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This article is about a skill from Ultima Online. For the runic spell, see Stealth (spell).

Stealth is the skill in Ultima Online that is the more refined form of the skill Hiding. While hiding only allows to stay invisible while standing still, Stealth allows movement, may it be to sneak upon an unsuspecting victim, or to silently retreat. It also complements the warrior skill Ninjitsu. To actually learn the skill, a Hiding skill of at least 60 is needed in the first place.

The distance that can be walked with Stealth, before a new check is done to see if stealth can be upheld depends on the skill and is calculated with (Stealth/5). All other actions than movement cancel the stealth, with exception of Snooping. Running reduces the check distance to half.


To train the skill, these methods are useful:

  • 0 - 30 - Train at NPC Thief Guildmaster
  • 30 - 65 - Stealth while wearing cloth/leather equipment.
  • 65 - 95 - Start to equip studded leather armor.
  • 95 - 120 - Don a close helm and start to add ringmail armor.