Magic Orbs

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A Magic Orb
Magic Orbs are mysterious devices which bolster the abilities of those who touch them. They appear in Ultima IV.


The magic orbs appeared throughout Britannia's dungeons during the early Age of Enlightenment, and served at the time as the means of attaining greater aptitude in physical strength and dexterity or in mental acuity. Touching such artifacts would hone a specific skills depending upon which dungeon housed the orb, but would also injure those making contact with them in proportion to whatever boons they granted.

Therefore in the dungeons Deceit, Despise and Destard one had to be at least level 3 to not die from this experience. In the dungeons Covetous, Wrong and Shame, level 5 was required. In dungeon Hythloth, which had the best orbs, anyone below level 7 was automatically doomed to die if using its orbs. The Abyss contained no orbs at all.


Effect Damage Locations
+5 INT 200 points of damage Deceit
+5 DEX 200 points of damage Despise
+5 STR 200 points of damage Destard
+5 DEX, +5 STR 400 points of damage Covetous
+5 INT, +5 DEX 400 points of damage Wrong
+5 STR, +5 INT 400 points of damage Shame
+5 STR, +5 DEX, +5 INT 600 points of damage Hythloth