Maps in Serpent Isle

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There are several maps in Ultima VII Part Two, that are very useful during the game. They are all shown here and it is said where to find them during the game.

Map to Silverpate's Treasure

Map to Silverpate's treasure

Found in the basement of the Inn of the Sleeping Bull in the second bottom chest of the five chests in a row, it shows the way to Silverpate's treasure in the far north of the Serpent Isle. The map is very important, since this is where he hid the Balance Serpent, which is very important for winning.

Dark Path Map

Dark Path map

Also found in the basement of the Sleeping Bull, this time in a chest directly beside the Serpent Gate. It has the disadvantage of not being marked in any way. This is remedied in Dark Path Help.

Map to Abandoned Outpost

Map to Abondoned Outpost

The map is found on one of the bodies of Commander Andriss' slaughtered party (specifically the dark-robed mage) inside the outpost itself. It helps navigating the maze-like building.

Map to Shamino's Castle

Map to Shamino's Castle

Shamino does make it after Cantra is tracked to Shamino's Castle. It is reasonably accurate and shows everything that is important on the ground floor.

Captain Hawk's Treasure Map

Captain Hawk's treasure map

This map shows the landmarks and the way to Captain Hawk's treasure, which is very important, since the Serpent Crown is among them. The Avatar can get it from Hawk's room in Moonshade after the Banes have killed him (he has the key to the chest on his person). A letter from Hawk explains the map:

Me Map, but I don't need to say that, because if it's anybody but me what's looking at this, I don't want to tell where me treasure is, so read no further, ye dog, lest I leave yer fate to the briny deep! This is dead-reckoning right, but I'm awfully drunk and mebbe I'm holdin' this thing upside-down.


33 Paces past the rock, excludin' that break I took fer drinkin'.

11 Paces east of the whatever that blasted thing is.

30 Paces, I think, because I was staggerin' about a bit and I stumbled and lost me count a couple o' times, past whatever me stinkin' map says is supposed to be there; I was sober when I drew that beauty. Unless this is me what's readin' this, I hope the treasure's already gone, ye thief!