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Pig Iron (PI) is a reagent that is in use on Pagan. It is created by smelting iron ore with a high-carbon fuel. While normally only an intermediate product before re-melting, this form is the only useful one for magic.

Uses and History[edit]


This reagent was not difficult to acquire, as it is created in great quantities during the smelting process by blacksmiths. For the magic of Sorcery, this reagent was useful in creating effects of protection within a spell, a novelty in an otherwise offensive-oriented school of magic.

Ultima Online[edit]

Pig iron is also used as a reagent in Ultima Online for the school of Necromancy.


Iron's hard yet versatile nature works in protective Sorcery as no other reagent can.
Raw iron, or pig iron, is strong yet flexible to work with. It lends this protective nature to sorcerous endeavors.


  • The graphical appearance of pig iron in Ultima VIII is not correct. While in the game pig iron has a reddish color, it in reality is shades of grey to white, as seen in the picture. This was probably done to keep them better apart from the other reagents.
  • The name has nothing to do with real pigs, but with how the small ingots are created.

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