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Serpent Isle Online (also known as is a website dedicated to collecting everything concerning Ultima VII Part Two, including art from the game. Its main goal is to create an Ultima Online shard playing on Serpent Isle. Some of the changes for it (like the portraits of the Banes of Chaos) can already be seen, while the main body of the website is still under construction. One interesting part of the site is a complete listing of Serpent Isle character portraits, although some of them are new or replaced.

In the words of Razimus, the administrator:

"This site is a last chance for all who wish to see Serpent Isle come to life in the massive multiplayer sense, I personally always wanted the first Ultima Online expansion to be Serpent Isle, and originally Serpent Isle was on the drawing board for Ultima Online, but that was forgotten when OSI-Texas died in 2001. Everyone is welcome here, Ultima fans, non-Ultima fans, roleplayers, non-roleplayers, but eventually it would be nice to see those that don't roleplay at least know the history of Serpent Isle. There are only 2 rules here, 1. No one is the leader, 2. All maps, art, scripts are open source/public domain, free for all. I've seen too many teams disband and all their work go down the drain, this won't happen in this case because no one will take control of the work and it will always be in the hands of the public. You and I may get busy and lose interest but there will always be another to pick up where we left off."

The site was last updated on September 30, 2009. As of October 2010, the site still says it is under construction with no noticeable updates. According to a post on the Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle forums by Razimus, this project is currently defunct.[1]

The site is now a blog for everything Serpent Isle, the name of the blog is 'Serpent Isle Tome by Razimus of Moonshade', it is being updated on a regular basis as of March of 2012.


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