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General items[edit]

The following is a list of items available in Ultima: Runes of Virtue[1] and Ultima: Runes of Virtue II.[2]

Coin CoinRoV.png CoinSNESRoV2.png Worth 1 gold.
Gem GemRoV.png GemSNESRoV2.png Worth 5 gold.
Heart HeartsRoV.png HeartSNESRoV2.png Restores one heart of strength immediately when you pick it up.
Star StarRoV.png StarSNESRoV2.png Restores of star of magical energy when you pick it up.
Keys KeysRoV.png KeysSNESRoV2.png Each lets you open one door with the matching symbol.
Food FoodRoV.png FoodSNESRoV2.png When you use it, it restores all of your strength.
Potion PotionRoV.png PotionSNESRoV2.png When you use it it restores all of your magical energy.
Hammer HammerRoV.png HammerSNESRoV2.png Lets you destroy one barrel.
Cheese CheeseRoV.png CheeseSNESRoV2.png Drop this, and all the monsters run to it. But you can't pick it up again.
Magic Rope MagicRopeRoV.png RopeBridgeSNESRoV2.png 1 Makes a bridge across one space of water.
Magic Boots MagicBootsRoV.png 1 Let you move through walls. They vanish after one use.
Chalice ChaliceRoV.png ChaliceSNESRoV2.png 1 Restores one heart each time you use it.
Trumpet TrumpetRoV.png N/A 1 Freezes all monsters for a little while. Only works once.
Panpipes PanpipesRoV.png PanpipesSNESRoV2.png 3 Works like a trumpet, but can be used over and over.
Troll Ring TrollRingRoV.png N/A 4 Disguises you for a while so most monsters won't attack.
Runes of Virtue 2 only
Star Wand
(RV2 only)
StarWandRoV.png StarWandSNESRoV2.png 4 Creates and destroys force fields.
Magic Top
(RV2 only)
MagicTopRoV2.png ROVMagicTopSNES.PNG 3 Speeds you up to your maximum speed for a while.
Monster Egg
(RV2 only)
N/A 1, 2, 3 Use these to summon friendly monsters to protect you.
Snake Staff
(RV2 only)
SnakeStaffRoV2.png SnakeStaffSNESRoV2.png 1, 2, 3 Summons friendly snakes to protect you.
Cyclops Eye
(RV2 only)
ROVCyclopsEye.PNG 3 Summons a friendly Cyclops to protect you.
Troll Ring
(RV2 only)
TrollRingSNESRoV2.png 2 Summons a friendly Troll to protect you.
Ping Pong Paddle
(RV2 only)
PingPongPaddleGBRoV2.png This item allows you to touch a lever you could not have otherwise. It also stuns enemies.
Magic Hammer
(RV2 only)
HammerRoV.png HammerSNESRoV2.png Used one time to smash a barrel, then gone forever.
Friendly Horn
(RV2 only)
ROVFriendlyHornSNES.PNG 4 Makes all the monsters around you friendly.
Crystal Ball
(RV2 only)
CrystalBallSNESRoV2.png 2 Helps you spot enemies and important locations.


The following is a list of all weapons and their offensive power in Ultima: Runes of Virtue and Ultima: Runes of Virtue II:

Weapon GB SNES Price Damage Special
(RV1 only)
DaggerRoV1.png N/A 3 gp 1 The weakest weapon.
Sword SwordRoV.png SwordSNESRoV2.png 20 gp 2 Dupre's favorite weapon.
Whip WhipRoV.png ROVWhipSNES.PNG N/A 2 Reaches further, and can sometimes hit two enemies at once!
Magic Sword MagicSwordRoV.png ROVMagicSwordSNES.PNG N/A 4 Enchanted by Penumbra, the mighty blade was lost long ago.
Ranged weapons
Throwing Axe ThrowingMagicAxeRoV.png AxeSNESRoV.png 10 gp 1 Can be thrown at your enemies.
Magic Axe ThrowingMagicAxeRoV.png AxeSNESRoV.png N/A 1 This weapon is just like the throwing axe, but it will return to its wielder.
Long Bow LongBowRoV.png LongBowSNESRoV2.png 60 gp 1 Lets you attack faster than an axe.
Boomerang BoomerangRoV.png BoomerangSNESRoVII.png N/A 1 Comes back to you after you throw it.
Crossbow CrossbowRoV.png CrossbowSNESRoV2.png 35 gp 2 Slower than a Long Bow, but more powerful.
(RV2 only)
ShurikenRoV2.png ShurikenSNESRoV2.png N/A 3 Throwing knives that you toss over your shoulder.
Magic weapons
Wand of Fireballs WandofFireballsRoV.png WandofFireballsSNESRoV2.png N/A 2 A powerful weapon, but firing 8 shots costs one star.
Lightning Amulet AmuletofLightningRoV.PNG LightningAmuletSNESRoV2.png N/A 3 Fast and deadly, but also costs a stars per 8 shots
Special weapons
Bag of Tacks
(RV1 only)
BagofTacksRoV1.png N/A N/A 3 When you drop tacks, they'll hurt anyone who steps on them.
Flask of Oil FlaskofOilRoV.png FlaskofOilSNESRoV2.png N/A 6 Can be used only once, but makes a powerful explosion.


The following is a list of all armour and their defensive power in Ultima: Runes of Virtue and Ultima: Runes of Virtue II:

Armour GB SNES Price Protection Special
Green Vest GreenVestSNESRoV2.png -- Shamino and Mariah starts with this armour.
Leather Armour LeatherArmorRoV.png LeatherArmorSNESRoV2.png 25 gp 1 The cheapest armour.
Chain Mail ChainArmorRoV.png ChainMailSNESRoV2.png 50 gp 2 A little better than leather.
Plate Mail PlateMailRoV.png PlateMailSNESRoV2.png 75 gp 3 Chainmail with iron plating.
Magic Armour MagicArmorRoV.png ROVMagicArmorSNES.PNG N/A 4 Made of dragon hide. The finest armour available.
Dragonskin Boots
(RV2 only)
DragonScaleBootsRoV2.png ROVDragonScaleBootsSNES.PNG 50 gp If you have them in your inventory, they protect you from most of the damage from lava.
Iron Shield
(RV2 only)
IronShieldRoV2.png IronShieldSNESRoV2.png 50 gp Stops sword and missile attacks. It uses 1/8 of a star to stop magic missile attacks.
Snake Shield
(RV2 only)
SnakeShieldRoV2.png ROVSnakeShieldSNES.PNG N/A Stops sword attacks. Reflects most missile attacks. It uses 1/8 of a star to stop magic missile attacks.


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