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Phillipa, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Moonglow
Transcript: Phillipa
Phillipa runs the Shop of the Two Moons in Moonglow in Ultima IX.

Phillipa was little interested in anything else apart from doing business, so the Avatar learned only little from her, even after the political climate shifted in the city. In addition to offering goods for sell, she would provide healing services at no cost.[1]

Shop of the Two Moons[edit]

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows: [2]

Original Version
Potions Cost Reagents Cost Spell Scrolls Cost
Cure Poison 40gp Black Pearl 100gp Ethereal Sight 300gp
Heal 50gp Blood Moss 140gp Cure 200gp
Invisibility 75gp Garlic 100gp Fireball 500gp
------- ----- Ginseng 100gp Lightning 500gp
------- ----- Spider Silk 100gp ------- -----
------- ----- Sulfurous Ash 100gp ------- -----

Economy Patch Version
Potions Cost Reagents Cost Spell Scrolls Cost Spell Scroll Cost Spell Scrolls Cost
Cure Poison 40 gp Black Pearl 225 gp Ethereal Sight 290 gp Charm 850 gp Mana Breath 1600 gp
Heal 50 gp Blood Moss 100 gp Cure 560 gp Telekinesis 655 gp Teleport 2100 gp
Invisibility 300 gp Garlic 6 gp Fireball 1320 gp Freeze 1200 gp Frost Storm 3000 gp
Mana Recovery 70 gp Ginseng 12 gp Lightning 400 gp Fog 1005 gp Earthquake 3785 gp
Invulnerability 1175 gp Spider Silk 75 gp Light 200 gp Wizard Eye 1120 gp Lightning Storm 4000 gp
Infernal Armor 275 gp Sulfurous Ash 40 gp Light Heal 320 gp Full Heal 1755 gp ------- -----
Mana Breath 200 gp Nightshade 325 gp Crystal Barrier 220 gp Invisibility 1520 gp ------- -----
Empty Flask 3 gp Mandrake Root 825 gp Infernal Armor 780 gp Ring of Fire 1880 gp ------- -----


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