Shield of Valor

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The Shield of Valor is one of the eight talismans of Sir Cabirus, representing the virtue of Valor. Once held by Lord Blackthorn before his temporary ascension to the throne, this shield has the fantastic ability to never break because of the magics woven into it. It is a strong symbol of virtue. It appears in Ultima Underworld I.


The Shield of Valor is held by the Valor-Golem on the sixth lever of the Abyss. The Avatar mastered the challenge to defeat it, and got the Shield as a reward. It was cast into the lava of the Abyss later, to banish to Slasher of Veils.


Once carried by Lord Blackthorn, this shield was set aside when that noble ascended to the rulership of Britannia upon the kidnapping of Lord British (a tale told in Warriors of Destiny). It is therefore symbolic of Valor, which Blackthorn also set aside when he became regent.

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