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Lockpicking is the skill in Ultima Online, that allows the player to open locks without using violence, by using Lockpicks to gently unlock the mechanism. It is one of the most basic skills of every thief and allows for either countless thefts or for passing through places where people are unwanted. Of course the skil is completely useless when it comes to magically locked doors and chests, that only a mage can open.

Note that chests are often trapped, and that the skill Remove Trap can only be learned after gaining 50 points in this skill and in Detecting Hidden, in order to learn disarming traps. Another way to avoid traps is to cast telekinesis to open the chest from a safe distance.


Training of course involves usage of the skill. After first training with a thief up to 30 skill points, practical use is needed; meaning lock picking.

Skill Level How to Train
0 - 30 Train at a NPC Thief or Tinker
30 - 50 Pick locked boxes made by 50 skill Tinkerer
50 - 70 Pick locked boxes made by 70 skill Tinkerer
70 - 95 Pick locked boxes made by 100 skill Tinkerer
95 - 100 Pick level 4 treasure chests in dungeons