by Alagner

These are my observations concerning The Fellowship.

The Fellowship has been duping the masses of Britannia for twenty years. After careful study, I have concluded the group in serving some entity, referred to as "The Guardian."

When I have obtained enough proof I shall present this notebook to Lord British...

Needlepoint Techniques[edit]

by Kliftin

Some of the forgotten methods used for repairing old standards.

No One Leaves[edit]

by R. Allen G.

The sequel to 'The Day It Didn't work'

Why new mechanical contraptions don't always function at the time agreed upon between mechanician and overseer, and how to persuade the tinkerers to stay later to finish.

Observations on Blackrock[edit]

by Rudyom The Mage

I have found that a combination of electrical and magnetic energy causes Blackrock to become permeable; one can put one's hand easily through the substance

The Blackrock transmuter I created from an old wand does not work. Rather than make the blackrock permeable, it makes it explode! Pointing it at a large quantity might produce a devastating explosion.

Records of the High Court of Yew[edit]

Hook... extremely dangerous. Believed to have a secret hideout on Buccaneer's Den.

Kellin... wanted for thievery. Known aliases include: Tervis, Kreg, and Hodge.

Sullivan... wanted for fraud, thievery, other petty crimes.

Spellcasting, Incantations, and Hypnotism[edit]

by Anthony J. Martin

Stone Cold Dead - A Tale of Murder and Real Estate[edit]

by Warren Tee

Training in the Martial Arts[edit]

by Quai Chang Cain

The Yew Forest of Emps[edit]

by Taylor

The once prosperous "City of Justice," Yew has been swallowed by the Deep Forest. However, not without the will of the people. Oddly, it seems Emps had something to do with it.

You Can Do It Yourself[edit]

by Julia

How-to fix everything from a grandfather clock to a jewelry box