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The Stealing in Ultima Online is pretty much what it says. A Thief relieving other characters of money and items, without them noticing. This includes looting chests that belong to someone. This of course is highly illegal and will result in being branded a criminal, if not being very good at it, thus why thieves usually use the skills Hiding and Stealth as well, to do their job undisturbed.

Note that stealing form other players is only possible after joining a thieves' guild, of be on Felucca. To join the guild, the character has to be at least 48 in-game hours old and at least have 60 Stealing skill, then 500 gold pieces will be requested as payment to join.

The maximum weight of the item that can be stolen is (Skill/10) and neither insured nor blassed items can be stolen. It is impossible to steal selected items, unless the player has the Snooping skill, that allows to look into the inventory of others.


The first 30 skill points can be trained at an NPC thief, but after that, only real stealing will reaise the skill (with all its consequences). After that, steal items for the following skill levels in the according weight class:

  • 30 - 40: 3 stones
  • 40 - 50: 4 stones
  • 50 - 60: 5 stones
  • 60 - 70: 6 stones
  • 70 - 80: 7 stones
  • 80 - 90: 8 stones
  • 90 - 100: 9 stones
  • 100 - 110: 10 stones
  • 110 - 120: 11 stones

One effective training method is using your own pack animal. To train, place the specified weight of items on the pack animal and attempt to steal them. No matter whether you fail, succeed, or only steal part of the pile, take the remaining items and restack them. Pull out a new stack of the appropriate weight and put it on the pack animal. Steal again.