Spirit Speak

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The skill Spirit Speak in Ultima Online is more than just what the name implies. It does actually have three different usues which are very different from each other.
  • First is of course the ability to understand the dead. At 100 skill, this always is the case. Also at 100 skill, the dead can speak with the living.
  • The skill actually can be used for healing. It be be channeled through nearby corpses in order to heal the player. The amouth of health restored is determined by these formulas:
Min -- Fame/500+1
Max -- (Spirit Speak x 10)/20
Should no corpse be available, the players own spiritual energy is used for healing. The method is less useful and costs 10 mana. The formulas are as follows:
Min -- Max/2+1
Max -- (Spirit Speak x 10)/100+4
  • Most important is the relation to the skill Necromancy. It is for the Necromancer, what Evaluate Intelligence id for the Mage. It determines damage and duration of all Necromancy spells.


The are two ways of training the skill:

  • Active, by using the skill to understand ghosts.
  • Passive. Using Necromancy, it rises automatically and training is not necassary at all.