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Nell, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia
Ultima VII
Nell, from Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Nell is a chambermaid in Castle Britannia who later ascends to the position of head cook following her mother, Boots', retirement. She appears in Ultima VII and Ultima Underworld II.


Nell was a sweet and flirtatious young woman engaged to the local children's entertainer, Carrocio, at the time of the Avatar's initial quest against the Guardian, and was awaiting such a time as that she and her betrothed would have sufficient funds to procure wedding rings. Coming from a family of domestic staff, Nell would muse about her life as a servant if asked, mentioning that her mother, Boots; her father, Bennie, and her brother Charles were all workers in the castle. At such time, she would let slip her expectation for her child to be a servant as well, inadvertently revealing that she was pregnant.[1]

Should the Avatar thus discover Nell's condition, the maid would beg the hero not to ruin her reputation by speaking of her pregnancy. The Avatar had the option of betraying this confidence, and could inform her overprotective brother about the coming baby, causing him to fly into a murderous rage against Carrocio.[2][3] Whether or not this occurred, Nell and the gleeman would eventually wed, regardless, having their ceremony performed within Castle Britannia's environs. The young woman would eventually give birth to a son within the same year that her parents retired from their duties in the castle.

Both Nell and her brother were imprisoned within Castle Britannia due to the Guardian's machinations. The two of them could quickly become embroiled in Nanna's protestations should tensions run too high among them and the likewise confined nobility, and Nell greatly worried about her husband and child during the ordeal. Without knowing it, the new mother accidentally stumbled upon a crucial piece of information which would help to free those trapped within the blackrock dome, having heard the voice which cast the incantation to create the jewel in the early hours of the morning - thereby allowing the Avatar and Nystul to pinpoint the moment of the spell's inception.


  • Should the Avatar slay Lord British, a will can be found upon the sovereign's body revealing that the king had had an affair with Nell and that he believed her unborn child to be his. The ruler, in a nepotistic move, names the baby as his heir, giving it and its mother the whole of his property and domain.[4] It is unknown, ultimately, whom the child was actually fathered by - with the king appearing quite sure it is his and Nell being near positive that it is Carrocio's.


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