Rangers of Moonshade

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Inside the Rangers' barracks
The Rangers of Moonshade are the city's guardians. Described by Bucia as the pride of the city, they operate out of their barracks in the western part of Moonshade in Ultima VII Part Two.


According to their leader, Julia, The City of Mages has always been guarded by the Rangers -- traditionally so, dating back to the ancient city of Moon in old Sosaria, where Moonshade's ancestors originated. The Rangers came into being so that the city's busy and powerful mages were not forced to deal with every common thief or brawler, allowing the powerful mages to continue their work unhindered. Unfortunately, the Rangers of Moonshade were, in fact, a far cry from their Britannian brethren.

Just as Moonshade had fallen from their roots in Honesty, so had the Rangers -- and their captain, Julia. Even her second in command, Ernesto, was aware that Julia took bribes in order to expedite the Rangers' investigation of any criminal activity. Indeed, it was often simpler to speak with Gustacio or Fedabiblio instead, either of whom would suggest take such matters straight to Filbercio... without charging a "consultation fee."

Corrupt as they were, the Rangers were also renowned for the fine Ice Wine they produced, a bottle of which was exchanged for the Avatar's map of Britannia in a Teleport Storm, soon after the hero's arrival upon Serpent Isle.

The Rangers' corruption came into play when the Avatar needed a way to leave the island of Moonshade to return to the mainland. Taking a bribe from the Avatar (which the hero reluctantly gave up in a time of need), Julia gave the hero the key to the entrance of the catacombs, which connected to Furnace.

Mere days later, the Rangers were all murdered by Shamino the Anarch when he usurped power in Moonshade. Only Ernesto was spared because he showed devotion to the Bane, which impressed him enough to let Ernesto live.

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  • Ernesto's dialogue actually gives a glimpse of what originally had been planned with the Rangers, most of which still is found in the usecode. In the original plans, the Rangers would have committed treason and under Julia sided with Shamino the Anarch, cementing his rule.