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Petra, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Automaton
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Petra is an automaton appearing in Ultima VII Part Two, whom the Avatar meets at Moonshade's Blue Boar Inn on the Serpent Isle. She differs notably from other automatons, being of a more refined design and seemingly possessing emotions and sensibilities. She is also the only female automaton ever seen in the game.


Petra was "created" by the mage Torrissio, whose specialization in life magics allowed him to reanimate automatons left by the Ophidian civilization. It was implied that Torrissio had unsavory intentions for her, and she fled his company. She eventually found refuge with Rocco, the owner of the Blue Boar. Together, they concocted a story wherein Torrissio had willingly asked Rocco to employ Petra as a barkeeper to showcase his magical talents. They spread this explanation and managed to evade the mage's wrath, as Torrissio's pride prevented him from admitting Petra's loss.

When the Avatar first encountered Petra, she seemed content with her life with Rocco, although she pondered openly the metaphysical ramifications of her existence, wondering aloud if she possessed a soul. She appeared to have a very close bond to Rocco, perhaps even one that bordered on the romantic.

After Shamino the Anarch overtook the city and Rocco was slain, Petra was stricken with grief, expressing that she had nothing to live for with her companion dead. She eventually joined the Avatar's companions to assist the hero in completing a test in the Temple of Discipline, in which she and the Avatar switched consciousnesses through a mind transference device. This allowed the Avatar to navigate a path of flesh-eating acid, and fulfilled a vision earlier presented to the hero by Draxta on Monk Isle. This also allowed Petra, for the briefest of moments, to experience life in a body made of flesh and blood, instead of metal.


  • Despite being an automaton, the monks can still resurrect Petra, as they can any companion aside from Boydon.
  • Petra bears a striking resemblance to Elissa in the Silver Seed, who in the past was considering transferring herself into an Automaton's body. Some fans have speculated that they are the same character.
  • According to the original design documents for Serpent Isle, Petra had to be entreated into party by presenting her with the Crystal Rose of Love, and she would leave the party immediately after completing the test at the Temple of Discipline. [1]
  • In the original plans, Rocco didn't die. In left-over code found in the game files, a conversation between him and Petra is found, where they expand upon the Death Knight plot against Stefano.

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