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Poisoning is a very dishonest skill in Ultima Online, mainly used by assassins to kill people slow and painfully. Essentially, a weapon is coated with poison (mostly from the highly poisonous Nightshade), and then even a light scratch can bring the end. It also enables mages to improves the spells Poison and Poison Field. There are numerous weapons that can be combined with poison and have special moves, 70 skill for the first, 90 for the second.

Sadly, against human players, the skill is mostly useless, as they can cure themselves at once. However, against monsters it is very effective. To actually produce the poisons used, the Alchemy skill is essential.

Here a list of weapons that can be poisoned:


Assassin Spike
Double Bladed Staff


Butcher Knife


Elven Composite Longbows


For training, this approach is the best to be used, as it grants the fastest gain:

Skill Level Training Method
0 - 30 Train with Thief Guildmaster
30 -40 Apply Lesser Poison
40 - 70 Apply Poison
70 - 92 Apply Greater Poison
92 - 100 Apply Deadly Poison