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Talorid, Ultima Underworld II Cluebook
Only appearance: Underworld II

Talorids are the intelligent species on the alien world of Talorus. They appear in Ultima Underworld II.


Talorids bodies are composed of a large floating spheres surrounded by a diaphanous nimbus, and those who do not have the distinct protuberances associated with old age appear identical to human eyes. They are capable of rudimentary telepathy, and are able to attune themselves to the languages of non-Talorids by analyzing their dialogue.

In the past, Talorids reproduced sexually and were divided into three genders. Despite a belief that their combined society was a gestalt organism in its own right, they still maintained a sense of individuality and autonomy and were capable of such pursuits as art and philosophy. After contacting the Guardian, however, their culture became increasingly regimented in compliance with the Red Titan's "suggestions" to increase efficiency. By the time of the Avatar's arrival on Talorus, gender and sex had been discarded as inefficient and replaced with a reproductive technician known as a Bliy Skup Ductosnore who created pre-programmed Talorids tailored to accomplish specific functions in accordance with the Guardian's plans.[1]

After finding themselves in Talorus, the Avatar would have the option of assisting the Talorids Historian and Futurian in an attempt to revert their race back to a form from the days before the Guardian's interference. To do this, the hero would have to slay the current Ductosnore and create a replacement using an "outdated" pattern crystal, thereby ensuring that future Talorids would be skupped in a manner more in keeping with past generations.[1][2]


  • The accumulation of small imperfections over time causes Talorids to grow protrusions to their nuclei as they age.[1]
  • Talorids have a very long lifespan and their society operates on a very slow scale, with actions often taking hundreds of years to resolve.[3]


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