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In Lord of Ultima, players must accumulate resources in order to create and maintain new buildings and army units.

Basic Resources[edit]

Lou resource stone.png
Stone Quarries provide stone for construction of city walls and other buildings.
Lou resource wood.png
Wood Woodcutter's Huts remove wood from forest areas, which is used to contruct other buildings and weapons for units.
Lou resource iron.png
Iron Iron Mines provide this metal, which is used to contruct armor and weapons for units.
Lou resource grain.png
Food All units require food in order to remain effective. Farms are therefore a necessity.
Lou resource gold.png
Gold Valuable for hiring units, gold (and barter) is also used to trade goods with other player cities.

Magical Resources[edit]

Lou resource moonstone.png
Moonstones Allow you to move units through Moongates to other continents. Units can attack on the other side, then return to their home city through the Moongate.
Lou token.png
Token Allow you to play a game of chance with the Fortune Teller, who rewards you with a random artifact.

Purified Resources[edit]

Using Research, a high-level Moonglow Tower may purify resources. Each can then be used to improve your units, buildings, and abilities (such as trading). The number of purified resources you create determines your title in the game. Titles also determine your level, how many Barons and cities you can retain, and how much Mana you have.

Lou resource runestone.png
Runestone By converting 1000 stone, a Runestone can be created, which are then used to research building and siege weapon improvements.
Lou resource darkwood.png
Darkwood By converting 1000 wood, Darkwood can be created, which then is used in researching combat ability and unit movement.
Lou resource veritium.png
Veritium By converting 1000 iron, Veritium can be created. Research using Veritium can improve unit production and combat ability.
Lou resource trueseed.png
Trueseed By converting 1000 food, a Trueseed can be created. Trueseed is used to research magic and transportation.

Although it does not need to be purified, gold is also used in research.


Players can hire ministers by purchasing their contracts in the store. Each minister performs functions that ordinarily the player would need to do manually. One of the benefits is that the player does not need to be logged in for these actions to be performed on their behalf.

Lou minister building.jpg
Minister of Building Allows you to greatly scale how much construction can be ordered for a city, and can help automate some improvements.
LoU minister defense.jpg
Minister of Defense Takes control of the city defenders, enabling you to more easily protect your holdings.
LoU minister trade.jpg
Minister of Trade Manages the marketplaces and harbors in order to maximize the amount of trade you earn for your city.
LoU minister war.jpg
Minister of War Helps you implment the winning tactics required on the battlefield.


Players can purchase Artifacts in the store. Additionally, some Artifacts can be acquired by finishing quests, inviting friends, or by defeating boss monsters and dungeons.

Artifacts scale by level, so that new players can use only Copper varieties, while veteran players can use more powerful versions. Using artifacts requires an expenditure of Mana.

