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Melvin the Mad.jpg
Melvin, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Paws
Transcript: Melvin

Melvin is a mage near Paws in Ultima IX.

The Avatar found Melvin in his tower deep within the woods near Paws. Melvin had been determined to create a magic spell that enabled him to fly. He was successful in this endeavor, but in the process gave himself the mind of a bird as well. [1]


Melvin the Mage

...mad? They call me mad? I pity the fools. They have no idea how close I am!

My years of research are close to fruition. A flying spell! Soon, so soon.

Then, we'll see the difference between genius, and madness! "Melvin the Mad"? Never!

...several failures, all of which nearly killed me. Yet, defeat is not in my nature!

In my next attempt, I shall try combining the light and dark, the day and night. Nightshade and Light are the key!

Only in that way can the force of weight be inverted. And yet, there seems something missing... way to know the effects in advance, but I'm now certain the missing agent is feathers! But what amount to use?

I borrowed a few from a bluebird who "volunteered" (rest in peace, ha-ha!)

Now, my moment of glory is at hand! Then, I shall make my laughing "peers" pay dearly.

If I succeed, I must destroy this journal, the only record in existence of my trials...


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