Serpent Isle: An Oblivion Mod

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On the ship with the companions

Serpent Isle: An Oblivion Mod is a 3D recreation of Origin's Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle, using the Oblivion engine. It is a solo project undertaken by Thepal (a.k.a. Watcher Dragon) with a tentative release date of late 2012, later than originally planned due to a hard drive crash.


Kylista, Priestess of Beauty

The remake is designed to be a faithful 3D conversion of Ultima VII Part Two, with towns, items, people, and dialogue aiming to stay true to the original game. Where possible, care has been taken to have the new depictions of characters resemble their classic counterparts.

The reason behind leaving Serpent Isle fundamentally unchanged is project leader Thepal's belief that it contains few flaws, as per his rationale found on the remake's official website: "Serpent Isle contained a world full of life rarely seen in a game, an interesting plot and quite a few “wow” moments. I chose to remake Serpent Isle to bring this into a 3D world in an attempt to bring these moments to life in a way Ultima fans have never seen before".


Andral the Sculpter carving Luther's statue

Progress on the remake has been proceeding rapidly. It was worked on for approximately two months in 2010, during which the exterior world was built, as was much of Monitor. As of 18 May, 2011, Monitor and Fawn are mostly completed, with Moonshade remaining in development.

Ease-of-development is facilitated by the 1:1 nature of the conversion, requiring no new dialogue to be written, nor for any significant design decisions to be made apart from alterations necessary in the translation to a 3D environment. While unique art assets are self-generated, resources borrowed from other mods are being utilized wherever possible.

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