Skeletal Dragons

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Skeletal Dragons
Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal Dragon, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

Skeletal dragons were once dragons that became so powerful in life, that they chose to live on even after their death (much in the way liches do). They wield strong magic and attack anyone daring to come close to their lair. Since they are only made of bones, however, strong blunt weapons such as hammers can smash them to pieces -- assuming a cunning warrior manages to come near enough in the first place...

Only two skeletal dragons are found in the Ultima series, both in dungeons on Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.


Some dragons reach heights of great intellect, learning so much that they lose the need for their corporeal forms. After time has ravished their scales and flesh, only the mind remains intact, caged in the gray-white bones of the original body. Such monstrosities continue their accumulation of power, far surpassing the strength of their living counterparts.


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