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Remove Trap is the skill in Ultima Online, that allows the thief to disarm a chest trap, which otherwise be be very bad for the thief's health. To actually be even able to learn the skill, the thief already needs to have at least 50 points in both, Lockpicking and Detecting Hidden. Even then, a small chance of the trap going off anyway is always a given. Note that using the spell "Telekinesis", one can open chests from a safe distance (but not magically locked ones).

No tools are needed and it is advised to not wear gloves, as this gives a penalty.


Training of course involves usage of the skill. After first training with a thief up to 30 skill points, practical use is needed; meaning untrapping chests or boxes. This inclues self-made ones, which makes this solely a patience game.

Skill Level How to Train
0 - 30 Train at a NPC Thief or Tinker
30 - 50 Use on 50 skill trapped boxes
50 - 80 Use on 80 skill trapped boxes
80 - 100 Use on 100 skill trapped boxes