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One of the most important tasks in Ultima VII Part Two is to get back all the equipment that is taken away by the lightning at the beginning. In the list below, all the items are listed, what they are exchanged with, and how and where to get the items back. Some additional notes are attached to some of the items.

Original Item Image Exchanged Item Image Where How To Get It Back Special Notes
Magic Armour MagicArmourSI.PNG Breastplate BreastPlateSI.PNG Kylista in Fawn. Give her the Armour of Beauty back. You can also simply take your armour and keep the other one as well without asking. There is no penalty.
Magic Gauntlets MagicGauntletsU7.png Engagement Ring EngagementRingSI.PNG Alyssand in Fawn. Ask her about it to get them back. --
Magic Helm MagicHelmSI.PNG Woman's Fur Cap FurCapSI.PNG Frigidazzi in Moonshade. Ask her about it, then take it from her room. You can always just take it without talking to her.
Glass Sword GlassSwordU7.png Pine Cone PineconeSI.PNG Hazard in his northern hideout after the Gwani massacre. Kill him and search his chest. --
Blackrock Order Serpent BlackrockSerpentOrderSI.png Stockings Columna'sStockingsSI.PNG Stefano He will give the key to the shed where it is, after being protected from the Death Knight. --
Black Sword BlackSwordSI.png Stoneheart StoneheartSI.PNG Guard in the Mountains of Freedom. Jumps automatically back into the inventory. --
Spellbook SpellbookSI.PNG Pumice PumiceSI.PNG Troll cave in Furnace. -- However, it has become useless and disintegrates when used.
Map of Britannia Ice Wine IceWineSI.PNG Julia in Moonshade. -- She will reveal that the map was destroyed.
Rudyom's Wand Rudyom'sWand.png Lab Apparatus LabApparatusSI.PNG Vasculio's laboratory in Skullcrusher. -- It has become useless. However, Erstam on the Isles of the Mad Mage will take the apparatus earlier.
Swamp Boots SwampBootsSI.PNG Woman's Slippers SlippersSI.PNG Devra in the Inn of the Sleeping Bull has them. Talk with her and exchange items to get the boots back. --
Torches TorchU7.PNG Filari FilariSI.PNG -- -- Gone.
Burst Arrows BurstArrowsU7.PNG Bone Hairbrush BoneHairbrushSI.PNG Western Forest, Pomdirgun's house. Kill him, then loot his house to get them back. --
Magic Bow MagicBowU7.PNG Bear Skull BearSkullSI.PNG South of starting area. Just take it with you. --
Dupre's Shield Dupre'sShieldSI.PNG Shield of Monitor ShieldofMonitorSI.PNG Luther in Monitor, after getting a tip from Lucilla after becoming a knight. Insult Luther and win duel against him, then he'll give it back. --
Dagger DaggerU7.PNG Severed Hand SeveredHandSI.PNG Isles of the Mad Mage. -- --
Magebane MagebaneU7.PNG Penguin Egg PenguinEggSI.PNG Penguin Island. -- Taking it will cause Penguins to attack.
Crossbow CrossbowU7.PNG Urn UrnSI.PNG Grave site in the Monitor catacombs. Talk to Caladin to give him the Urn for a reward of 100 Monetari. --

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