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Ultima VIII didn't sell quite as well as its predecessors, mostly because of the disappointment with the game, and is generally seen as a backstep in the series in general. Sergorn 22:18, 5 December 2008 (UTC)Ok does anyone actually have source for that ? Because it has been stated on record by Origin at the time of Ultima IX's release, that not only did Ultima VIII sold well... but that it was the best selling Ultima game at the time and brought of a lot of new fans in the series (and this was actually the purpose of the game, and the reason it was made so different with little references to the previous installments). It seems the only argument used to point that Ultima VIII had poor sales, it the cancellation of Lost Vale - but it's not necessarilly related. Lost Vale could very much have been cancelled simply because EA felt that the add-on wouldn't sell well because of the backclash.

Development deadline[edit]

Generally, this comment is interesting insight to why Ultima 8 became what it was but I decided to ask you all first where, if at all, it could be included, fully or partially. I didn't feel like throwing it in first without disrupting the current page layout. Wondering between U8 page or Plot Cuts. Here's the line.

On the third page of the Gamespy February 2003 interview with Richard Garriott, he says: "The counsel -- and sometimes it was more than just counsel -- I would get from EA was that the schedule was the dominant issue. Once we started down the path on Ultima 8, I decided I would be a good corporate citizen and walk the walk and talk the talk. And as Ultima 8 got into scheduling trouble, as every Ultima always did, rather than make a decision as we had in the past to hold the game until it was polished, we began to cut things out to stay on schedule. And we cut and we cut and we cut and the game that was finally released was not only shipped early even for the cut version (and therefore buggy), but also had its guts ripped out as far as being an Ultima."

I found that line from Dino's Ultima 8 site. The actual site where that full interview was posted is gone so only that segment is still left of it. --Time Lord 00:21, 15 August 2011 (PDT)

Do you have a link to the actual Gamespy interview? You could try plugging it into the Internet Archive and see if a backup of it exists. If so, generally the approach would be to distil what he's saying, write up a passage in the article (I'd suggest the Development section) and support it using that link as a citation.--Terilem 00:53, 15 August 2011 (PDT)
Here is the full interview at the Gamespy website: here.--Sega381 06:32, 15 August 2011 (PDT)

Character Portraits[edit]

Is there a source about the enhanced CD version planning to have portraits ? That's the first I've heard of it and honestly it feels odd to be because the way dialogues work in Ultima VIII just doesn't feels like something where character portraits would fit --Sergorn

I was wondering about that myself awhile back and tried to track down references for it. The one official source I could find discussing the enhanced CD is the Gamers' Forum's Ultima VIII Conference, in which the only feature specifically mentioned is full speech. From what I can gather, the portrait thing seems to originate from speculation in an unofficial Ultima VIII FAQ from the mid-90s. On that basis, I'd say it should be removed from the article. --Terilem 10:28, 19 April 2012 (PDT)

Interesting Stuff[edit]

While examining the usercode of this game I have come across some interesting stuff:


  • devonHeardLurker
  • barMaidForNow
  • betrayedDisciple
  • orlokPoison
  • breakWind
  • thisIsIt
  • rainStorm
  • rainStormActive
  • fireStorm
  • fireStomActive

Spells and Scrolls[edit]

  • An Vas Hur Por
  • Scroll of dispelling portals
  • Scroll of Restoration
  • Restore to Sight Scroll


  • Blow up!
  • Kill me!
  • Create - Enter type number (2-851 are valid)
  • Enter frame number
  • Enter quality
  • Enter quanity
  • Select target to create item near
  • Create fail
  • Create Black Rock Fragments
  • Create Energized Fragements
  • Choose the Guardian speeech
  • Item is not a Npc

More Interesting![edit]

  • Conversation with child (seems to be called just child):
  1. My mommie told me not to talk with strangers. You're a stranger.
  2. What is your name?
  3. Where do you come from?
  4. What did you do there? (You can even answer with I baked bread)
  5. Why are you so tall? (A troll stretched me)
  6. How did you get here?
  7. Do you always wear that silly costume?
  8. Why are Thoraxs big and brown?
  9. Why are they not blue and red?
  • Cardas
    • cardasMet cardasName cardasJob
  • Emrichol
    • emricholMet emricholName emricholJob emricholAvaName
  • Grave Stone = Sir Dee Twas Just a flesh wound. Monty Python (Holy Grail) reference?
  • "Quickly seek shelter from the death that walks and the ground that quakes, stranger lest you find death yourself. The once-buried now roam freely and must be stopped!

More to come. --Arthgon (talk) 04:15, 11 March 2013 (PDT)