Talisman of Infinity

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The Talisman in Ultima VII
The Talisman in Ultima IX
The Talisman of Infinity is a magical artifact which appears in Ultima VII's expansion pack, the Forge of Virtue.


The Talisman was a glowing, wedge-shaped amulet which is representative of the eternal Axiom of Infinity. According to the arcane Scroll of Infinity, this artifact could be summoned from its place in the Void in the presence of the three Talismans of Truth, Love, and Courage when they were arranged in conjunction with the Gargoyle and Human lenses needed to view such voidal artifacts as the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. When such a conjunction occurred, nearby artifacts of evil power would be drawn into etherspace as a safeguard.[1]

The Avatar learning that the Dark Core of the hellspawn Exodus still existed and that it sought reunion with the creature's psyche, made use of this strange ritual to banish the Core from the material world. After besting the three trials necessary to obtain the other Talismans, the hero placed them upon the surface of the Core and activated the lenses, much to the outrage of the nearby scholar, Erethian who madly wished to see the "miracle" of the daemon-machine's rebirth. Trying vainly to halt the banishing, he tried to summon a spell of great power to reverse the process at hand, only to have his incantations backfire and slay him. In the end, the four Talismans and the Dark Core disappeared from Britannia, preventing Exodus from ever reconstructing itself on the material plane.[2][1]

Curiously, years later, an artifact purporting to be the Talisman of Infinity appeared in the Royal Museum of Britain during Ultima IX. How it came to rest again within the physical realms of mortals is unknown, as it seems unlikely that another hero braved the dangers of the Isle of Fire (by then submerged once more beneath the Great Sea) and performed the actions necessary to re-materialize the amulet.


  artifact TalismanOFInfinity -

  if Reality is Magic -
  if Locale(Artifact) is Void -
  Convex is
  Concave is

  if DoLightTest(Concave, Convex) -
  TalismanList is

  Counter is 0
  foreach Talisman in TalismanList -
  if KnowType(Talisman) is Truth -
  Counter is Counter and 1
  if KnowType(Talisman) is Love -
  Counter is Counter and 1
  if KnowType(Talisman) is Courage -
  Counter is Counter and 1

  if Counter is 3 -

 InifinityAction is Action(Instance,
 aPlanarTravel, Britannia,
 aCallBack, TalismanOfInfinity)
 if Reality is PseudoScience -
EvilEntity is EntitySearch(All, Powerful, Evil)
 if EvilEntity -
 Check is PushReality(EvilEntity)
 if not Check -
 Test("Thou shalt never see this!")

- from The Scroll of Infinity (Ultima VII)


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