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Nimrond, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Britain
Transcript: Nimrond
Nimrond is the city bouncer of Britain in Ultima IX.

Prior to Ultima IX, mayor Aidon had tasked Nimrond with transporting all the unwanted people to Paws. He didn't like the job, but had little choice in the matter, and eased his troubled conscience by also smuggling supplies to the citizens of Paws.[1]

When the Avatar first met him, Nimrond spoke of his job, but took little effort to hide his distaste for it. While visiting Paws, Bella at the windmill told the Avatar that Nimrond was supposed to smuggle in a new valve for the water pump, but it had never arrived. Nimrond told the Avatar that Ugh the Troll had ambushed him and stole the valve, and he had barely escaped with his life.

After mayor Aidon changed his policies, Nimrond received the more favourable job of collecting donations for the poor.



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