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Prisoner (U9).jpg
Richard, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Castle Britannia
Transcript: Richard

Richard is a seemingly insane prisoner who may be found in the dungeon of Castle Britannia during Ultima IX.


The jailer, Tyson, would mention to the Avatar that many an unsavory character dwelt within Castle Britannia's prison, and that one of his wards in particular appeared to be a "complete loon."[1] Who this individual was would become readily apparent should the Avatar approach Richard's cell. Upon seeing the hero, Richard would make various claims, all purporting himself to be the true Lord British who had been unjustly imprisoned. At one point, he would even go so far as to refer to Avatar to his friend Shamino, whom he claimed to be standing beside him, telling the hero that he would vouch for his freedom. By all appearances, however, Shamino was not present, and the affirmation of Richard's identity was produced entirely by Richard, who merely spoke on behalf of "Shamino" in a slightly higher-pitched voice.[2]


  • Richard (whose name is never mentioned in conversation) is modeled upon and voice-acted by Richard Garriott, the founder of the Ultima series. Both Lord British and Shamino are well known alter-egos of Garriott.


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