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Pocket watch from Ultima V: Lazarus
Pocket watch from Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two
Pocket watch from Ultima Underworld II
A pocket watch is a portable timepiece meant to be kept in one's pocket. Such a device numbers among the scant personal affects that the Avatar brought to Britannia from Earth, and the hero routinely carries this particular pocket watch. This watch appears in Ultima V, Ultima VII, Ultima Underworld II, Ultima VII Part Two and Martian Dreams.


The Avatar first brought the pocket watch to Lord British's realm during the reign of Blackthorn, when the Avatar was summoned there through the combined efforts of the companions. While it did not appear during the hero's adventure concerning the Gargish conflict, it did appear to go with the Avatar on the expedition to Mars, and was presumably lost there - only to seemingly resurface in the possession of Britannia's Shamino during the late Age of Armageddon.[1]

The watch would later be stolen by the thief Fissif during the crisis of the Guardian's blackrock dome, and the Avatar could retrieve it either by slaying the burglar or coaxing him into offering its return.[2] It was last seen during the hero's voyage to Serpent Isle, and likely remained there after the Avatar disappeared into the Void from Sunrise Isle.


  • In Martian Dreams, Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two, pocket watches outside of the Avatar's appear regularly as objects in the game world.
  • The exact chain of possession of the pocket watch is somewhat garbled, as the Avatar appears to have it in Martian Dreams and later has it returned by Shamino in Ultima VII. It is unknown if the watch the hero had on Mars was different than the one in Britannia, or if by some strange feat Shamino managed to retrieve a lost watch from the red planet (something that would possibly attest to a connection between him and Richard Sherman).
  • Pocket watches in Ultima never require winding.


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