Mors Gotha

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Mors Gotha
Mors Gotha, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Killorn Keep

Mors Gotha is an agent of the Guardian, carrying out his orders across the multiverse. She is one of the main villains in Ultima Underworld II.


Mors Gotha is Killorn Keep's variant of the Avatar, but she is twisted and evil, full of deceit and fanatically loyal to the Guardian, her master. She basically does the dirty work for him. While feared for her power, people also hate her, calling her the Guardian's "lap dog" and a "royal bitch" for example. She had only lost one duel in her whole life, and that was against Lobar (which still enrages her to no end).

The Avatar met her in the barracks of Killorn Keep, where she had taken over the command. She tried to lure the Avatar to her side with promises of power, but attacked with her guards no matter if the Avatar accepted the offer or not. Escaping with the Guardian's help before the Avatar could deal her a lethal strike, she lost her important Spellbook in the process.

She led the troops attacking Castle Britannia through the portal jewel, injuring Julia before confronting the Avatar in a second duel. Finally, mortally wounded by the Avatar, she cried for the Guardian to help her but no help came and she perished.


  • It's possible the Guardian was simply incapable of saving Mors Gotha when the Avatar killed her. Since the Blackrock Dome surrounding Castle Britannia negates magic, escape via moongate would have been impossible. But it is equally likely that the Guardian abandoned her for her failure.
  • Should the Avatar decide to feign joining with Mors Gotha, she will eventually prepare to open a portal to "the Guardian's Palace, on the world of Pagan." But before doing this, she orders the Avatar to present her with the wielded weapon as a sign of trust. Should the Avatar comply, she will acrimoniously state that "power is never shared" and attack the Avatar.
  • Mors Gotha mentions the Guardian's Palace on Pagan, yet no such structure seems to exist. This is due plot cuts. See Plot Cuts in Ultima VIII.