The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

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Title: Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide: 2012 Edition
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author: Stephen Emond
Published: Nevember 11, 2011
Length: 826 pages
Original List Price: $49.99
ISBN-10: 1467934607
ISBN-13: 978-1467934602


Created by Stephen Emond, this guide in all detail lists all the versions of the various games that were released all over the world (24 countries to be exact), complete with pictures. This includes Ultima I-IX, Akalabeth, Mt Drash, Runes of Virtue I & II, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, and Underworld I & II as well as the many Collections & Compilations. Also included are bonus chapters for Ultima X, Ultima Online, as well as information to publications connected to the games, like hintbooks.

Inside the book are:

  • Information about 520 main series releases and 180 Ultima Online releases.
  • Details about 286 book releases and 267 Ultima Online books.
  • 149 items connected to the series and 69 Ultima Online items.

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