Teleport Pads

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Teleport Pads are essentially stationary teleporters that one enters, to get transported to a different location. There are two different kind of them.


The teleport plaza
On Eodon, they were an invention of the inhabitants of the ancient city of Kotl. Stepping on one teleports the person to a teleport hub north of the Sakkhra Tribe, from where the other teleport pads could be accessed. A similar system can be found inside the city as well for fast transportation. Even after the destruction of Kotl, they still worked.

In Savage Empire, the Avatar used these platforms to great effect to quickly travel through Eodon. However, the teleport plazas were always located next to an entrance to the Myrmidex Caves, so trouble with its inhabitants was common.

Teleport Locations[edit]

Here are the locations for the different pads:

A - Kurak Tribe
B - Nahuatla Tribe
C - Jukari Tribe
D - Disquiqui Tribe
E - Barrab Tribe
F - Sakkhra Tribe
G - Barako Tribe
Defunct - once lead to the Old Pindiro Village

Britannia and Serpent Isle[edit]

Two teleported pads
In Britannia and the Serpent Isle, teleport pads were used as stand-alone devices.

Usually, the target location would not have a receiving pad, and if it did, it mostly was not two-way. Only seldomly were teleport routes truely two-way. Teleport platforms like that first appeared in Ultima VII and were also seen in Ultima VII Part Two. By the time of Ultima IX their usage had become inflationary and unexplainable in many cases.


  • Looking closely at the teleport pads in Ultima IX, one can see that on the sides, there is Runic written onto it. It is the word "teleport", being repeated several times.