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| author=
| moreAuthors=
| webSite=
| webLink=
| pageName=
| pageLink=
| date=  
| accessDate=  


  • author: the main author of the webpage/website, in "Lastname, Firstname" format. No link is automatically added to the author's wiki article, if one exists, so it should be manually included.
  • moreAuthors: optional, "true" if the site or article has more authors, "false" or omitting this parameter means the reference has only one author.
  • webSite: the name of the website. If there is an article on the wiki with this name, it will be automatically linked to it, unless the "webLink" parameter is set (see below).
  • webLink: optional, the HTTP link to the website. It may not be necessary if the website has a wiki article on it, as the article will be automatically linked, unless this parameter is specified.
  • pageName: optional, the page or article name inside the website.
  • pageLink: optional, the HTTP link to the exact page. In case a direct link to the specific page is needed, besides or instead the website's link.
  • date: optional, the date the article/pag was published, in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • accessDate: optional, the date the page was accessed for reference, in YYYY-MM-DD format.


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