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Sir Cabirus Ultima Page is a site made by Sir Cabirus Dragon, that covers a number of Ultima-related things. The page is mostly held in German, however, the biggest project is in English only.

The pages contains a history of how the series was developed and how it progressed through time, an explanation about the runic alphabet, nice icons for each game, a short "history" section up to Ultima Underworld and a troubleshooting page for each game released, including patches to make the games more playable.

The biggest project is a very detailed walkthrough of Ultima Underworld I. The walkthrough includes:

  • Complete instruction for each level, divided into what you must do, should do and can do (in this order).
  • Lists of keys, spells, rings...etc.
  • Location of all talismans.
  • A list of all mantras and what the cause.
  • Complete maps for each level, including locations of all important items.
  • A complete guide to the language of the Lizardmen.

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