The Ultima 6 Project Britannia Map

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The Ultima 6 Project Map
The Map of Britannia for The Ultima 6 Project was created using the game engine itself. This map aides navigation, and provides an accurate overview of the interesting locations of the land, including those discovered during playing. The location of hidden islands not present in the original is noted below.
  • Isle of Ice Drakes: a misty island northwest of Empath Abbey, guarded by several ice drakes. Contains some good treasure.
  • Lonely Isle: an island in the middle of the ocean east of Janus Island, with little of interest.
  • Cacao Island: an island south of the Valorian Isles with little of interest apart from some cacao trees.
  • Ice Island: a frosty island south of Serpent's Hold with some treasure.
  • Frost Islands: two frozen-over islands south of the Isle of the Avatar, connected with a tunnel and guarded by polar bears. Some treasure.
  • Pirate's Den: an island south of Terfin. Full of pirates and seemingly no docking point. They do guard something interesting.
  • Ambrosia: at exactly the same place it is found in Ultima VII in the northeastern sea, it holds some surprises.

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