Axes Provide additional wood.
Lou artifact copper axe.png
Lou artifact bronze axe.png
Lou artifact steel axe.png
Lou artifact silver axe.png
Lou artifact gold axe.png
Lou artifact platinum axe.png
Lou artifact verite axe.png
Lou artifact valorite axe.png
Hammers Provide additional stone.
Lou artifact copper hammer.png
Lou artifact bronze hammer.png
Lou artifact steel hammer.png
Lou artifact silver hammer.png
Lou artifact gold hammer.png
Lou artifact platinum hammer.png
Lou artifact verite hammer.png
Lou artifact valorite hammer.png
Picks Provide additional iron.
Lou artifact copper pick.png
Lou artifact bronze pick.png
Lou artifact steel pick.png
Lou artifact silver pick.png
Lou artifact gold pick.png
Lou artifact platinum pick.png
Lou artifact verite pick.png
Lou artifact valorite pick.png
Sickles Provide additional food.
Lou artifact copper sickle.png
Lou artifact bronze sickle.png
Lou artifact steel sickle.png
Lou artifact silver sickle.png
Lou artifact gold sickle.png
Lou artifact platinum sickle.png
Lou artifact verite sickle.png
Lou artifact valorite sickle.png
Toolkits Provide additional wood, stone, iron and food.
Lou artifact copper toolkit.png
Lou artifact bronze toolkit.png
Lou artifact steel toolkit.png
Lou artifact silver toolkit.png
Lou artifact gold toolkit.png
Lou artifact platinum toolkit.png
Lou artifact verite toolkit.png
Lou artifact valorite toolkit.png
Chests Provide additional gold.
Lou artifact copper chest.png
Lou artifact bronze chest.png
Lou artifact steel chest.png
Lou artifact silver chest.png
Lou artifact gold chest.png
Lou artifact platinum chest.png
Lou artifact verite chest.png
Lou artifact valorite chest.png
Medallions Increase speed of contruction.
Lou artifact copper medal.png
Lou artifact bronze medal.png
Lou artifact steel medal.png
Lou artifact silver medal.png
Lou artifact gold medal.png
Lou artifact platinum medal.png
Lou artifact verite medal.png
Lou artifact valorite medal.png
Amulets Increase speed of recruitment.
Lou artifact copper amulet.png
Lou artifact bronze amulet.png
Lou artifact steel amulet.png
Lou artifact silver amulet.png
Lou artifact gold amulet.png
Lou artifact platinum amulet.png
Lou artifact verite amulet.png
Lou artifact valorite amulet.png
Shovels Increases construction speed for city.
Lou artifact copper shovel.png
Lou artifact bronze shovel.png
Lou artifact steel shovel.png
Lou artifact silver shovel.png
Lou artifact gold shovel.png
Lou artifact platinum shovel.png
Lou artifact verite shovel.png
Lou artifact valorite shovel.png
Hourglasses Increases speed of moonstone acquisition. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel hourglass.jpg
Lou artifact silver hourglass.jpg
Lou artifact gold hourglass.jpg
Lou artifact platinum hourglass.jpg
Lou artifact verite hourglass.jpg
Lou artifact valorite hourglass.jpg
Cornerstones Upgrade Town Hall and provides additional stone and wood. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel cornerstone.png
Lou artifact silver cornerstone.png
Lou artifact gold cornerstone.png
Lou artifact platinum cornerstone.png
Lou artifact verite cornerstone.png
Lou artifact valorite cornerstone.png
Keys Upgrade Town Hall, provides additional stone and wood, and increases construction speed for city. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel key.png
Lou artifact silver key.png
Lou artifact gold key.png
Lou artifact platinum key.png
Lou artifact verite key.png
Lou artifact valorite key.png
Horns Decreases travel time for unit movement.
Lou artiface magical fanfare.jpg
Lou artifact bronze horn.png
Lou artifact steel horn.png
Lou artifact silver horn.png
Lou artifact gold horn.png
Lou artifact platinum horn.png
Lou artifact verite horn.png
Lou artifact valorite horn.png
Wheels Decreases travel time for overland trade movement. n/a
Lou artifact bronze wheel.jpg
Lou artifact steel wheel.jpg
Lou artifact silver wheel.jpg
Lou artifact gold wheel.jpg
Lou artifact platinum wheel.jpg
Lou artifact verite wheel.jpg
Lou artifact valorite wheel.jpg
Anchors Decreases travel time for naval trade movement. n/a
Lou artifact bronze anchor.jpg
Lou artifact steel anchor.jpg
Lou artifact silver anchor.jpg
Lou artifact gold anchor.jpg
Lou artifact platinum anchor.jpg
Lou artifact verite anchor.jpg
Lou artifact valorite anchor.jpg
Palace Arches Provide additional wood dedicated to the construction of palaces. n/a n/a n/a
Lou artifact silver arch.png
Lou artifact gold arch.png
Lou artifact platinum arch.png
Lou artifact verite arch.png
Lou artifact valorite arch.png
Palace Pillars Provide additional stone dedicated to the construction of palaces. n/a n/a n/a
Lou artifact silver pillar.png
Lou artifact gold pillar.png
Lou artifact platinum pillar.png
Lou artifact verite pillar.png
Lou artifact valorite pillar.png
Orbs of the Moons Provide additional moonstones. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel orb.jpg
Lou artifact silver orb.jpg
Lou artifact gold orb.jpg
Lou artifact platinum orb.jpg
Lou artifact verite orb.jpg
Lou artifact valorite orb.jpg
Chisels Provide purified runestones. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel chisel.png
Lou artifact silver chisel.png
Lou artifact gold chisel.png
Lou artifact platinum chisel.png
Lou artifact verite chisel.png
Lou artifact valorite chisel.png
Saws Provide purified darkwood. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel saw.png
Lou artifact silver saw.png
Lou artifact gold saw.png
Lou artifact platinum saw.png
Lou artifact verite saw.png
Lou artifact valorite saw.png
Crucibles Provide purified veritium. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel crucible.png
Lou artifact silver crucible.png
Lou artifact gold crucible.png
Lou artifact platinum crucible.png
Lou artifact verite crucible.png
Lou artifact valorite crucible.png
Hoes Provide purified trueseed. n/a n/a
Lou artifact steel hoe.png
Lou artifact silver hoe.png
Lou artifact gold hoe.png
Lou artifact platinum hoe.png
Lou artifact verite hoe.png
Lou artifact valorite hoe.png
Orbs of Peace Protect from attack by other players. Also prevents you from attacking, including the raiding of dungeons.
Lou artifact orb i.png
Lou artifact orb ii.png
Lou artifact orb iii.png
Lou artifact orb iv.png
Lou artifact orb v.png
Lou artifact orb vi.png
Lou artifact orb vii.png
Magical Items Allows you to create, destroy, or move resource nodes within your city.
Lou resource magicsplinter.png
Lou resource magicleaf.png
Lou resource magicsliver.png
Lou resource magictear.png
Lou resource magic foundation.jpg
Lou resource blackpowder.png
n/a n/a
Special Buildings Allows you to create special buildings within your city.
Lou special tax collector.jpg
Lou special toolworkshop.jpg
Lou special large warehouse.jpg
Lou special city fountain.jpg
Lou special wheelwright.jpg
Lou special harbor master.jpg
Lou special dragons lair.jpg
Special Units Allows you to raise powerful special units.
Lou resource dragon egg.png
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Lou diamonds.png
  • Prior to the introduction of Research in the "Ascension" expansion, Moonglow Towers could create Moonstones, which were used like purified resources to recruit barons and determine player rank and level. Moonstones were re-added with the 3/13/2012 patch, along with Moongates.
  • Prior to 1/18/2012, players would purchase Diamonds for real-world currency, which could then be used to acquire Artifacts and other benefits from the store. Lord of Ultima now uses Play4Free Funds, which is the same currency used by Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield Heroes.
  • Orbs and Hourglasses were introduced along with Moongates in the 3/13/2012 patch.
  • Anchors and Wheels were introduced in the 4/24/2012 patch.