Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 3

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Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 3
Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 3 was published by Origin in 1994. It has a running time of 64:25 and contains a medley from Ultima VIII: Pagan, as well as selections from Wing Commander III and Privateer, among others. All tracks (except one, two, four and fourteen) were recorded through General Midi.

Its original list price was $9.95.

Track List[edit]

1) Introduction (Wing Commander III)
2) Endgame (WC3)
3) Behemoth (WC3)
4) Credits (WC3)
5) Medley (Ultima VIII: Pagan)
6) Combat Mission (Privateer)
7) Medley (BioForge)
8) Medley (BioForge)
9) Combat Mission (Pacific Strike)
10) Credits (PS)
11) Big Band-O-Rama (PS)
12) Medley (Super Wing Commander 3DO)
13) Medley (Unreleased)
14) Finale (Unreleased)
15) Medley (Wings of Glory)
16) Credits (Privateer)


  • Composers
  • George Oldziey
  • Nenad Vugrinec
  • John Tipton
  • Paul Baker
  • Joe Basquez
  • Laura Barratt
  • Arrangement and Recording
  • Randy Buck

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