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Talfourd, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Yew
Description: wise judge
U4 Transcript: Talfourd

Talfourd is the judge of Yew's Court of Justice during the time of Ultima IV.


Judge Talfourd was a wise man responsible for administering Justice within the halls of Yew's court, claiming that his profession's virtue was the enactment of Truth. Should the Stranger learn from the a local wandering druid, [1] that Talfourd knew the location of the city's rune, the hero could ask after it. The magistrate would enigmatically state that the artifact was well hidden, and would task the aspirant with crucial moment of self-examination, testing to see if they would answer honestly as to whether they had ever been guilty of a crime.[2]

Should the hero admit that they, like all persons, were fallible, the judge would advise them to do penance in a nearby cell containing a felon, and to search well inside for what they sought.


Talfourd on his deathbed from Yoko Tanaka's Quest of the Avatar manga
  • In the document discovered by historians Robert De Main and Carlotta Stein that purports to be the Avatar's personal diary, Talfourd is described as a regal and stoic man, whose countenance gave no clues as to his emotions.[3]
  • Talford quotes British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, stating that "Justice is truth in action!"
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima IV, Talfourd does not give the Stranger and clues to the location of the Rune of Justice, and upon extracting a confession of the hero's crimes, only asks that they look into the darkness of their soul and ask themselves if they speak the truth. The clue as to the runes' location, instead, lies with Ramus.[4]
  • In Yoko Tanaka's manga, Ultima: The Quest of the Avatar, Talfourd is the foster father of the protagonist, Deane, whom he raises with his own son, Shiva, after finding him as an infant. A just man in a troubled age, Talfourd's eventual death at the hands of men he had previously condemned serves as the catalyst which compels Deane to embark on the quest of the Avatar, following in the steps of the man he has come to know as his older brother.[5]


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